ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: October 13, 2015 Edition

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ARCHIVED POST Solomon Exam Prep Launches “Series 26 FINRA Investment Company and Variable Contract Products Principal Examination” Study Program

prod_bkSEP26prod_sim26Solomon Exam Prep is excited to announce the launch of the Solomon Exam Prep study program for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Series 26 Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Principal Examination (http://www.finra.org/industry/series26). Solomon Exam Prep’s study program consists of an Exam Study Guide, Online Exam Simulator, and soon-to-be-released Audiobook.

A Series 26 license will qualify an individual to function as a principal for the solicitation, purchase, and/or sale of redeemable securities of companies registered pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940; securities of closed-end companies registered pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940 during the period of original distribution only; and variable contracts and insurance premium funding programs and other contracts issued by an insurance company. The Series 26 does have a prerequisite exam requirement – candidates must have taken and passed either the Series 6 or Series 7 exam.

The Series 26 exam consists of 110 questions taken over 165 minutes and is broken down in to the following three functions:

  • Function 1 – Personnel management activities and registration of the broker-dealer – 15%
  • Function 2 – Supervises associated persons and oversees sales practices – 44%
  • Function 3 – Oversees compliance and business processes of the broker-dealer and its offices – 41%

Solomon Exam Prep has been writing study questions for the Series 26 for many years and has recently published an Exam Study Guide to pair with our Online Exam Simulator. By focusing on the most important aspects of the exam, and including lots of exercises and practice questions, as well as a glossary, the Solomon Exam Prep Study Guide will get you on track to pass in the Series 26 in no time.  Let our expertise help guide you through the Series 26 maze so you can enter the exam room with confidence.

Past Solomon Exam Prep students have a lot to say about our Series 26 materials:

Solomon Exam Prep was the ticket to passing my Series 26 test. I would like to thank you all for your help! I would highly recommend their study material for the FINRA exams.” –David H. Viar

I am so glad I used the Solomon prep information for my series 26. The simulator is awesome and helped me the most in having success in passing exam. I strongly recommend the materials for anyone taking the 26. Thanks Rosie!” –Dan Smoot

For more information and/ or to purchase study materials for the Series 26 check out the Solomon Exam Prep website: http://solomonexamprep.com/Series26.

ARCHIVED POST Series 51 Online Exam Simulator Hits New Milestone

prod_sim51One year ago Solomon Exam Prep published study materials for the MSRB exams. Since publication we have been consistently adding to our material, specifically our Online Exam Simulator database. We are proud to announce that our Online Exam Simulator for the Series 51 has now reached over 1,000 test questions! This means that a student can take 16 full practice exams without seeing a repeat question. This is a huge milestone and one we are proud to share.

We are constantly updating and adding to all of our material in an effort to give our students the best chance of passing their exams. The Series 51 has been a tricky exam, but we have learned a lot over the past year and adjusted our materials accordingly. We are excited to reach this milestone and look forward to reaching many more!

ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: March 10, 2015 Edition

"I passed the Series 82 on my first attempt using Solomon's Exam Study Guide and Online Exam Simulator. The unlimited number of times I took the quizzes and exams with feedback was why I passed."    -Murad Karimi

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ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: November 25, 2014 Edition

"I passed the 24 the first time with the help of the Solomon materials. The online course and the exams really helped focus in and clarify what was important. I've recommended them to all of my colleagues!"

-Corrinne Kaucher, Austin, TX


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ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: July 8, 2014 Edition

"I studied for the Series 55, and used Pass Perfect as well as Kaplan’s study materials. They both were a little helpful, but I had one opportunity to pass the Series 55 for my job, and did not want to take any chances. I did some research online and someone on a blog recommended Solomon Prep, so I decided to give them a try, and I AM GLAD I DID. Unlike Kaplan/Pass Perfect, I took 5 practice exams (110 question), before a single question was repeated. I found this to be extremely helpful, because I was being exposed to all of the possible material that could be covered on the exam. Additionally their customer service is outstanding. There's a tab on the testing page that says "ask a professor", I had a question ... hit the tab, and 10 minutes later a professor was there to answer my questions. Anyway, awesome service I would recommend and repeat."

- O. Harrison, Brooklyn, NY

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ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: March 4, 2014 Edition

"The virtual class and the test questions really helped me pass the Series 26. Thank you." -Todd Brubaker, Western & Southern Life, Akron, OH

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ARCHIVED POST Solomon’s Online Exam Simulator

This is a video overview of Solomon Exam Prep's industry leading Online Exam Simulator.

The Solomon Online Exam Simulator is an essential tool in studying for your FINRA, NASAA, or MSRB exam. Solomon Exam Simulators are updated on a daily basis and contain 1,000's of high quality practice exam questions with detailed rationales.

To order exam prep materials please head to our main website http://solomonexamprep.com or give us a call at 503.601.0212.

ARCHIVED POST Testimonial Tuesday: December 17, 2013 Edition


"I passed my Series 24 with two weeks of nearly full-time study, using the textbook, the online class, and the exam simulator.  The textbook was very readable and helpful in providing complete explanations, as well as helpful memorization tips.  The online class and pre-recorded sessions were crucial to get through all of the material and put it in relative context.  It was helpful to be able to have questions answered instantly and via email afterward.  The online simulator questions were just like the exam questions, and the immediate feedback function was essential for learning from the practice quizzes and exam.  I needed every minute of my study and practice time to count, and Solomon Exam Prep made it possible.  Thank you!" -T. Richmond, Bethesda, MD


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ARCHIVED POST Solomon Exam Prep Introduces Series 82 Online Exam Simulator

Solomon Exam Prep is pleased to announce our industry-leading online exam simulator for the Series 82!

If you have to take the FINRA Series 82 Private Securities Offerings exam, and want as much practice as possible before you do, then the Solomon Exam Prep online exam simulator is right for you.

The Exam Simulator features an unlimited number of randomly-generated section quizzes as well as full-length exams, both in timed and untimed modes. New questions are added regularly to the Solomon Exam Prep Series 82 question database, so that you get the best experience possible in this fast-changing industry.

Studies have shown that self-testing is a powerful tool for learning.  It just goes to show that the old saying is true: practice really does make perfect.

Begin practicing for your Series 82 exam with the Solomon Exam Prep Series 82 Online Exam Simulator today!

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