I passed my SIE exam the first time. Great tools and exam simulators, if you study the entire guide and take enough practice exams before your exam there's no reason why you wouldn't pass!

Rom Rabin, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Solomon Team, Happy to inform you that I took and passed the Series 7 this past Tuesday. I was not able to prepare as much as I had planned, and would not recommend someone taking the exam at the point I was at in my preparation, but the circumstances demanded it and it worked out. The depth and breadth of material I was able to cover with Solomon obviously played no small part. I am deeply grateful for your partnership for both the SIE and the 7 top-off as I transition from law practice into an RIA compliance role. This has been a big change and your materials and support have been indispensable. I want to particularly note that your audiobook feature is a key distinguishing factor for me. It undoubtedly helped me absorb the material and is an ideal complement to material that is presented in such a way as to benefit those of us who need to learn the “why’s” in the material and not just a series of independently-existing spontaneously-combusted facts. I’m sure both methods work for exam takers, but Solomon excels in the former. Also, as a dad to a half-dozen crew and an auditory learner, an audiobook format helps when your geographic coordinates at the start of a lesson are not the same as those at the end. Thanks again to everyone at Solomon!

Eduardo Mordujovich, Gainesville, FL

I took and passed my Series 63 this past weekend. I found the Solomon materials instrumental in getting to a pass on the first time. While the manual was good, what really assisted me were the practice exams that were nearly identical to what the actual test questions were. The materials were easy to use and comprehensive. A worthwhile investment.

Jeffrey Bartlett

I have used other providers in the past for the 62 and decided to try something new this time due to passing that by a thin margin out of luck.  I passed the 65 first try with an 88% all thanks to Solomon Exam Prep and its effective 5-week program.  The book is thorough and easy to follow and the endless question bank with detailed explanations ensures that you will never see a repeat and never have to worry about question memorization (which is CRITICAL when you are assessing how ready you are based off of practice tests).  The quizzes and exams require a deeper level of understanding, unlike other providers that test you with elementary questions only to leave the actual exam to feel unpleasantly difficult.  The practice quizzes provide a very convenient way to focus on your weak areas and the full simulation exams feel very much like the actual test and in my experience, made the real exam seem surprisingly easy.  The practice questions also reinforce important test taking skills and taught me to approach questions in a more disciplined way than before.  Finally, I gave the “ask the professor” function a try and they are VERY responsive and clearly have a passion for seeing their clients succeed.  I couldn’t be happier with this program and even though you might hear about the other test prep companies more often, Solomon IS the most effective.

Bates Parsons, Denver, CO

I passed the Series 79 (on my first attempt) with help from Solomon Exam Prep. I found the study book and online exams to be quite helpful, and would recommend Solomon as a study resource for anyone.

Joseph H.; Denver, CO

I passed my Series 99 exam in a very short period of time and this wouldn’t be possible without the incredible material from Solomon Exam Prep. The preparation material is very comprehensive and always updated with recent changes in FINRA rules/industry practice.  I scored 92%!!

Venu Rathi, The Carlyle Group, New York, NY

I'm incredibly grateful I chose Solomon Exam Prep to prepare me for the Series 79. The materials are very thorough and up-to-date, and the staff incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful - both of which are extremely necessary to pass this difficult exam. And, I passed! Thank you Solomon!

Krista Barbour, Boulder, CO

Thank you so much and special thanks to the product you put out!! I did not know about Solomon a year ago when I took the Series 7 and I used another company's material. I did not pass the 7 first time and I was extremely nervous about the 66.  However your product was wonderful and thanks to you guys I passed the 66 on my first try!!! Can't thank you enough!!! 

Maria Raspa, Merrill Lynch, Wellesley Hills, MA

My thanks to everyone at Solomon for their commitment to my success in passing Series 63.  Karen Solomon was always quick to respond to me, advise me and clarify material for me.  I had great take away from Bob Pisani's class and I know his presentation influenced my exam score of 83!

Mary Sutter

I passed the Series 6 (on my first attempt) with help from Solomon Exam Prep. The audio study book and online exams were the most beneficial tools for me, and would highly recommend Solomon to all of my Allstate colleagues.

Shy Singleton, Allstate, Jacksonville, Florida

For the Series 99 I bought and studied the STC and the Kaplan study manuals and test banks but I pattern matching questions versus fundamentally understanding the content. I stumbled upon the Solomon test bank during a Google search and I am glad that I did. The Solomon test bank went into a lot more detail in the answers which allowed me to better understand the actual content versus just pattern recognition in the questions. Some have said that the Solomon test bank is harder than the test which I think may be true but learning the content at this level of detail is how I was able to feel confident walking in and walking out with a pass on the first attempt.

Garry Kindred Denver, CO

I would just like to say that Solomon’s customer service was excellent. The material was clear and easy to understand and I feel that it prepared me extremely well for my exam. I found the study outline to be the most helpful in keeping me on track. I would definitely refer the material to anyone taking the Series 24. Thank you to the Solomon team for helping me pass my 24!

Tamaqua Roland, Philadelphia, PA

Excellent exam preparation! Passed on my 1st attempt! SIE EXAM DO LOTS OF PRACTICE EXAMS, AND FLASHCARDS.  I found the real exam question easier than the Solomon's ones. Thank you!

Gil Malamut, Prudential. New York, NY

I passed the Series 7 on my first attempt. In fact, five years ago, I also passed both the Series 6 and 63 on my first attempt. In all cases, I used Solomon Exam Prep materials which make sometimes 'dry' topics much more readable. Also, having the option to take an unlimited number of practice tests and receive immediate, thorough feedback was invaluable. I highly recommend them!

Blaine Burnett

I passed my Series 63 today with an 85% and Series 6 two weeks back with an 80%. I was very nervous, but studying was made easy with Solomon Exam Prep; their simple Plain English explanations helped fight that legalese on the Series 63 especially. I totally owe this to the Solomon team, their awesome question bank, and friendly staff. "Ask the Professor" is prompt in answering all your queries. I'm definitely recommending their program to my employer.

Priya R, PA

Passed the 65 with an 80% and the 6 with an 87%. Passed both of them on the first try. I give the credit to Solomon. I've had a lot of my friends try other vendors but they were glad to take my advice and switch to Solomon. This course helps you understand the concepts so you can think out the uniquely crafted questions the actual tests ask. Thanks so much.

Gerald Barnes, Client One, Peoria, AZ

I found encouragement along the way from reading other people's testimonials, so payback is to write one of my own. Solomon is the gold standard for customer service. I passed the 66, SIE first tries -- received a 69% on the 7 (failed), but passed on the 2nd attempt. I'm in awe over the outreach I received from day 1 but especially from Jeremy on how to move forward after falling short on the Series 7 - followed his advice - one of which was to get the accompanying videos and passed. Watching/studying the Chapter 5 video had a big impact. I also printed the questions I got wrong that I particularly struggled with while taking the online exams, printed and/or turned them into flashcards, then taped many of them around the house. It forced me to constantly revisit the information and moved me past a superficial understanding. I'll take a messy-looking home for a short time than having to retake a 3 hour and 45 minute exam.

Brook Langston, Everspire. Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks to Solomon Test Prep, I passed the Series 79, 7, 63 and 82 exams. Your excellent software made all the difference!

Constantine Valhouli, New York, NY

I passed the Series 24 on the first try with an 80%! This was the highest of all of my Series exam scores and I attribute much of my success to Solomon's amazing study materials. The practice exams are spot-on and the video lectures were a great supplement to the readings. I suggest following the study schedule Solomon provides for a successful outcome!

Katelyn H, Las Vegas, NV

I passed the Series 63 with an 86. Your system rocks!!!

Edward Giaco, TaxCheck USA Investments Broadview Heights, OH

The online exam simulator was essential to helping me pass the Series 82 on my first attempt!! Have always used Kaplan for previous FINRA exams, so didn't know what to expect at first, but I was definitely prepared for this exam! Great job to everyone at Solomon, especially the exam writers !!

Luke Garcia, Capital Group, West Chester, PA

THANK YOU SOLOMON! I passed the SIE in December and Series 6 in February. I do not have a background in finance. The study materials prepared me wonderfully for the exams. I used the study schedule - took a ton of practice exams and re-read the material. Also, the testimonials were very encouraging, so I had to share that I had the same amazing experience. Thank you so much!

Candace Chavez, Cetera Investment Services. Wimberley, TX

The materials [were the] key to my success. Use both the book and online resources to gauge your readiness, then sit confidently for the exam.

jared pawelka

I had tried another learning system before Solomon and walked into the Series 24 unprepared and subsequently failed. After using the Solomon system for three weeks, taking full advantage of the app on my cell phone I walked into my second attempt very prepared for the type of questions I was going to see. Not only did I pass, I did so with confidence. Thanks so much Solomon!

Steven Eisner, Penn Mutual/HTK, Hauppauge, NY

3rd time is a charm and it took Solomon to do it. None of the other materials in my first two attempts were strong enough to enable me to reason my way to the correct answers.  Solomon's angle on this material was closest to the actual test and was the reason I got there. 

As an aside, the ongoing personal help was very surprising and commendable.  Thank you, Solomon!

Jason Bowen, Southington, CT

Passed SIE on the first attempt! The multi-prong study approach Solomon puts together - read, take notes, watch videos, practice tests, review - is very effective. By the time I had worked through the plan and used the reports to bolster my weak areas, I walked into the test center with high confidence. It took a lot of time and was hard work, but the test plan and materials made it possible.

Dave Stakland, Cambridge Investment Research. Fairfield, IA.

I previously failed my attempt at the series 63. Not by much. Literally one question. But in analyzing why I began to understand that I needed a more comprehensive approach to studying as well as more variety. I looked into a few options and came across Solomon Exam Prep. What I enjoyed and found the most useful were the video presentation and practice exams with immediate feedback. Those exams enabled me to learn with explanation every time I got a question wrong (or right on a guess). The materials are all beneficial and well worth it. I recently passed the series 63 with a score of 85 and much of that success lies upon the use of Solomon Prep. Thanks.

Anslem Gardner

The Series 66 Exam Prep offered by Solomon Exam Prep is exceptional. I used both the textbook and the exam simulator as my only study materials for the exam and passed with an 88. The Solomon material is written in a way which is easy to understand and digest. The exam simulator was excellent in preparing me with quizzes and full length practice tests to focus on my points on weakness and prepare me for the real thing! I would highly recommend both of these products to anyone!

Luke Bowes, Seymour, TN

Thank you! I LOVE you guys - I passed the Series 99 in 4 days with your products!!!

Wendy Karrasch Los Angeles, CA

I have now used Solomon for the SIE, series 6, and 63. I am ordering my 7 materials now. The structure and resources are right on target. The practice exams are more difficult than the exam which makes taking the exam much easier. I give all of the credit to Solomon for my 100% pass rate so far. I recommend Solomon to all of my coworkers.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

I relied on the Solomon Exam Prep materials to pass the Series 79 and 63. The materials are first-rate, especially the practice exams, video lectures, and recommended study plans. The staff members (including the owner) were always responsive and helpful. Thank you, Solomon.

Bob Dale, Austin Dale Group, Austin, TX

I passed the Series 50 on the first attempt thanks to Solomon's materials. Although the questions on the exam were much more difficult and complex in structure and format than the Solomon practice exams, the study materials & practice exams did enforce the concepts that the actual exam was testing. Thank you Solomon!!!

Lisa Gesin, Gesin Consulting, Dallas, TX

I passed the Series 26 exam last Thursday. As a Physician with very limited time to sit and study, I listened to the CDs over and over again as I drove to and from work, and that really helped me. I will be ordering the Series 65 materials soon.

Daniel Asiedu, PFS Investments, Lincoln, RI

I passed the series 65! I used the Solomon exam prep Material to take the series 65. I had previously used the Kaplan material and did not find the materials to be that good. The book, audio tape and exam question bank were amazing. It was hard to go to the center wearing a mask during this Coronavirus time period. I don’t think I would’ve passed this Series 65 without Solomon. Thank you

Gail Abrams, The Investment Center, Inc. Watchung, NJ

I passed with flying colors. Made an 83. Your material is awesome. I could not have done it without it. The book is a great start and then the online exam simulator seals the deal. Thanks for all your help...and especially for jumping to my aid over the weekend.

David Latham, Butler Snow Advisory Services, Ridgeland, MS

I sat for the Series 66 on March 16th. I got an 85. I give all kudos to Solomon. The study materials were excellent.

William Crull, Metairie, LA

Passed the Series 6 test on 1st attempt with an 84%. Practice quizzes and exams were the key to my success!

Matthew Tow, Allstate, Palm Harbor, FL

Thank you...thank you. I took my Series 7 yesterday and passed....1st try. Read the whole book 3 times. My system was to go through and answer the questions I was positive about. Good guess at the others and park them for review. The hardest part is trying to understand what they are actually asking. This way I wasn’t bogged down and stressed being stuck on a question. Second time around go through all those parked questions...digging deeper...checking my calculations etc. again parking the ones that totally stumped me. Third time around....educated guesses and what seemed to make sense. Also, on my way there, I was picturing myself in the room....sitting at the computer (yes, I took a dry run to see the inside). It took that part of the unknown out of the equation. Be prepared for the masks and Covid precautions. Any options questions, as tricky as they make them, I would look at my charts and was able to make sense of what they were asking. Finished the test in record time. Being prepared gave me the confidence to get through it. Many thanks Lorraine

Lorraine Harrod, PNC, Lewes, DE

I have passed the SIE, Series 63, and Series 65 all on the 1st attempt. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep! The practice tests are great and really prepare you for the real exam.

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

I passed the Series 7 on my first attempt after using the Solomon study book and practice tests. The practice tests were crucial in understanding how the official exam would ask questions and greatly benefited me.

Jeff D, Securities America, La Vista, NE

I PASSED. A big thank you to Solomon Exam Prep for breaking down the material for the Series 65 exam into understandable information. I started my exam prep journey with another provider and their material was simply too wordy and full of unnecessary information. I switched to Solomon Exam Prep and the material was easy to follow and I PASSED. Thanks so much for being there for me.

Tammy Gladstone, State Farm Insurance, California, MD

Solomon Exam Prep was very thorough and prepared me not only for the SIE, but the practice questions were so in-depth I now feel prepared for the Series-7 top-off as well.

Steven Laesser, Raymond James, Saint Petersburg, FL

I passed my Series 82 with an 86! Thank you! All of your materials were helpful -- especially the unlimited tests available. I would highly recommend your study materials.

Richard McKinnon

A more recent update after taking my Series 7 exam: Within one year of joining the financial industry, Solomon materials have gotten me a 100%, 4 for 4 pass rate with the SIE, S6, 63 and S7 all completed within 10 months. Once again, the materials and practice tests prepared me for the S7 exam better than I could've imagined. I will continue to refer people to Solomon, as the material, customer service, and whole experience has been unmatched.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

I passed the Series 7 with an 86 percent! Solomon's exam prep material is the best. I highly recommend the online study guide and exam simulator.

Kim, Las Vegas, Nevada

Your study materials are great! The book, online class, practice exams, and audio book were the perfect recipe for success. I feel comfortable using your company again for my next tests, the Series 63 and 26. I have been recommending your program to my peers. Keep up the great work.

Marion L. Townes Farmers Insurance, Agency Trainer Idaho, Oregon & Washington

All test from FINRA should never be taken lightly. The Solomon course work and exercise materials prepared me well for the SIE exam of which I passed the first time. I am onto prepping for the Series 79 and will once again use Jeremy Solomon’s resources and program. Thank you, Jeremy, for the outstanding support!

Constantino (Tony) Quintong Jr, Securieon Group. Carmel by the Sea, CA

I used Solomon for the Series 52 after failing twice with Kaplan and STC. Solomon was immensely more helpful, simpler to understand, and more accurate than both companies combined. The practice questions were very similar to the ones I saw on the exam and the Ask the Professor feature was quick and helpful. I will be using Solomon for the Series 7 in a few months, and I recommend everyone who need to take a FINRA exam to use Solomon before anything else.

Christopher P, Academy Securities. New York, NY.

I have used Solomon exam prep for the 6/63 and was able to pass on the first try. Now I’m taking the 65 and hope to do the same. I’ve used other recommended exam prep courses and came back to Solomon for the 65 because of ease of use. I would recommend Solomon to anyone that is in need of a securities exam. All the content is laid out in an easy to follow way.

Antonio Mendoza, State Farm. Santa Maria , CA.

I initially studied using a different exam prep course (The Securities Institute of America). I waited until I consistently passed the practice exams with a score over 90% before I took the actual exam and unfortunately I failed the exam on my first attempt. I discovered and purchased the Solomon Exam Prep and immediately noticed the studying material was more in depth. I waited until my practice exam score was consistently over 85% and I went to take the actual exam and passed. Thank you so much!! (Series 3)

Joshua Turner, J.D. Turner Capital, LLC, Baltimore, MD

I highly recommend your Series 7 program to anyone trying to pass a FINRA exam! This is the second exam you helped me (Series 65 last June).

Ken Acampora, Denver, CO

I thought the study material from Solomon Exam Prep was great.  It helped me focus on the sections where I needed to study the most.  I passed with an 81% on my first try for the Series 65 exam.  I would definitely use Solomon Exam Prep again if I need to get any more licenses.

Michael, Portland, OR

I studied for the Series 6 with the STC material and failed the exam. I then was provided with the Solomon material and passed! The Solomon material aligned very nicely with the actual exam which was very helpful. Also, Their customer service is out of this world! The President of the company even helped visa email and phone calls with study recommendations. I am now going to use their study material as I prepare for the Series 63. I LOVE Solomon! Thank you so much for your care, support and guidance. I have also recommended that our company use the Solomon material for all exams.

Valerie Nolan, Cetera, Forest Grove, OR

Solomon Exam Prep was the ticket to passing my Series 26 test.  I would like to thank you all for your help!  I highly recommend your study material for the FINRA exams.

David H. Viar, Farm Bureau Financial Services, West Des Moines, IA

I passed my exam on the 1st attempt!!! Solomon Prep was easy to read and with the help of the wonderful professors and owners, anything that needed clarification, they immediately responded. I would recommend Solomon to any college.

Renee Anderson

I had previously used a competitors material while preparing for the Series 52 exam. Using that material I failed the exam twice and both times I felt unprepared even after studying a ton. I switched to Solomon after reading reviews that seemed to be similar to my scenario. I finally passed!! Solomon's material did a great job of simplifying really complex material. The practice exams were very similar to the real exam. While taking the exam for the third time after studying with Solomon I felt confident the entire exam because I knew the information and had seen questions formatted similar while taking practice exams. Thanks Solomon!!!

Sara Brady McGinn FIRM: Raymond James Memphis, TN

I utilized a competitor's product and failed the first time I took the Series 53. It wasn't from the lack of studying. After researching what other courses to buy, I luckily found Solomon. The exam material was up to date and the practice exams were much more challenging than the other program. I would highly recommend Solomon and plan on utilizing them if I should have to take another exam. Thank you.

Andrew Shubert, Craft Capital Management, Garden City, NY

Solomon has been hugely helpful to me. In 2022, they helped me prepare for the SIE, Series 63, and Series 79 exams, and I passed all 3 on the first try. I give huge credit to their focused materials and suggested timelines for keeping me on track!

William Windham, Solebury. Brooklyn, NY.

Passed my Series 63 with an 82% on my first attempt! Practice tests were definitely very valuable and prepared me well!

Michael Bikas, PNC, Cincinnati, OH

Passed my Series 65 on the first try! Solomon really has everything you need to pass. I followed the recommended schedule and took a ton of practice tests. This gave me a ton of confidence and it paid off!

Andrea Rivera, ForUsAll. Salt Lake City, UT

I would not have passed the Series 7 top off without the Solomon materials. The structure of the questions was the closest out of all the programs I tried and their customer support is top notch. I will definitely be back! Thank you!!

Lauren J, Westlake, TX

I used solomon to take my series 52 and i passed with a 76%! It was very helpful material for the exam.


I used Solomon's Online Exam Simulator as a supplement to company provided materials for the Series 7 & 66, passing with scores of 86% & 88%. The online simulator made it easy to study on the go and provided peace of mind of preparedness walking in on test day. Highly recommended.

John Watlington, Merrill Lynch, Raleigh, NC

For the Series 6 exam, I used the Solomon 4-week study schedule. I really didn't do anything special, I just stuck to the study schedule each day. I used the app on my phone quite a bit for convenience.  

The Solomon Live Class was timed perfectly one week prior to my exam, so it turned out to be somewhat of a review session, which is what I had hoped it would be. The concepts covered in the Live Class were helpful because McCallister broke them down into plain English and real-world examples. 

The one place I varied from the study schedule was in the number of times I took the Exam Simulator. I took the Exam Simulator Practice Test 36 times and monitored my Pass Probability. Once I had my Pass Probability at 90%, I felt I was ready. 

Arthur Priddy, Farmers Insurance. Jackson, Tennessee

I followed the Solomon recipe for success and passed the Series 63 on my first attempt!!

Jaime Avery, John Hancock, Boston, MA

Jeremy, I passed the Series 7 yesterday with an 87% using only your book and online practice tests. Thanks!

Aaron Johnson, Humble, TX

Very thorough preparation for Series 62 Exam.  Numerous sample tests that provide full answers that continue the learning process in a more interactive way than just reading the materials.

Jay Morency, The Arc Group, Gurnee, IL

My oldest son purchased your Solomon audio exam guide to pass his Series 7, and I did the same for the  Series 65 exam at his recommendation. Although I am 62 and have been out of college for forty(40) years, I passed my Series 65 exam on my first try. This would NOT have been possible without your excellent study materials. Thank you! for the service you provide to all aspiring test takers where so much is on the line!

Most Sincerely,

David Hartzell

Cornell Capital Management 

David Hartzell, Cornell Capital Management, New York

The material and website were very well organized and thorough. I felt I was prepared for the actual, real test when I took it because I had gone through their range of questions with all the practice tests that I could do on their website, covering every topic, approached with different angles.

Stacey Sperry, Durham, NC

Started studying May 15. Passed it (Series 7) on June 28 with 91%. Very happy. 

Cindy Roggenkamp, St. Cloud, MN

Just passed the S63 exam on the second try. The only reason I failed the first time is that I didn't take enough timed practice exams. My advice is to take practice exams until you are blue in the face. I did that this time around and aced the exam. I've now passed both S7 (first try) and S63 with Solomon. Worth every penny.

D. G. Swanagain, New York Life, New York, NY

I passed my SIE. I was using Kaplan and it was not working out as well. I did study the book, did the simulated exams about 15 times and quizzes at least 5 times each before taking the exam. The testimonials here helped me follow a strategy and I stayed focused on passing. Solomon exam prep material really prepares you for the exam, I passed on Aug 21 2021 after using other competitive materials to no success. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep.

Omo Vanwie, Morgan Stanley. Columbus, OH

I passed Series 79 on first attempt. I think the exam simulator was most helpful.

Maik, Orlando, FL

I would recommend this program to anyone that has to take the Series 6 or any test offered by this company. Taking the practice exams and quizzes for each function over and over was key for me. Great program!!!

Alcide Wiltz IV, Allstate Insurance Company, Pensacola, FL

I just took the Series 24 and passed with an 80%.  I couldn't have done it without the Solomon test simulator.

Joseph Shapiro, Edward Jones Investments, St. Louis, MO

I passed my Series 66, 1st try. Your audiobook was the game changer for me. Thank you!

S Stephens, Merrill Lynch. Orlando, FL

I passed the 82 and 63 within a few months coming from no financial background. The exam simulator is fantastic and has a large pool of questions.

Taylor Hawks, Maraboyina Capital. Dallas, TX

I must say, I don’t think I could have done it without your material. Bob Pisani did a great job explaining options in his video and the material was written so well, it was very easy to understand. The book was much easier to read and understand compared to the few Kaplan materials that I ordered. In addition, the Ask the Professor tool was great!

Alexandria Dotson, PNC Bank, Wheaton, IL

The vocabulary on the test was slightly different, (they used the word tendered a lot) and so navigating the different financial vocabulary was a minor challenge. That being said, I felt comfortable in my knowledge and was able to break down and understand a large majority of the exam because of Solomon Exam Prep. I passed and felt confident!
I am so happy with Solomon! So far, I've passed the SIE and Series 7 exam because I used their program to study. I am currently using their program to study for the Series 66 now. The practice exams are invaluable and are the best way to learn! I would give 10/5 stars.

Abbigayle Hanoch, LPL Financial. Ventura, CA

Thanks to the Solomon 79 exam class and online simulator I passed the 79! Your materials beat the competitors hands-down.

Shawn Leventhal, New York, NY

Excited to say I passed the Series 24 the first time I sat for the exam. The course material and exam simulator were paramount in my preparation.

Ben Young, Berthel Fisher. Cedar Rapids, IA

Passed the Series 7 today, 84%. Crammed like heck for 10 days. Wouldn’t  recommend cramming, I would definitely recommend Solomon!! Couldn’t have done it without the Video Lecture and resource slides!”

Evan Pawloski, FSC Securities, Detroit, MI

I passed the SIE on my first attempt thanks to Solomon Exam Prep's structure and chapter guides consolidating a large amount of information into easy to learn material. I did not study finance in College and have been in Compliance for the better part of my career. This has been a validating experience thanks to Solomon Exam Prep.

Marlon Gonzalez-Perez, Tradition. New York, NY

I passed the S7 TO first time it was introduced from last year. I have used several books and none of them could be as complete as this one. I am a living witness to the completeness of your course material. If that was not the case, I would not have passed this very difficult exam. I owe my success to your exam materials and no other book, from those I know have come close. I am going to study for the Series 66 through Solomon Exam Prep. If this can help me through, then I am sure many more people would also succeed.

Stalin Miki, Bankerslife, Miami, FL

I used you guys when I sat for the Series 7 two weeks prior and passed that bad boy too. The Solomon books are awesome and allowed me to pass these challenging exams [Series 65 and Series 7] the first time.  Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jonathan Freehill, Houston, TX

Used Solomon for my second & third time. First time I used a different company & day of test, I had no idea what I was reading. Second time, I bought Solomon a little too close to my test date, failed but had a higher score. Third Time, used strictly Solomon & passed! Cant thank Solomon enough, will recommend to everyone!

Ashley F, Citi. New York, NY

I wanted to send a quick thank you to Solomon Exam Prep....I just finished and passed the Series 6 Exam! I could not have done it without you! Thanks again. 

Lyle McDowell

Previously I used another prep company for the Series 63 and did not pass. Second time around I used Solomon and passed! What's more, I felt much more confident from taking the practice exams and working towards a higher and higher probability rate of passing. Thank you Solomon! I'll definitely use you again with any future security exams.

Max Thomas, Finalis / Evalla Advisors LLC. Los Angeles, CA

I've been using Solomon Exam Preparation materials for my last four Series tests: the Series 82, Series 63, Series 79 and just recently the Series 7.  My scores on these tests were 88, 90, 88 and 90.  The Solomon texts were comprehensive and easy to read; everything you need to know is in there.  But there is so much material that these exams cover that you have to read the texts several times over and take as many practice quizzes and tests as you can until you score in the mid 80's.  Then go in for the test.  That's what I did.  I went in scoring in the mid 80's on practice exams and "peaked" at higher scores while taking the actual tests.  You can't do any better than Solomon.  I highly recommend them.

Michael McGregor, FOCUS Investment Banking, Charlotte, NC

Fantastic prep for my Series 79 -- and I passed again!! Thank you Solomon!

Paul Werp, Connected Vision Advisors. Mountain View, CA

The materials from Solomon are brilliant and the reason that I passed the Series 79 exam.

Dave Howell, Bengur Bryan & Co., Baltimore, Maryland

Many thanks to the fine staff at Solomon Exam Prep. I'm happy to report that I passed the Series 50 Municipal Advisor exam on my first attempt. The written material is extremely thorough and comprehensive. With respect to the online quizzes and final exams, the questions are very comparable in difficulty to the actual exam, thus providing the foundation for success. A special word of thanks to Carson for his encouragement and support.

Tony Chiappetta, Sudsina & Associates, Mars, PA

Loved this study material! It was easier to read than other books out there and explained the concepts on the series 7 very well. I recently passed my series 7 after using these materials and have already ordered my series 63 study materials through Solomon. I will be recommending Solomon to my other co-workers.

Katie Groy

I actually had an STC course with exams paid for by my company, I took my own money to buy the Solomon online exams, and I would do it again without hesitation. Passed the Series 7 on the first try. Thanks!

Matt Rauen, New York Life, Grand Junction, CO

Passed the 24 today ... fun test.. You have a great product. The material was easy to follow and the practice tests were very, very helpful. Thank you.

Danny Klingler, Kestra Financial, Austin, Texas

Your exam prep is the best! Passed both the 6 and 63 using Solomon and I recommend it to everyone.

Karen, Colorado Springs, CO

I successfully passed the test [Series 65] thanks to you guys!!!!

Chad Cook, Old West Investment Management, Los Angeles, CA

I passed with an 81 on my Series 79 exam thanks to Solomon Exam Prep. The exam simulator is a fantastic resource and really mirrors the style of questions on the actual exam. The reading material is very comprehensive and I highly recommend reading through the book 2 - 3 times. I would not have passed without Solomon!

Andrew L.

It took Solomon!  I tried the Series 6 exam 7 times before passing on my 8th time with Solomon.  I scored an 81%. Thanks!

Randy Mueller Allstate Insurance Deland, FL

I passed the Series 63 with the help of the Solomon materials. I loved the audio books and the quiz and test questions were extremely helpful. Thank you Solomon!

Diane Kotil, Quasar Distributors, Milwaukee, WI

Special thanks to Solomon for ensuring I pass the 65! Trust in the material and you will pass. I bought multiple resources and by far, Solomon was the best. Thanks again.

Paige Robino, Fisher Investments, Plano, TX

The Series 6 Exam Simulator was a life saver.  Thanks!

Ryan Ainsworth, Northwestern Mutual, Tacoma, WA

I am yet another very satisfied customer who could not have passed the Series 82 exam without the assistance of the Solomon Exam Prep materials. I had used another set of study materials without success. The Solomon Exam Prep materials increased my score substantially. I passed with flying colors. I am a true believer and will use their materials for my Series 63 exam.

Rachel Kemp

Very excited to pass the Series 66! The Solomon practice exams were very helpful to understand the concepts and fundamentals of the questions. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep for all FINRA exams. Make sure to have a good grasp on agent registration and suitability when taking the 66. Thank you Solomon!

Blake Rossman, TrueWealth. Bellevue, WA

Thank you so much. I had bought a text book through Securities America for the 62. I read the book TWICE and used their online practice modules... I failed the 62 twice! I scored a 64 and then a 65. That is when I realized it was my materials and not me. I wised up and bought your program. After a month of studying I felt confident enough to try again. I just took the test again today and passed with an 80%! Karen Solomon is my hero.

Marc Wheeler, Greenwood Village, CO

I just passed the series 24! It is, by far, the hardest test that I have ever taken. I had failed it 4 times using other study materials. I have never felt more defeated! Solomon Exam Prep is the best! I took over 154 practice tests...without seeing the same question twice. I was able to finally grasp the material and passed! My only regret is that I did not use the Solomon Exam Prep on my first attempt!

Bill Harpe, Capital Choice. Greensboro, GA

Solomon exam prep materials are the best! I have passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 in less than 12 months using their materials. Their products are fantastic! The practice exams are excellent, and the probability calculator is spot on. I followed the provided customized study plan and took practice exams (over 20 lol) until my probability calculator was in the green (indicating a higher probability of passing) and the rest is history. There are no shortcuts. You must put in the work and stay disciplined, but the Solomon program WORKS and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone looking for amazing, comprehensive study materials to prepare for industry examinations.

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

Great service, practice questions and mock exams were the key to passing. (Series 3)

Darragh Lenihan, Global Commodities Holdings Limited. Singapore

I passed the Series 62 with an 83% on my second attempt. The Solomon Program was straightforward, intuitive and helped me pass! I loved the answer feedback and category results to enforce the areas where I still needed work. My advice to anyone needing to take one of these exams is to use Solomon and take as many practice exams as you can!

I have a degree in Sports Medicine and have been in sales my whole career (B2B, Medical Device and now Insurance Consulting/M&A for the past 6 yrs.) I did not have any knowledge of this material prior to starting the program and could not have done it without you!

Jared Roy

I used Solomon to study for the 26 and most recently the 24. The material is layered in way that makes it manageable to digest and the instructor response time and explanations are outstanding. I passed both on the first attempt!

Gus Velleco, Allstate, Charleston, SC

I failed the 63 three times over the course of four years. I passed the first time after taking your course.

Senica Omernik, Farmers Insurance, Stevens Point, WI

Just finished the Series 82 in just over an hour. Got an 86%. Your preparation and support was instrumental!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!

Ariel Shlien, Montreal, Canada

I was very impressed with all elements of Solomon's Series 24 offerings. Solomon provided an incredibly organized system for me to utilize, which kept me "on point" and focused. I felt good confidence going into the test because of the structured system that Solomon developed. I would certainly recommend Solomon to anyone that is taking the Series 24.

William Bundy, Bundy Group. Charlotte, NC

I passed the Securities Industry Essential (SIE) exam on my first try. Now, I am studying for the next license exam, the top off exam, Series 7. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep. I am glad I bought the 1) SIE Video Premium Study Package, 2) SIE Flashcards, and, especially, 3) the hard copy. I will probably buy the same for Series 63, 7 and probably no more than two more over the next three years.

Stephen Campbell, Plano, TX

Passed that bad boy (Series 79) weeks ago with an 86, kicked its ass. I hate leaving that much room, means I wasted time. Thanks for everything.

Jeff S., Upper Nyack, NY

I tried studying on my own using materials from another vendor, which was super wordy and lengthy. After much frustration, I looked for new study materials and discovered Solomon. It is concise, clear and presented well. The subject area quizzes and practice exams were unlimited and very helpful. Six weeks later I passed the Series 24 with an 85! I would not hesitate to use Solomon again, should the need arise.

Yasmeen M.

I read the book twice and then took practice questions through the exam simulator over and over and over. I scored an 85 first time - so obviously it works!

Nick Walker, Bostonia Global Securities, Boston, MA

I loved using Solomon Exam Prep. I used Solomon for 1 month and passed my Series 65 exam. I had previously used Kaplan and failed the same exam. I feel as if Solomon provided significantly better Exam prep and technology in a more concise manner than any other system I have used. Thank you for such a great service. 

Mackenzie Abbate Knights of Columbus Slidell, Louisiana

I passed the Series 63 after using the study materials from Solomon. The practice exam and quizzes were the most amount of help. How the questions are asked really makes a difference. It gets your mind ready for how the exam will phrase the questions. Highly recommend this to anyone taking the Series 6 and/or 63. Great material! Will be returning for the Series 7 in the future.

Joseph DeLoach, WoodmenLife, Eatonton, GA

Recently passed the FINRA Series 22 Exam. Though the exam is short, the material is obscure and not what you deal with every day in the industry. Solomon did a great job of putting together material and providing a deep understanding. After about 6 weeks of studying and taking 2 practice exams a day, I passed the exam on the first try! Thanks for putting together a robust training product.

Eric Stroehle, Steelwater Wealth Management. Oakville, CT

The study material was absolutely perfect. My undergrad degree is in Mechanical Engineering and my graduate degree is in management so no formal finance education and it would not have been possible to pass the Series 79 without the Solomon material. Thanks so much.

Dave Bender, Cascadia Capital, Seattle, WA

I passed my Series 24 today with an 80% thanks to Solomon Test Prep! I found the most benefit from using the practice exams as a learning tool, reading each answer explanation as I went along, regardless of a(n) correct/incorrect response. I found that for this exam, understanding the concepts is equally as important as memorization! Good luck!

Audrey M., Austin, TX

At 66 yrs old (obviously not a frequent test-taker), I passed the Series 79 with the help of Solomon preparatory study material.  

The thousands of practice test questions Solomon provided were presented in the same format as on the ‘real exam’. Especially helpful were the “Answers” to the practice test questions (which fully explained why “the” answer of the four possible answers was correct – Solomon Exam Prep was particularly helpful because during the actual exam (which was purposefully ambiguous) – I was better prepared because of the hours I’d spent using Solomon practice tests (both  the “Timed” ones which helped me keep the pace & also “Un-Timed” ones which gave me the answers to each question as I went along. Further, the staff was extremely helpful to me. 

I am grateful to Solomon & never would have passed the Series 79 without them. 

Elizabeth C., Las Vegas, NV

I passed my Series 65 today with an 80, first effort!  Not only was the material well laid out, but if it's possible, the Solomon prep made the material palatable and understandable. Amazing!!! I have used Kaplan in the past as well as STC, which are both very good, but I chose Solomon because it had audio downloads. With an hour commute, I was able to study during that otherwise wasted time.

Additionally, the "Ask the Professor" and live chat features were excellent!! Questions were answered virtually immediately by personal email from author/owner Jeremy Solomon and he actually called me to help me and cheer me on! I didn't think this kind of customer service and general human kindness existed anymore. He even asked me to let him know personally my results which, thanks to this program, I am on the other side of this very difficult exam. 

Thank you Solomon Exam Prep!!!!!

Carol Gallagher, TIAA, Syracuse, New York

I'm not the best test taker. Solomon changed that. I was struggling on the quizzes and practice test. However, I passed the SIE on the first try. Took me less than one hour to complete. I felt very prepared.

Lamar Barnes, Washington D.C.

I just want to thank Solomon Exam Prep for a great semester! We taught this curriculum at Widener University for the first time. The Solomon team was great to work with! Always available, very responsive and eager to help. The online offering is very comprehensive and we didn't miss a beat when we switched to remote learning. The QwizBang game was a big hit with the students (although more fun when we were all in the same room.) I can't thank them enough for all that they have done.

Maggie Creed, Widener University, Chester, PA

I would like to say that Solomon test prep had the most varied and comprehensive test bank I have seen. The questions ranged in difficulty and the answer feedback was so detailed, that I felt that I was mastering concepts rather than trying to pin down certain facts in a question just to get the 'one,' answer. I saw many iterations of the sample examinations, and with the courage to keep clicking next and learning, I passed with a score I'm more than happy to claim. Also, the staff are very responsive. I'll be coming back.

Neil, San Diego, CA

I passed the 24 with the help of the audio, book and test questions. I previously took this test and failed walking away with the thought nothing I studied looked familiar. I also didn't really understand how certain areas functioned... but found the information provided with Solomon worked best for me. The flow charts and extra resources section were extremely helpful in breaking down sections of this "Dry" test. The audio was great to review and the book format was easy to read and concise. I felt almost every question I knew what they were asking and I was able to eliminate one or two questions. Don't waste your money with other sites. Solomon will allow you to pass on the first time. Good luck!

Matthew D., Orange County, CA

I passed the Series 65 on the first try and I would absolutely give credit to this tool. We all learn in vastly different ways, so having the options available for a study guide, audiobook, video training, flash cards, practice tests - and ALL of the other resources available was critical to my success. I've been out of school for over a decade and remembering HOW to study was hard. I'm so glad I had all of these options.

Ashley Dunning, Inspire Investing. Kansas City, MO

I struggled with passing the Series 52 exam. I used study materials from Kaplan & STC Interactive. It wasn't until I used Solomon's materials that I was able to pass the exam.

Belinda Wilson, Stifel Nicolaus & Co, Montgomery, AL

I could not be happier with Solomon Exam Prep and I am so glad I found it. I had taken this test prior and wasn't able to pass. After utilizing the Total Study Package for the Series 65, including the book, audiobook, summary videos and practice tests, I felt very confident clicking the submit button at the end of the test. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep to pass your upcoming test.

Dane Urista, Vincent Asset Management, Eden Prairie, MN

I passed the Series 79, 7, and 66 thanks to your study guides. I scored an 85, 81 and 82, respectively. The exam simulator was highly useful and great preparation. I glossed over material I knew and really prepped topics related to laws and ethics, which these study guides effectively described and tested. I highly recommend Solomon!

Sean M, New York, NY

Completing the SIE was a requirement for my current position. I looked around at different materials and started with Kaplan. The material was dry and seemed to have many errors in it. I decided to scrap that and move on to Solomon Exam Prep which I learned about from Reddit. The reviews were outstanding so I decided to give it a try. After going through the material once I felt beyond confident to take the exam. The study guide, audio book, exam simulator, and videos were extremely well done. After two weeks of reviewing and acing practice tests, I took my actual SIE exams and flew through it with about 1/3 of the time remaining when I finished. The preparation from Solomon Exam Prep helped me gain the confidence and understanding I needed to pass the exam on the first try! 

Jared M. Albany, New York

I only used the exam simulator and it was the best decision I made! I read a different textbook and used Solomon solely for test prep questions. I promise you the $70 or so this cost is 100% worth it. Every question that I got on my exam (May 2020) was related to all the questions asked in the Solomon exam simulator. If you are willing to put in the work and take all of the chapter quizzes and then take 5 each of the time/not timed exams you will pass. Another good thing is that you can download their app and take exams on your phone - I found this very useful when I didn't want to always be on my laptop all day.

Nick Sciortino, Barrington, NJ

I am still so giddy that I passed my Series 7 on 1/31. I truly cannot believe it. I took the 7 three times in 2019 utilizing Kaplan study materials and didn't feel good going into the tests any of the times. So shockingly I failed all three times by a lot. My highest score was a 68%. I used Solomon for my 51 in September (passed on the first try) so I thought I could try it for my 7 even though it is the hardest securities test I have taken. I felt so good going into the testing center and I passed!!! I am so grateful to have found your materials. They have been incredibly helpful and I am able to understand all the material covered in the books. I still am in shock that I passed. Now off to the 24! 

Briana Turner, Cambridge Investment Research. Virginia Beach, VA

After studying hard for the series 63 using materials provided by another vendor for our firm scoring mid to high 90s on practice exams I really thought I had it! WRONG! scored 67% on the actual exam...after reading reviews and testimonials decided to purchase series 63 online exam simulator and book....and wow the read is so much easier and in plain level english !! Im definitely not a fan of reading but the Solomon material is easy and enjoyable to read and the exam simulator is the key to success! i passed my Series 63 with confidence today! unfortunately i dont know my score...finra's new annoyance is they dont tell you the %..just pass.....anyways ill be back in the future!

Pete Gill, Yuba City, CA

I got a 90 on the Series 6! Need I say more. Ok.... Thanks Solomon Prep!

Jeff Philips, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I would definitely recommend Solomon study materials. "Ask the Professor" was a great tool, and Karen answered my questions faster than I could keep up! I was easily able to pass the Series 79 sticking to Solomon's 6 week study program.

Julie B, Vancouver, BC Canada

I never really had to study in high school or college, so I was especially nervous to take this exam after hearing from colleges how difficult the Series 6 was. This program gave step-by-step instructions on how to study which ultimately led to me passing on my first try with an 81.

Ambria Smith, PFM Fund Distributors, Harrisburg, PA

I actually initially failed the Series 52 and was left frustrated with the previous exam prep course that I previously took. I took a look at many of your testimonials and thought I would take a chance on Solomon. I was not disappointed. I passed the Series 52 on the second go, and the test was a breeze due to the preparation of your Series 52 exam prep. I couldn't be happier with Solomon. Onward and upward! 

Akio Ohtake-Gordon, Piper Sandler & Co. Lakewood, CO.

Just passed the Series 26! As a new mom, I relied heavily on the Audiobooks and being able to read or test on my iPad whenever I could. The material was accurate and I felt well-prepared after following the suggested study schedule.

Usha Sharma, Transamerica, West Covina, CA

Thanks to Solomon Exam Prep's help, I took and passed the Series 62 Corporate Securities exam (got a score of 84%). Great practice questions.

Adam Grossman, Chicago, IL

You guys rock!

Scott MacDonald, Lee Munder Capital Group, Boston, MA

The people at Solomon Exam Prep were great - very helpful and the product was excellent. I passed my Series 82 with a 93 ~ Couldn't have done it without Solomon Exam Prep!

Terry McCrary

I originally started studying for the series 24 with Test Teachers... After being frustrated with confusing material, out of date information, contradicting questions/answer/study guides, I bought Solomon's practice exams... After one test, two things became clear: I was grossly unprepared for the exam The material, though difficult, didn't have to be taught in such a confusing manner.I passed the 24 on the fist time because of the quality of the practice exams from Solomon. Thank you! Putting it another way...If you are using anyone else to study, you owe it to yourself and your efforts to buy the practice exams from Solomon to get a true judge of your studying efforts.

Will, Bainbridge Island, WA

Solomon Exam Prep prepared me well with a large variety of questions on the practice exams. I was able to pass my SIE on my first attempt, onto the Series 7!

Andrew Johnson, First State Investment Services. Worthington, MN

Thanks for your help. I passed my Series 6 test! Couldn't have done it without Solomon Exam Prep study materials.

Joshua J. Parsons, Redbud Financial Group, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The level of sincere, personalized, thoughtful, and individually tailored advice and guidance they provided me, is rare and invaluable compared to experiences I've had with other exam prep businesses.

Stacey Sperry, Durham, NC

Thanks again for all your help. Loved the study materials and the book was very well written and easy to read. [Series 65]

Josh J. Solana Beach, CA

I used your materials for the Series 79, Series 82, and the Series 63 and scored all in the mid-80% range. Thanks for your help and support!

Carlie Headapohl San Diego, CA

I haven't taken an exam in about 15 years and I'm happy to report that I passed the Series 50 Municipal Advisor exam on my first attempt. The material was extremely thorough and comprehensive. The online questions, quizzes and exams were very comparable in difficulty to the actual exam, thus providing the foundation for my success. Thank you for your guidance.

J. Mark Chapman, IBIC LLC, Madison, CT

I studied for the Series 7, 79, and 82 with Solomon Exam Prep, and I never scored lower than a 90% on the actual exam! The Study Guides are easy to understand, and the Online Exam Simulator really prepares you. I just purchased the Series 24 Essential Package today!

Michael McGregor, Focus Bankers, Charlotte, NC

Soloman's practice exams are a powerful tool! Just passed SIE - will be looking to use their other content for the top-off exams very soon. Thank you!

John S. Clearing Firm Charlotte, NC

Used a different exam prep for my first 2 tries and failed miserably. Picked up the Solomon Series 6 full study package and passed my third attempt. The audio book and video lectures really made the difference. Thank you!

Rachel R, Ritter Insurance Agency, Huntington Beach, CA

I passed [the Series 62] with an 84 thanks to your material. Your sample tests made the difference.

Peter Kearney, Northbrook, IL

Thank you, Jeremy, and the Solomon Exam Prep team for your tremendous support - just passed Series 82 on my first try. Jeremy - your magnificent support was invaluable - right from the random "cold" query, via your website, in December down to the personalised care and coaching I received during my prep. Couldn't have nailed this without you & the team.

Shilpa Mathai, Applied Capital, Indianapolis IN

I passed my Series 99 this past week on my first attempt. I had no previous brokerage and/or investment experience, just a background in finance. 

I utilized the combination package with the textbook, video lectures, quiz simulator, and other materials. When I study for future FINRA exams I will utilize Solomon software and recommend it to my colleagues. I learn the most by listening and enjoyed the video lectures that had PowerPoint slides I could download and make notes on. The practice questions were fantastic at reinforcing the material and highlighting areas that I needed extra review on.

Tiffany Kovacevich, PNC Investments, Cleveland, OH

Thank you Solomon, 87% on the series 65. I thought I was nervous showing up to the exam, but the material was well above par. thanks again

Matt Callahan

I studied to the point where I had nearly exhausted all of the Series 79 practice exams. Memorization isn't enough as the actual exam itself will test you on the application of the materials to scenarios. Nonetheless, Solomon materials did not fail me and I passed the exam with a good amount of wiggle room, whereas I failed miserably the first time using another company's materials (starts with a K).


The folks at Solomon Exam Prep were incredibly responsive and helpful to any questions I had. Their practice exams helped me prepare for (and pass) the Series 62. I really appreciate all the help along the way.

Marcia Kaufman, State of Israel Bonds, Dallas, Texas

Five decades in the muni business didn't guarantee I'd pass the Series 50 pilot exam. (Just knowing content doesn’t mean you are ready for the test.) Thankfully, my Solomon Exam Prep materials were fantastic at teaching complex subject matter in a way that made the answers clear, and I passed the test with ease.

If you plan to take the Series 50 exam, then I strongly recommend that you give yourself the edge that Solomon's study materials provide.  

John Canney, Municipal Advisors Group Boston, MA

I could not have passed without your study program Two secrets.... ipad2 and 1400 practice questions. Scored a 78. [Series 66]

Scott Harrison The Standard Woodland Hills, CA

Your team did it again. I passed my 63 today, less than two weeks after the 82!!!  Your study system is perfect, and your practice questions do an amazing job preparing for the exam.   If you're not an investment advisor, feel free to use this testimonial on your website!!!!

Jonathan Livi, Uber Capital Group, Great Neck, NY

I am so happy to announce that I passed the SIE on July 1st! Thank you, Solomon the book, videos, and exam simulator were the best! I went to the test with confidence, and I must say I felt like I was prepared for every question. I had more than enough time to complete all the questions and reviewed my answers. Series 6, here I come! Let's Go, Solomon!

Leanene Carriere, Nameloc Inc. Houston, TX

The Solomon Prep really works! If you follow the guidance, and take it step by step, success follows!

Eric Altmann, ABN AMRO

I passed the exam [Series 99] the first time - Solomon Exam Prep helped me to a great extent and I have referred Solomon to my colleagues.

William Ching, Citi

I've used the Solomon exam prep materials for both my SIE and Series 6 exams and passed both on the first try! The audio materials are a lifesaver and a great resource to utilize, especially while driving. Also, your team is fantastic! I reached out through the "Ask the Professor" option while studying for the SIE and the response and additional help was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Solomon! Thanks again!

Kristina Ribali, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial. Naples, FL

Solomon, You all are the best. I wanted to let you know....Your classes are great! You explain the material so well. I had taken the Series 6 with another company and only passed by one point! I took the course with the same company for the Series 63 and missed it by one point! Needless to say, I was a little upset. I decided to start from scratch and did it with Solomon. I passed the Series 63 with a 82%. Thanks! I am preparing to take the Series 65 and will use Solomon too. You all are great!!!

Jenee S.

The Solomon practice quizzes and exams provided an excellent simulation for the Series 7 exam. I highly recommend. Passed on the first try!

Justin Wiles, GW & Wade, Palo Alto, CA

The support behind Solomon Exam Prep is like no other. I lean heavily on a few people there and they always come through for me every time! Passed my 6 last Friday. Heading into my 63. I highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep!

Andee McNabb, Allstate, North Plains, OR

Feels so good to have passed! (Series 7) It was about as challenging as I thought it would be and I'm glad the study material prepared me for understanding the concepts, and not just memorizing terms and formulas. Only changed two of the 15 answers for questions I flagged for review and finished it with more than 90 minutes to spare. The relief I felt upon seeing "Pass" was awesome!
Used Solomon materials for both the SIE and S7. So grateful to these materials for helping me achieve a passing score on my first attempts of both exams. The study guide and videos were thorough, comprehensive and easy to follow. I found the pie charts extremely useful in helping me identify areas where I needed more study, and was grateful for the Pass Probability feature in giving me a bit of extra confidence before sitting for the exam. I would absolutely recommend all of their materials to anyone taking this journey. 

Andrew Nerys, Square Inc. San Francisco, CA

Dear Solomon Exam Prep, Thank you for your great exam prep materials for the Series 82 Top-Off Exam...I recently took it and passed. 

Mordechai Slovin, Palladium Capital Advisors, Israel

I couldn't have passed the Series 6 without your study guide and exam simulator. This program is great!

Greta Myerchin-Tape

I passed the Series 26 today with a score of 82%. Your exam simulator helped tremendously.

Ray Pecharich, Primerica, Sarasota, Florida

Thanks to Solomon, the 79 went smoothly.  Your materials were phenomenal in my preparation.

Nate Nead, InvestmentBank.com, Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your great study materials! I have used Kaplan in the past and this is so much better! I used your study materials to get an 84% on my Series 7 and an 85% on my Series 66! Keep up the good work!

Ivan Griffin, Roach, MO

Stick to the plan and pass! 4 times in a row, 7, 63, 24 and now 79. You can't beat the Solomon materials.

Eric Altmann

Thanks Solomon. Definitely had very similar questions which helped me pass (Series 82).

Chris Lashmet, Chicago, IL

When I took my SIE exam, I only spent 30 minutes taking the exam and I passed. It is amazing how Solomon goes into detail regarding information. You guys provide more information than Kaplan's SIE book. Thank you so much for helping me succeed in my endeavors. Onward and upward to the Series 7. I'm choosing Solomon again!

Zach Sloan, Cambridge Investment Research, Fairfield, IA

Jeremy Solomon hung with me and got me through the 82. That's all you can ask is that someone do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, for what they charge without changing the price in mid stream. Thanks Jeremy and team!! Great work!!

Gene King

Solomon Exam prep did a great job helping me prepare for the Series 50. The exam simulator was excellent and I felt so prepared during the exam!

Amber Nielsen, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors. Mishawaka, IN

Well, I am back! Solomon did it again. I passed the Series 6. All of Solomons materials throughly prepared me for the passing of the SIE and the Series 6. Whose materials will I use for the Series 63? I am glad you asked. I must say it will be Solomon Exam Prep. Thanks again, Solomon your study materials are the best!

Leanene Carriere. Houston, TX

After a lengthy absence from the securities industry, I again needed to get licensed. With the great help of Solomon, I did the SIE, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 82, in just over 5 months. The materials are comprehensive and I would recommend reading it all at least twice. Have realistic goals and meet them. Don't take too many days off as the quicker you learn the material the less likely your are to forget the initial stuff. I found the "Ask the Professor" feature to be particularly helpful (and responsive!). I hope I don't need further exams any time soon but, if I do, I will use Solomon.

Shawn Sullivan Charlestowne Securities Darien, CT

I just passed the 82 on my first attempt. The study guide and unlimited practice study exams are priceless. I took full practice exams until I was scoring in the 90's and I'm glad I did. The questions on the actual exam were more difficult than any of my practice exams but I was able to think through them and apparently answer enough questions correctly. I truly wouldn't have passed this exam without all of the practice exams Solomon offered.

Adam Drewry, Parsonex Securities. Denver, CO

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both my Series 79 and 63, and was extremely happy with my passing results! Their system is excellent, and the exam simulator is on target. I recommend that once you've taken several full practice exams, you return to the underlying material to read it again - this helps all the details "click." Best of luck, I'd definitely recommend Solomon.

Leah Matsil, JPMorgan Chase, New York, NY

I have tried other material and failed 3 times, discouraged I ran into your material online and I am so glad I did. I have reading comprenhension and the CDs were perfect I also bought the Series 99 Book to read along. What was most helpful was the exam stimulator excellent tool. I would have not passed without it.

I along with my co-worker bought you material and she also passed!!

We are excited and let others in our company know about your study material.

Thank you so much for making me so happy to finally pass the Series 99.

Mary Puentes, Mesquite, TX

You guys produce a great product, and your 82 materials really saved my life.  Thanks.  

Joshua M. Salisbury, Salisbury Financial, Atlanta, GA

Passed Series 65 (80%) on first attempt. THANK YOU, Solomon Exam Prep and all of your VERY helpful and courteous staff! Will be back for next two exams.

James M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nailed my Series 63!! Solomon, y'all rock! Passed this exam after failing twice with another vendor. So folks, use Solomon and PASS!

Sri Murali, Regions Investment Solutions, Baton Rouge, LA

All of your products are AMAZING! I passed my 6 & 63 with Solomon by my side every step of the way. Thanks again!

Stephen Snyder

Excellent! The Solomon curriculum prepared me well enough to make me feel comfortable during the actual exam. Practice questions and mock exams were challenging enough to test my knowledge but not too challenging to the point where I was discouraged.

Alex Syku. Easton, CT

Ok guys, there was ONE problem with the Series 63 study material that I purchased from you. The problem is that I should have purchased it sooner!!

Keith Kozubal, Englewood, CO

Last August 2020 I passed the Series 28 on the first try using your materials. I just wanted to drop in and let you know I passed the Series 27 exam today!! I am so happy today as I took the test in Jan of this year and missed it by 3 points. I switched up my focus and really zoned in the most heavily weighted chapters. This is by far the hardest exam I have taken. Thank you Solomon for your excellent study materials. I'll be back when I pass the next one ;)

Nikita Brown, BMI. Atlanta, GA

I got my undergrad degree in musical theater, never having studied or practiced anything regarding securities. I've been working as an actor over the last 10 years, and figured the Covid-19 quarantine presented an opportunity to learn something new. Solomon took me from knowing NOTHING about securities to passing the SIE on the FIRST TRY! I finished in under an hour and felt extremely confident about the entire test. I read every chapter twice, watched all the video tutorials, listened to the audiobook while driving, and took a large amount of practice exams. Do this - and you will be over prepared - I promise. I will absolutely be using Solomon again for any top-off exams!

Corey Cott, Philadelphia, PA

I sat for the (Series 79) exam this morning.  It took me approximately 3 hours and I scored a 90% - thanks to your materials.  I primarily used the exam simulator and the videos for sections 2, 3, and 4.  I think I spent about 35-45 hours studying for the exam and felt really well prepared going in.  Thanks for your help.

Carlos Rodriguez, Headwaters MB, Dallas, TX

I am sure that I would not have been able to pass the test [Series 79] without your study materials.

Joe Wade, Carson City, NV

Solomon adequately prepared me to pass the 52 on my first try. Also, the one time I used the Ask the Professor tool, I received a response promptly. The pre-built study timelines were fantastic, and the ability to access via computer and the iPhone App was crucial. Many thanks to Solomon. I will use you guys again.

Jonathan Bowman Raymond James Ennice, NC

Thank you so much for your great study materials! I have used you to pass my Series 6, 63 and most recently my Series 7 all on the first try. The practice exams and video lectures were great and extremely helpful. Will definitely be using your study material for any future exams and will recommend you to other people

Louis Orsatti, NY LIFE Securities, Boston, MA

I'm an auditory learner. Ordering the audio files was most helpful and I passed today with no worries.

Michael Freemire, Cambridge Advisors, Englewood, CO

Using Solomon was very helpful. The exam simulator tests were great, but I should have spent a little more time re-reading the chapters. Passed (Series 51) on my first try.

Kelli Lanino, Raymond James Financial Riverhead, NY

Just passed the Series 24 on my first attempt. Not an easy exam so put the time in. I used the Video Lectures and the Exam Simulator from Solomon. Great resources of information!

Shawn McClain, Natixis, Charlotte NC

Great study materials. The program provided the information needed to successfully pass the Series 65. Thanks Solomon!

Bryan Acuto, Trust Advisory Group, Woburn, MA

Your course work and exercise materials were the best preparation I could take for the Series 79 exam. In my opinion, the most useful aspects of everything  are the well articulated answers in the on-line exam simulation that really helped my understanding the subject matter.

Alberto Finali, New York City, NY

Solomon Exam Prep material was great. Explained in a way that is easy to learn and follow. Test questions really help the material sink in. I had failed the Series 66 twice using another service. When it came time to find new material for the Series 65 and Series 63 Solomon was it. I passed both the 65 & 63 with flying colors and I have Solomon to thank for that.

Jeff Champigny, Merrill Lynch, Greensboro, NC

Within a few months, I passed the SIE, Series 7, 63, 65, & 79 exams all on the first try using Solomon Exam Prep. This material will prepare you for the actual exam. I will say in many instances the practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. Solomon and the various tracking metrics will more than help you prepare for the rigors of exam day. I highly recommend the practice exams and ability to dive back in to review weak areas. I will continue to use their products and services in the future.

Andrew Ezzat, Bank of America. Tampa, FL.

Choose Solomon Exam Prep because they get to the point quickly and then drill it into your head (if you're willing to take a million questions). The Solomon final exams were harder than the Series 7 actual exam. My score was 8% higher than my highest practice exam. I think this was because the real series 7 gives some easy q & a's to begin and end each half and Solomon did not. It was all similarly hard all 130 questions per section. TAKE AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE!

Danny from Akron, Ohio

The series 7 quizzes were what made the study material the best. I just passed the series 7, it was my second time with Solomon. I Passed the SIE first attempt with their study material and it took me until the second attempt to pass the series 7 with their study material. The unlimited practice quizzes was what helped me pass. What an exciting day! I will be using them for the next 63 or 66!

Patrick Deal, Cape Securities. Frisco, TX

Solomon Exam Prep materials are head and shoulders above any other company's products. I have purchased several other companies' materials and found that when it came time to take the crucial step of practice exams, every other company's answer explanations simply were too brief to be truly educational, or worse, sometimes contradictory to the text. That is when I turned to Solomon Exam Prep. After purchasing their materials, an actual team member emailed me almost every other day to ask how I was doing with my studying and offered assistance if I had questions. With this kind of support, you aren't trying to climb the mountain of becoming licensed alone! Finally, the owner also contacted me several times to thank me for my purchase and to check on my progress. There is no other company out there doing business in this exemplary way. Please be kind to yourself and START with Solomon Exam Prep materials for the BEST of success!

Rebecca Spadafore - Financial Advisor, LPL Financial. Meadville/Erie Area, PA SIE, Series 7, Series 66

I found the (Series 82) material from Solomon superior to the other major providers of these types of study guides. The online testing was also quite good and I loved the range of options (half tests, half tests with answers, full tests, etc.). Starting with half test with answers and working my way to full tests without answers built my confidence. Also, their customer service is second to none. If I had a question about the test, my email was answered within the day, as opposed to most companies, which is never. Thanks so much!

Jackson Stith, SyndiGate Capital. Miami, FL

I passed first try! Three hours and forty-five minutes might seem like a long time, but it flew by. The Solomon Exam Prep conditioned me very well. Utilizing the chapter quizzes and practice exams really helped apply my learning, and also helped with time management. (Series 7)

Ryan Thibault, PNC Investments. Lakewood, OH.

Material well laid out and concepts are confirmed with the on-line testing.  really liked the ability to take multiple tests, and focus on a specific area.  Exam was like Chinese water torture, Solomon’s material helped to ease the pain (Series 79).

Stephen Raymond, The Benchmark Group, Voorhees, NJ

I passed my Series 24 with two weeks of nearly full-time study, using the textbook, the online class, and the exam simulator.  The textbook was very readable and helpful in providing complete explanations, as well as helpful memorization tips.  The online class and pre-recorded sessions were crucial to get through all of the material and put it in relative context.  It was helpful to be able to have questions answered instantly and via email afterward.  The online simulator questions were just like the exam questions, and the immediate feedback function was essential for learning from the practice quizzes and exam.  I needed every minute of my study and practice time to count, and Solomon Exam Prep made it possible.  Thank you!

T. Richmond, Bethesda, MD

I passed the S24 today with a score of 80. Your study guide is great!!!


I just took my SIE, Series 6 and Series 63 exams — I took them all on the same day (would recommend breaking them into separate days if you can, but I had specific work reasons I had to get them done). In any event, I PASSED all 3 exams. I used the Solomon materials and was extremely satisfied. Great study materials, I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you!

Glenn M., Detroit, MI

I wanted to let you know I passed my Series 28 today!! Thanks for great prep materials. I have been working really long hours at my job and it was a challenge finding the time to study. The video lectures proved to be a big help. I’m glad that exam is over!!!

Nikita Brown, BMI. Atlanta, GA

Great job with the Series 63 study material. I read the study guide, took notes against it, made flashcards and did tons of online tests just as the material suggested. Following the outline worked and I passed with plenty of room to spare. In particular, being able to access questions online is worlds better than how I remember studying for other exams in the past.

Tom L., Atlanta, GA

Passed with an 88% (Series 82).  The practice test questions were good preparation for the actual exam.  I also used a paper binder produced by another company.  In comparison, Solomon’s practice test questions were *much* closer to the actual test.

Karin Lystad, Capital Group, Chicago, IL

The Solomon Exam Prep materials for the Series 82 were great. I felt very well prepared for the exam. I only studied for one full week (probably about 40 hours) and completed the exam in 30 minutes and passed! Thrilled with the results.

Jessica Kates, Carnegie Growth Partners LLC. Philadelphia, PA

Solomon was my ticket to a passing grade the first time on both exams [Series 79 and Series 63]!

Laura Bumgarner, Houston, Texas

Hard to believe but I never learned any English and with the help of Solomon exam prep I was able to pass the 82 and 63.

I’m so thankful to God.

Shulem Kahana, Eastern Union Funding, New York, NY

The Solomon Prep Course for Series 79 was great! I studied for 12 days, read through the outline and took 15 of the 1/2 exams and a few quizzes, and scored an 82. Thanks very much - I highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep! 

Randy Conone, Hudson Capital Advisors, Santa Monica, CA

Loved Solomon's exam simulator program from the start, and the FINRA Concept tests combined with the simulation exams is what really improved my score. Solomon will be the only company I use to prepare for all exams I may have in the future and I highly recommend it. Solomon got a life-long repeat customer all because of a generic comment from a random forum.


I studied about 30 hours for the series 82 and passed with the help of the resources provided by Solomon Exam Prep. This company was very responsive with my questions and encouraging. I think they saved me at least 20 hours with their guide... I am very happy.

Matthew Khalili, Whyte & Co, Los Angeles, CA

Finally! Having used the study material provided by my firm, I couldn't get over the passing level. Came out of pocket for Solomon, and passed [the Series 24] on the first effort - Thank you!

Scott Krogmann, Regions Bank, Knoxville, TN

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the Series 7 and the 66 which I took within a couple of months of each other. I smoked both tests with an 85% and an 88%. Well above the passing score. The books have just enough humor to keep things interesting and the practice tests and quizzes are phenomenal. If you want to get the most out of these programs pound out as many practice test as you can.

K. Nick Thoeni, Gilroy, CA

I used the online exam simulator in conjunction with the audio book. I highly recommend these materials. I used them extensively over a 90 day period and it was all I needed to learn the material and do well on the test (Series 79).

Alan Brown, Midcap Ltd, Chicago, IL

I paid for the best package (Series 63 Total Study Package), and it was well worth the money!! Would use it again!

Greg Hensley

The materials for the SIE were very well organized and presented. The study guide is comprehensive and easy to understand. Beyond that what I found the most valuable were the practice exams particularly the detailed explanations after each set of answers. There are so many hidden gems in there be sure to scroll down so as not to miss that information. We done Solomon Prep!

Matthew Gould, GreyMan Management . Scottsdale, AZ.

Just wanted to say thank you and give you a good review. I actually found that your test questions were harder than the actual exam and the explanations and the ability to create tests of all of my wrong answers helped me focus on my weak areas of the exam. I passed the first time and don't believe I couldn't have done it without your test bank. Thanks again.

Chris Porosky, FL

What a relief. I didn't get a chance to study that much, but your online sample questions were spot on and the reason why I passed [the Series 79].

Andrew Y., Pacific Palisades, CA

Thank you, Solomon! I passed the SIE and am now working on Series 7. Coming from a background outside of Wealth Management and Finance, I found this material very user friendly. I regularly used the iPhone app as well as the online material, followed the study guide and took A LOT of practice tests. I am grateful for the team at Solomon with a special call out to Madi B and Jeremy S who gave me additional support whenever I needed it. I look forward to the Series 7 content as I was very impressed with the SIE content.

Jeremy Johnson, RBC Wealth Management. Green Bay, WI

I sat for the Series 99 and passed on my first attempt! I am thankful for the Solomon Exam preparation. The four-week study schedule was a life saver. I recommend using the Solomon products to prepare for any Series exam.

Cachet Johnson, PNC, Cleveland, OH

The Solomon Series 63 study materials were excellent. In addition, the staff was extremely helpful in answering my questions and providing advice. Special thanks to Jeremy, Karen and Craig.


I used Solomon for the 63 and the 65 and PASSED both on 1st try. U will too.

Pavel Jezek, Denver, CO

I was having a tough time with the series 26 material. It had been 10 years since I had last studied for a test. I used other material of some big name companies that did not help me to understand what the test was asking. I purchased the Question bank from Solomon and I truly believe it is one of the reasons I was able to power through the exam. The questions were more challenging then the actual test itself which really helped me when it came to crunch time.

Ryan Schlagenhauf, Prudential, Shelton, CT

I started out with study material from STC and read through all 12 chapters. It was painful. I failed the Series 6 by 2 points. I have now been studying with the Solomon material and it's so much better and aligns with the actual exam. I've been so discouraged and feeling like a failure so I reached out to the Solomon customer support team (Paige) who was so awesome, encouraging, and just listened. Then she also had Jeremy Solomon (the President) call me, provide words of advice and a plan. What company does this and is so awesome in their customer service??? Solomon does! They rank #1 in my book. Thank you so much for being my cheerleader! I'm hoping and PRAYING that Saturday I can celebrate a PASS on the Series 6. :)

Valerie Nolan, Cetera, Forest Grove, OR

I studied for the Series 24 for two and a half months. I thank God for his grace passed on the first attempt. The exam simulator is superb, it's projection of readiness to sit for an exam is spot on. All the feedback I received on how difficult the test was proved to be very helpful. As a result I over studied and followed the recommended study plan step by step which was key. Thanks again Jeremy and team, Solomon exam prep is the best ;)

Nikita Brown, BMI. Atlanta, GA

Just passed the Series 7 on the first attempt! Many questions on the FINRA exam forced me to consider scenarios from a different perspective, and the conceptual understanding the Solomon materials and study plan facilitated allowed me to apply my knowledge appropriately. If I need another license in the future, I'll rely on Solomon to help me prepare.

Dave Stakland Cambridge Investment Research Fairfield, IA

Passed the Series 66 today! This program really helped me succeed. The pie charts helped me focus on where I needed to put in more work.

Stephen Rice, Edward jones. Prairie Village, KS

Jeremy, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! Your study guides helped me pass the 7, 66, 24, 52, and 53 all within 2 and a half months. Thank you again! 

Christopher Kriak, Compliance Analyst, PNC Investments, Pittsburgh, PA

I used the Solomon Series 63 prep and passed with confidence. I highly recommend following the 10 day study plan.


I truly wish I had tried Solomon Exam Prep earlier! Started studying for the Series 65 exam with a different company and missed passing the test by 4 questions. I was pretty disappointed because my study materials, especially the quiz generator, weren't a great reflection of what the test would actually be like. But Solomon's Exam Simulator was the KEY to passing my second go-around! Questions were very similar to the actual exam and I managed to boost my score by 10% from the first time, only using the Solomon materials for less than a week! HIGHLY recommend this to anyone in need of 65 materials!

Hannah Cash, Denali Wealth Management, Indianapolis, IN

The study materials were spot on! Could not believe it. Topically perfect. Was confident before I hit submit that I had passed.

Peter Cisick, O.N. Equity Sales Co. Collegeville, PA

Your study guides and exam simulator are great tools. I passed the Series 63 exam with an 80%.

Gregory Parker

After failing the SIE with a different study company, I passed after using Solomon! I then passed the S6, S63 and S65 on the first try after studying with Solomon materials! I loved how easy the material was to comprehend and the practice tests were amazing! I felt well prepared for each test! Thank you Solomon!

Sara Hays, State Farm. Atascadero, CA

Recently passed the Series 24 Exam. I owe it to the Solomon Exam Prep series. The format of study and testing preparation was easy to follow and comprehend. I had taken the exam before and used study material through a different provider. It did not give me the sense of readiness in the "connection of the dots" and time-management like the Solomon series did. Such a relief to see the word PASS.

Hope Brackin, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., Auburn, AL

I just passed the Series 6. The Solomon Audio/CD set was essential for me as I spend 1.5 hours per day in my car, so that became my study time! Thank you for providing an audio/cd version! I have just ordered the Series 65 set as well.

Ambia Peoples, North Florida Financial Corp, Jacksonville, FL

Your test simulator was invaluable. I took 1500 test questions before the real exam (Series 6). Scored an 89, thanks to your product.

Jesse Welch, New York Life, Arvada, CO

The (SIE) exam was tough, but I was well prepared after studying with the Solomon Exam Prep guides. Having a set study schedule made this much easier to follow along. I'll definitely be using Solomon for my Series 6 and 63 exams! 

Matthew Bird, Lincoln Investment. Liverpool, NY.

I used the exam prep guide and online tests to study for the Series 50 exam. I relied completely on these study helps to prepare for the exam, which I passed!

Elizabeth Hill, Bright Bay Advisors, LLC, Long Beach, NY

I'd utilized a competitor last year while attempting to retrieve my Series 7 license. I attempted three times using their material but resulted in failure. After using Solomon I passed my SIE with no issue and decided to use Solomon again because I believed they provided the essential material to help you achieve. After using Solomon once again, I passed my Series 7 on the first try. I will be using them again to tame the beast they call the 24.

Zach Sloan, Cambridge Investment Research, Fairfield, IA

I passed my series 6 exam due to the Solomon Exam Prep online material and practice exams. Thank you Jeremy Solomon for personally calling and emailing me some tips/advice!

Kevin Lafleur, WoodmenLife, Ville Platte, LA, Series 6

I failed the Series 52 twice and thought my troubles were with retention, but they were with the practice. I used a competitor's materials and it lacked depth and above all else it lacked a large test bank of questions. With Solomon, I went from feeling unable to fully assess all of the answers on the actual exam, to knowing why an answer was right AS WELL AS knowing why the other 3 answers were wrong. This is an underappreciated aspect of test taking that was only achieved through repetition of different questions. Solomon's large test bank was invaluable and the ability to take practice exams with only the questions you previously got wrong is a fantastic addition.

Justin Ratti, Investment Banking, Charlotte, NC

I passed [the Series 79] with an 81% using the Solomon prep materials.

Tyler Ash, Noble Capital Markets, Boston, MA

I have passed the Series 6, 63, and 26 on my first tries, all with the excellent training offered by Solomon. I'll never use another platform for my material.

Jodee Hempel, Woodmen Financial Services. Omaha, NE

Passed Series 62 on the first try. Much better program than other companies I used for 6, 63, and 65. Excellent test questions.

Michael Coracy, SII Investments, Morton, IL

Your content was phenomenal. I could not have done it [pass the Series 82] without you. Thank you!

Jonathan Livi, Uber Capital Group, Great Neck, NY

I have to say thank you Solomon Exam Prep! My journey began with Solomon, however a colleague recommended STC (Securities Training Corp) which I tried and failed the exam twice. I went back to Solomon Exam Prep study material and found that STC study material did not go in depth on certain subjects also there were many discrepancy between STC study material and Solomon which made it more confusing . I have to say after many google searches, comparing which book had the correct information, I found that Solomon Exam Prep was most current with their material. Had I just stuck with them from the beginning I am confident I would have passed the first time! Thank you Solomon!

Melanie Alshaer Melanie A, Seattle WA

I passed my Series 53! The study material from Solomon was a tremendous help. Thank you.

Denise S.

Solomon is the BEST!!! Passed the Series 7 on the first try. The lessons are videos and lessons are good. The practice exams are EXCELLENT. Focus on options and muni's. Load up on practice exams and you will be fine. Thank you Solomon!!!

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

I just passed the Series 79 exam. You guys rock! And your price beats the competitors'. Thanks for the great materials.

Bin Xie, Houston, Texas

Because of Solomon's practice exams being so closely written to the actual exam, I was able to pass my Series 6 first try with having never opening the study guide and logging less than 15 total study hours on the website. Solomon ROCKS!

Joshua Geeding, WoodmenLife, Mayfield, KY

I passed my Series 6 and 63 [on the] first try. Test simulator helped a lot. Thanks Solomon Exam Prep.

Vaishali Lad, PNC Investments, Toledo, OH

Thank you Solomon! You helped me pass the 6 with a 90%. Would recommend this to anyone! Material is fantastic! I'm getting the 63 to help me pass too!

Brad E, Jefferson National, Louisville, KY

I just passed the FINRA Series 79 exam!! I only used Solomon Exam Prep. I recognized the material that came up during the exam and felt comfortable all the way through!! That you all for your help!!

Walter Whitehead FNEX Capital. Los Angeles, CA

As an international student from Bogota, Colombia who recently graduated from Principia College in Business administration and economics, I was looking for the best learning software alternative to study for the Series 65 exam. When I started using Solomon Exam Prep, I realized it was the best option due to its friendly platform, extensive question bank, detailed video lessons and meticulously written study guide for the test. As a native Spanish speaker, I was afraid that I wasn't going to understand, but thanks to Solomon Exam Prep's user friendly guide, I was able to understand every concept from multiple points of view with the help of the video lessons, study guide, note cards and audiobook. I am so grateful that I got to finish the program in 8 weeks start my training as an Investment Adviser Representative for Challenger Wealth Management at 24 years old!

Esteban Rojas Acuna, Challenger Wealth Management. Los Angeles, CA

When I was studying Series 7 TOP OFF, I enjoy reading everyone's reviews. It was another way of encouraging me. Thank you Solomon, help me pass my 7 ! I followed the four weeks schedule, didn't do anything more or less. Jeremy contacted me and share me with his strategy. I really appreciated it! Solomon helped me pass 63 two years ago. I am buying my s65 now! Thank you again for all your help!

Nora, PA

Passed my Series 82 comfortably with the Solomon Prep. Only studied for three weeks. Craig and team are very responsive. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND over other exam prep.

Bryan Frinhani, Energy Financial Services. Norwalk, CT

Super fast response time to emailed questions, clear explanations in the textbook and in the ungraded practice exams, and unlimited practice tests made Solomon a great resource for preparing for my SIE. Passed on first try!

Claire Pywell, R+R Financial Partners. Anchorage, AK

Passed 66 on the first try with flying colors. Solomon materials and advice was spot on. Follow it!

Craig Brand, Capital Financial Services, Nevis, MN

I passed the Series 7 last week. Your text book and practice tests helped me tremendously. Thank you! Will definitely consider Solomon Exam Prep for next one.

Olga V, New York

I used Solomon to sit Series 24 and Series 79, passing with 81% and 88% respectively.  Having looked at other material providers, Solomon stands out because of their prompt replies to student questions and the completeness of the answers provided – they are the best out there!

Chris Brice,CFA Bell Potter Cantley, Québec, Canada

I finally passed the Series 65! I’m writing today to send you a very sincere Thank you for all the professional support and emotional guidance you have provided. I was emotionally beat up and almost ready to give in on my endeavor of passing the Series 65 and becoming an Investment Advisor Firm. After becoming unemployed and having a tremendous time focusing on the study material, you provided additional months and material access for no additional Fee! You also mentioned I should be able to teach the material and then I’ll be ready for the exam. By the gracious caring and professional sharing of your wisdom, it provided me to find my path to passing the Series 65! The three items that really helped was to Study like I’m going to teach it, memorizing and learn by over studying, and getting plenty of sleep and rest. Thank you to you, your family, and pro team for all you have done. I am very blessed and humbled to have met you all in this challenging time of my life. Happy Holidays, and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Michael Jones. Kansas City, MO

I used the Series 6 audio study material to reinforce the material and it definitely helped me pass the first time and I would recommend this very helpful product.

Gary Kaczmarek, American Insurance Strategies, Dayton, OH

I passed it (Series 63) yesterday, thanks for all the help, I couldn't have done it without Solomon. 

Brandon Neff, Houston, TX

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the 6 and the 63 and passed both of them on the first try. For the Series 6 I scored a 92 and for the Series 63 I scored a 75. The book was very insightful and helped quite a bit with passing, so thank you to your company.

Austin Kurey, Denver, CO

I took the test yesterday and passed! I think I started your program on Monday. I have 15 years of banking experience but needed to retake exams as they lapsed between out of industry jobs. Despite the experience, all of the specifics around the number days you have pre and post certain events for a filing etc. needed to be refreshed.

The unlimited question data bank was exactly what I was looking for and the searchable online guide was a bonus. As I was preparing, the online module allowed me to both understand why a particular answer was incorrect and then quickly cross reference the course material to ensure I understood other nuances as well around the subject matter.

I have made a recommendation to our compliance team to use Solomon and will to others as well.

Neil Kahrim Hernshed Partners New York, NY

Had a challenge the first time with another provider and switched to Solomon. I found Solomon materials to be more comprehensive and the videos were a big help for the way I learn. Thanks to everyone at Solomon for going the extra mile.

Ray Catone, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I took the SIE with Solomon Exam Prep and I have to say; the layout of the topics, the practice questions and the explanations of each subject matter is wonderful. They make it clear to follow and understand what the concepts are. Going back to re-try my Series 7 with them instead of my other book.

Ufy Sada, Morgan Stanley, Columbus, OH

The Series 79 can be quite tricky, thankfully Solomon Exam Prep had practice test questions that were just as tricky. Solomon's Test Prep is definitely effective and is less expensive than other Test Prep companies.

Justin Jeangerard, Sundial Group, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I really would like to thank Solomon Exam Prep for helping me pass my Series 63 exam this past Friday! The website is easy to understand and I passed on the first time using their study guide!

Stephanie Oliver, MSRS, Minneapolis, MN

Passed the SIE on my first attempt! Read the Kaplan study book and didn’t feel prepared enough to pass the exam. Stumbled upon Solomon exam prep and am so thankful I did. The exam simulator with the detailed answers did so much more to help me prepare. Went into the exam confident and passed. I’ll be back for the Series 7!

John N, Indianapolis IN

The Solomon Exam Prep materials (book, audio tapes and exam simulator) prepared us well for both the Series 79 and 63.  It was a very organized way to deal with the test taking tasks.

Jim Murphy, Belden Hill Partners, New York, NY

It appears you hit the nail on the head with the new exam prep for the Series 52. I passed on the first attempt.

Michael Earl, Vienna, WV

Fantastic study materials. The practice test questions were close to the exam questions and I was not surprised when I took my exam. I would recommend Solomon to anyone studying for their 6.

Wendy Clark, MetLife, Charlotte, NC

The option charts and system provided in the 3rd video session played a big part in my passing (the Series 7) with ease. Like he said in the video, I was hoping every question was going to be options related. The practice exams were a critical supplement to the text itself and the depth of the questions was spot on with the real thing.

Erik P.

I passed the Series 65 this afternoon! Your online test simulation was terrific. Thanks so much!

David G., San Francisco, CA

Passed the Series 66 on my first attempt. I thought the exam simulator was perfect. The material gave me the confidence I needed going into test day. I will only use Solomon for any other exams I take in the future. Thank you! 

Brendan Halick, David White & Associates, Walnut Creek, CA

Solomon Exam Prep helped me pass the Series SIE, 63, 65 and 7 exams. The study materials are easy to understand and practice exams were very helpful, especially with the passing probability to gauge my exam readiness. The instructor for all web classes were really worth it as I could get directly answers for my questions. I couldn't have pass these exams without Solomon's help. Thank you!


I purchased Solomon's Exam Simulator to serve as a supplement to my company provided materials for the Series 7. This allowed me to study on the go and helped lead to an easy passing score of 86. Highly recommended.

John Watlington, Merrill Lynch, Raleigh NC

I took my test [Series 99] yesterday and passed with 87% on the first attempt. Thank you.

Lynn Zolitor Trading Block Chicago, IL

Thank you so much Solomon Exam Prep. I took the SIE exam today and passed it the first try. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you again.

Cathy Villano, Eastchester, NY

I passed both exams on the first try! I thought your materials were great and prepared me for the exams very well.

Drew C., Willow Grove, PA

I passed the Series 7 on the first try thanks to Solomon! My actual test score a 79% was even better than the practice Half-exams of 72%! The explanations really helped me understand the concept to apply on the test.

Isabella Fanucchi, Miami, FL

Karen and Team Solomon, thank you so much for all your support. Your Series 7 program was easy to understand. The "Ask the Professor" was invaluable for the Series 66. You are the program of choice for our office.

Kirk, PA

Thank you very much!! I have to say your books and online quizzes are the best! They helped me pass my Series 6 (after failing twice with other study materials) and passing my Series 63 the first time! Thanks again!

Bernadette Reyes

Just passed my Series 7 using Solomon Exam Prep! Have used Solomon for my Series 79 as well. Both study programs are excellent and felt well prepared sitting for my exams. Would recommend to others in the industry.

Natasha Trilli, Ocean Park. Houston, TX

The Solomon material was invaluable in helping me pass this exam. The organization of the content, the tests, the video and lecture material, were all exactly on point. Thank you! (Series 54)

Mark Melio, Melio & Company, LLC. Northfield, IL

I passed the Series 82 with the help of Solomon and I am more than happy to put myself in their hands to help me pass 24 and 79 still ahead of me. The materials were excellent and the staff was very responsive and helpful. Highest recommendation!

David Barrosse, Managing Partner, Capstone LLC

I studied for both the SIE and the Series 99 with Solomon. Both texts more than prepared me for the exam. The practice questions in particular were extremely helpful and were even a bit more challenging than the actual exams. After reading and annotating both textbooks twice and taking each quiz multiple times to the point that I received high scores on each, I was confident taking the exam. Although there were a few questions here and there on the exams that seemed to be outside the scope of the material and had some differently worded questions, the quiz questions were quite in line with the actual exam. I passed both exams my first try. I highly recommend Solomon study material.

Eric Cunningham PNC Pittsburgh, PA

I used Solomon's Exam prep for the Series 6 and was very pleased with the results (I passed). One of the best features were the on-line practice quizzes which I could take whenever I had a spare moment using my smart phone, tablet or computer.

Russ, VA

I would like to say a big thank you to Solomon for helping me pass my Series 14 exam. I took this exam the first time and missed passing by few marks. I was really sad and discouraged so reached out to Jeremy Solomon and he really took the time to talk to me and provide his guidance and advice. He also provided me with additional resources immediately to help with my second attempt. I recently passed this exam. Their study material is easy to understand and the Online Exam Simulator also has a lot of questions chapter-wise which were very helpful. Their customer service has been amazing and very responsive. Thank you Solomon. I will definitely recommend Solomon for anyone planning to take this exam.

Rachna Shah, CBRE. Beverly Hills, CA

Passed it [Series 6] with an 80%!!!!! Thank you for everything, it was worth every cent.

Craig Tanimine, North Hills, CA

I just passed the Series 50 exam! Yay! The Solomon Exam Prep materials are excellent. I utilized the guide book, on-line lecture, on-line course, on-line study guide and quizzes. The "Ask the Professor" feature was very helpful as well. I highly recommend their resources.

Lori Volz, Baker Tilly, Minneapolis, MN

I really liked the Solomon study materials. They did a really nice job of explaining the material in plain language. I have a really long commute and the audio books came in really handy!! I would recommend the Solomon study materials!

Jessie Urban, Securities America Inc, LaVista, NE

Thanks to you I passed the Series 65 exam on my first try. I appreciated your materials and online test bank.


I passed the Series 63 today with a score of 88%. I spent 3 hours every day for a week to study. I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone. Thank you Solomon. I couldn't do it without you.

John Nguyen, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Santa Ana, CA

I passed the Series 66 with an 82 after just a few weeks of serious studying, thanks to the Solomon Exam Simulator and study calendar! I would (and do) recommend Solomon Exam Prep to everyone!

Janie Richards, Kestra Financial, Austin, Texas

I used Solomon Exam Prep to take my Series 65 exam and passed it on the first try. The schedule generator is a great tool to stay on track and the practice exams and quizzes were my preferred method of studying and worked great as they provided questions that were very close and helpful in preparing for the real exam. Thank you!

Joseph Waitkevich, Coppertree LLC. Worcester, MA

Thank you for the flexibility and the study material for 63, I ended up with an 87 thanks to your materials! Thank you Solomon!

Allen Ruffles

Wanted to thank Solomon Exam Prep for helping me Pass my Series 6 TO test yesterday Monday Feb 3rd, 2020. After failing with a competing exam prep I decided to use Solomon's materials and I feel it gave me the edge to pass - YES! Materials are straight forward and concise, I loved using the Exam Simulator on my Android phone and my tablet with ease and simplicity taking as many test questions I wanted, very user friendly. Customer Service is GREAT, Solomon helped extend my Study Guide materials which help me alot too. Thank You and I definitely recommend Solomon.

Anthony Moreno, Primerica

This program and study prep is amazing. I took and passed my SIE on the first attempt. If you follow the study guide you should be fine. I got to tell you I have never passed a test on the first go. Thanks, Jeremy! I appreciate all your tips and help you posted on the feed. It was all very beneficial to my success.

Tyrone Foster, Hall Labs. Provo, UT

Between September 18 and December 3, I took exams for the Series 62, 63, 6 and 24. I studied for everything with Solomon, and passed them all on the first try. Solomon’s interactive/Ask the Professor teaching method was extremely helpful in grasping the necessary concepts. What a relief to be done. Thanks, Karen!

Karen H, Dalkeith Group, High Falls, NY

I used Solomon to prep for my Series 65 exam. I was extremely impressed with how prepared I was for the actual exam! After reviewing the chapter material and taking 7-10 quizzes for each chapter, I was scoring around a 75 average on the practice exams, I wasn't sure that would be enough to pass. However, on exam day I felt extremely confident with the material, and I passed the 65 on my first attempt with about 45 minutes to spare. Extremely satisfied with how Solomon teaches the material to truly make it stick, and also with the progress statistics that they show you, so you know what to work on. I would 100% recommend it to anyone trying to pass their Series exams!

Landry Mead, Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management. Dallas, TX

Wow!!! Well all I can say is that Solomon Test Prep not only helped me pass the SIE first time but ensured I felt confident about the test beforehand! I will say that the practice tests are definitely harder than the real thing so if your probability passing is over 70% you are good to go! Thanks Solomon!

Lee Schmidt, Thiesen and Dueker Financial Group. Fresno, CA.

I purchased Solomon Exam Prep to get a leg up on the S66 exam. I had taken it a few times already missing it by 1-2 points. A friend of mine enrolled on the test site and passed it on the first try. We did share notes while she was studying. It was then I realized Solomon has something the other test prep companies did not have, which helped me get over the hump. I will recommend it to anyone who really want to pass it the first time up!

Dany H. First Command Norfolk, VA

Solomon Exam Prep did it again! I passed the Series 63! Now, I'm 3 for 3 - SIE, S6 & S63 - all first try- thanks to the amazing study material! The practice exams are phenomenal!

Candace Chavez, Cetera Investment Services. Wimberley, TX.

After trying numerous study materials, Solomon was the key to pass my Series 24. The live class was a perfect complement. Thank you Karen for your assistance!

Marie, Miami, FL

Very good material and well planned to help you pass the first time (Series 65).  The audio tape structure is easy to  listen to along with the reading material. Clear and to the point. Nothing dry about your material. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Carlos Acosta, GoldBox Wealth, San Antonio, TX

I passed first try on the SIE. Thanks to Solomon! The exam simulator is super helpful for prepping for test day.

William Windham, Solebury. Brooklyn, NY

I passed the Series 82 on my first attempt using Solomon's Exam Study Guide and Online Exam Simulator. The unlimited number of times I took the quizzes and exams with feedback was why I passed.

Murad Karimi

I passed the 79 and 63 - both on the first attempt - thanks to Solomon Exam Prep. The quiz/simulator questions were very similar to the actual exam. Additionally, I was impressed by how quickly I received responses when I used the "Ask the Professor" feature.

Alexander W, IL

I got a 91%. The test felt like the questions came right out of the book. Excellent training materials . . . Thank you!

Scott B., National Benefit Services, LLC

I took the Series 82 just four weeks after passing the SIE. I followed the study plan, took tons of the great practice tests, got great advice from Karen, and everything worked out well. It was literally the perfect test prep experience. The materials themselves were not overly long as with other groups, it was the exactly right amount, and the Exam Simulator is just awesome, best one of its kind I've ever used. 100% rating. Thank you, Solomon!

Jonathan Roth, DAK Capital/DAK Group, Rochelle Park, NJ

My sincere thanks and appreciation to the team at Solomon. I've used your materials to pass the SIE and Series 6, both on the first try, and today with your help, I have passed the Series 26 exam on the first try as well! Thank you for the excellent materials and assistance!

Kristina Ribali, MWA Financial Services. Ave Maria, FL

So, on this exam [Series 66] I used both your material and Kaplan. mainly because the bank had already paid for kaplan and I had grown accustom to your laid back writing style along with a great mp3 version of the book. Anyway, I got a fair amount of questions from both the kaplan material and your material before taking the test. I have to say that your material matched more closely to the test than I ever would have expected. I will be coming back to Solomon exam prep for ALL of my exam prep needs. :-) Thanks! 

Marshall Wolfe, Hopkinsville, KY

I just took my Series 7 and passed on the first try. My advice is take as many of the practice exams as humanly possible.

Dimari Swanagain, NYLife Securities, New York, NY, Series 7

PASSED SIE ON MY FIRST TRY!! Initially started with a competitor but I was referred to study through Solomon instead. After comparing the two, I stuck to Solomon for 6 weeks straight. The material and practice q’s gave me a better understanding and helped me prepare for the actual exam. Thank you!!

Gelyn Rice, Allstate, Los Angeles CA

I passed my 66 today - thank you Solomon for the assistance and materials. It was incredibly difficult! I wish I had watched the videos even more.

Jessica Koefod

GRATEFUL for Solomon Exam Prep. Passed the series 82. The online practice tests with feedback are VERY similar to the real exam. I passed the real exam with a higher score than any of my practice tests. If you use the book to study, then I would suggest not getting caught up in the long nature of some information.. it can serve to confuse. Rather, just focus on the essential qualities of different rules, regulations, etc. In retrospect, I would just buy the audiobook to use on my commute along with the online practice exams.


I came into my studies with very little experience. With the amazing help and support from the Solomon Team I passed the SIE on my first attempt. I am extremely grateful for the study material that Solomon has provided. I am onto the 7 TO.

Wc Harbert, RBC. Eugene, OR

Passed the Series 6 exam! The study material and practice exams are the best. If you're an Allstate agent needing the SIE & the Series 6, Solomon is the way to go!

Christopher McHugh, McHugh Insurance Group, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

I passed the Series 63 on the first try. You now have a loyal customer in me. Using Solomon is probably the closest exam success guarantee you could possibly get. Thanks, your exam prep was worth every penny. I would recommend your exam prep to anyone and if I ever have a take another Series exam. I will only be using Solomon exam prep.

Joseph Boswell, FFA. Riverview, FL

Thank you Solomon! I passed the Series 65 today on the 1st attempt. Same result as on the Series 63 I passed last year. The Solomon video lectures and exam simulator was awesome. It not only helped pass the test but helped me really understand all the material. 

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

Passed the SIE on the first try. Solomon Exam Prep is definitely the way to go. Just follow your study guide. The practice exams are where Solomon truly shines. I will certainly be using Solomon for the Series 7.

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

Your books and online exam simulators were an excellent study mix: I passed the Series 63 and the Series 79 exams!

Bob Newkirk, Moesman Advisors LLC, Denver, CO

The products and support provided by Solomon Exam Prep was exactly what I needed to pass my Series 63 the first time. The reading materials where actually enjoyable due in part to easy to understand explanations. Unlike most of the competitors offerings which are perfect for insomniacs, these materials are engaging and the test questions are harder than I experienced on the exam. Additionally, the on-line testing simulator is a fabulous addition to the package. Not only do you have an opportunity to take a self paced approach but also as you come to the final days of prep, there is a timed environment that helps you establish a pace that is a real plus on exam day. The real-time support when I had a question or concern was the last extraordinary plus of this packaged solution. I received responses if not in minutes certainly within the day. I recommend these products to all of my associates and to you.

David Vande Casteele, Managing Director, John Davenport & Associates LLC

I passed my S63 Sunday, March 15th!!

Walter Whitehead, Los Angeles, CA

I passed. I thought the study material was excellent. The amount of practice questions was very helpful.

Brandon C., Lincoln Financial Group

I have to commend everyone at Solomon Exam Prep in getting me ready for and helping me pass my "Series 65" State Securities Law exam. I did not have a securities background nor did I work in the industry, and at 51 years old it was a challenge for me to go back to hitting the books. In addition to studying for the exam I was running my full time business and working 60+ hours a week. But with their help and support I passed on my first attempt.

Philip Schweik, Global View Capital Advisors, Wausau, WI

I got an 88% on my 63 exam with the help of using Solomon which helped a lot!

Brianna Davis, Foresters Financial Services, Lombard, IL

I passed my exam! The Solomon practice tests were equal or hard than the Series 99 questions which helped me crush it! Solomon was a 10/10 experience and I will definitely recommend it to any friends and work peers. It was lifechanging.

Alyssia Simpson. Denver, CO.

Passed the Series 79, was really difficult but the materials prepared me well. Was passing the practice exams with mid 80's to high 90's the last two days. Highly recommend using Solomon.

Natasha Trilli, Ocean Park. Houston, TX

I never would have passed the 79 if not for Karen and Solomon Exam Prep. Thanks guys!

Bob Vinson, Houston, TX

I just passed the Series 63 after failed in the first attempt as of January. I had studied with another vendor and after some research, I decided to buy Solomon material. I felt very comfortable with the material since English is my second language. And due to the type of the exam, this was very important. It took me time to make the decision for the 2nd attempt but Karen was important to support and she convinced me. I felt very comfortable till question number 20, after that a bit stressful but be sure that you will know the subjects. Thanks Solomon!!!

Ariel Barroso, MCM. Miami, FL

Your exam prep is the best! Passed both the 6 and 63 using Solomon and I recommend it to everyone.

Karen, Colorado Springs, CO

I was very apprehensive about the Series 24 exam prior to taking it. Everyone I knew who had taken it informed me that it was an incredibly difficult test, with questions that were meant to trick you. After following Solomon's six week study outline and making flashcards for my weakest areas, I was averaging in the high 80s on the Solomon practice exams. That gave me the confidence I needed to walk into the test center feeling prepared, and the knowledge I needed to walk out of the test center having scored an 88. I am now recommending the Solomon Series 24 materials to everyone at the office!

Janie Richards, Austin, TX

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the Series 7 and 63. Everyone learns differently, and they have resources for every type of learner. Their practice exams and quizzes push you to be prepared for the most difficult questions, enabling you to be over-prepared (better than the alternative!) for your exam. I received a 93% on the Series 7 and wish the regulators provided a score for the Series 63, but needless to say I passed. If I ever need to take a regulatory exam again, I will look to these guys first.

Suraj P, New York, NY

I successfully passed the series 66 test yesterday! I could honestly say it was one of the happiest days of my life! I want to personally thank the excellent staff at Solomon exam prep! They are so knowledgeable and when I asked questions, they always went over the top with explanations and even sometimes creating charts for me to break down the concept. I felt really well served by this group. If you are looking for a company to help you succeed, you have found it Within Solomon exam prep team!

Shirley Antonini. Schuylkill Haven, PA

I took my Series 24 on July 28 and passed!! I had not passed 2 prior Series 24 exams and was down to my last attempt. A fellow principal on my team who had not passed his Series 24 his first time told me about the Solomon practice tests and how they helped him. It was such a big help for me passing exam as the questions were structured more like the real exam than any other practice tests I’ve taken. I have since gone to other employees at my firm for other tests, such as the Series 7, SIE among others and have told them about the Solomon test materials and some of them are now purchasing Solomon as well.

Thadius Beavers, Prospera Financial. Dallas, TX.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that I passed my Series 65 exam on my first attempt earlier today. Although I am an experienced adviser my work has previously all been in the UK and servicing UK Expats so have had no previous experience in the US or its regulatory framework. My only resource was the Solomon Exam Prep module for Series 65. It had everything I needed including prompt (super quick) responses to queries from real people. Even on a Sunday which I find incredible. A big thank you to you and the whole staff; I have recommended you to a number of people and will continue to do so; worth every penny.

Jonathan Brookes, Hoxton Capital, Austin TX

The Series 82 materials were extremely helpful to passing a difficult exam. Up-to-date materials with a mix of video and reading content, as well as helpful practice tests. The best material available for the Series 82 by far.

Anonymous, California

The Solomon Exam Prep Series helped me pass the Series 6 the first time. I used the 4 week time frame and it helped keep me on track to get the test completed when I wanted. I even received a phone call from Jeremy Solomon, the president of the company. He gave me pointers on how to study and prepare for the exam. I was also able to submit questions and get answers almost immediately. Thanks again.

Cathy Roeber, WoodmenLife, West Point, NE

These materials were perfect to get the job done.  I used the textbook and online exam simulator and they were all I needed to prepare and pass this grueling exam (Series 79).

Jonathan Zucker, US Capital Partners, San Francisco, CA

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Having the audio, video lectures (with the printable power-point!) and exam simulator in addition to the book really engages you in the material. It becomes a game! I passed the 66 with an 84%.

Colleen Shelly, PNC Investments, Cleveland, OH

I had a super rough go passing this (Series 7) exam due to a number of personal circumstances, but on my third attempt, I finally passed, with 30 minutes to spare! After my second failed attempt (I failed by ONE question), I spoke to Jeremy Solomon on the phone and via email, and he provided me with some strategies to help me pass the exam once and for all. I focused heavily on rereading the study guide, and teaching concepts to my spouse so that I wasn’t just learning the information, but really understanding it to the point where I could teach it to someone else. The exam simulators are super helpful, but don’t overdo it… this really isn’t the kind of test where you can only learn by doing practice questions. Re-watching the video lectures was very helpful for me as well. I also recommend making flash cards for memorization purposes. If you fail like me, don’t give up - perseverance (and more studying) will get you to the finish line!

Molly Magnuson, CBIZ Retirement & Investment Solutions. Kansas City, MO

I stuck to the outline day by day and it really helped me with sticking to a routine and curriculum. I passed the Series 24 on my 1st try! Would definitely recommend this to anyone in the Securities Industry.

Rima Mehta, PNC Investments, Charlotte, NC

I just passed the Series 63 and Series 6. I only have Solomon staff and exam prep material to thank. This has been a very challenging experience. Please do yourself a favor and buy Solomon Exam Prep materials. It's made me a believer and you will not regret it!

Dwight Lee, FFS, Los Angeles, CA, Series 6 and 63

Loved your study materials! It was easy to read and understand all the concepts that the series 7 covers. I recently look my series 7 on March 29th and passed with an 83%. I just ordered my series 63 materials through you as well. 

Katie Groy

Thanks to Solomon I was able to pass the SIE, Series 7, and Series 63, great study material if you put the hours in!

Xavier Mata, Cabrera Capital Markets. Chicago, IL

Solomon has the best study material on the market! I purchased study material from several other providers that doesn't even remotely compare. I could go on and on all day why I favor Solomon. Cayce has been very thorough, efficient, courteous, informative and I can't leave out helpful! I walked out of the testing center yesterday after passing my Series 6 with a big smile on my face and tremendous load of burden lifted off my shoulders.

Stephen Snyder, Oklahoma

Jeremy and Tim were extremely helpful in helping me get through some of the tricky parts of the Series 50 exam. Your customer service was top notch and I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone sitting for this test.

Joe M, MBS, Inc, Atlanta, GA

I would heartily recommend Solomon for anyone studying for the Series 3. The materials are comprehensive, the bank of questions vast and the responsiveness to questions incredibly impressive and detailed. I passed first time and that in no small part is down to Solomon.

David Woolfenden Totem London

Your Series 62 Exam Simulator is great-- hard but really useful. The explanations make a huge difference for learning the key points.

Chris Abato, Orion Capital, Menlo Park, CA

I just passed my Series 65 exam yesterday!! Your study material was awesome! Unfortunately, they only provided pass/fail and no specific grade because I wanted to know how well I did. Thanks so much!

Cheryl Fluker, Members Advisory Group, Williamsville, NY

Using the Solomon SIE exam practice was a huge help at preparing for the types of questions that were asked on the real test. If you are passing the tests on Solomon’s practice exams with a consistent 75% pass rate, you should feel confident going into the test. Good luck, thank you Solomon!

Blake Rossman, True Wealth Financial, Fircrest, WA

Solomon Exam Prep is the "go-to" study guide for any busy professional in our industry. Extraordinary customer service and responses to your questions via email. Excellent flow of subjects, quizzes, test and audiobooks for on-demand refresh. Don't settle for any other test platform for our industry. The goal is to pass the test and they have the staff and platform to help you achieve your goal. 

Robert Jones, US Capital Global. San Francisco, CA

I began the process of studying for the Series 65 in October of 2013.  I studied with two other exam prep companies.  The result, a 70% each time. 

Then, I bought Solomon’s Exam Prep 65.  As I did with the other two, I went step by step, and when it said I was ready I sat for the exam!  Boom!  80%, passing all four sections at once!  So if you’re surfing the internet right now wondering who to go with….STOP….Solomon’s is the right choice for today’s professional to get the licensing you need done the first time, not the third!

Shad Johnson, The Mueller Companies, Canon City, CO

I passed my 27 and I can't thank you enough for the preparation materials, most importantly the Final Exams. I studied for weeks for this test and buckled down the last two weeks of 6 hour study days. It's a great feeling and I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Amanda Whitney, Great Nation Investment Corporation, Amarillo, TX

In preparation for the Series 7, I began with Kaplan. I tested and did not pass. I then switched to STC materials. I tested and did not pass. I then switched to Solomon and passed! I also used Solomon for the 63 and passed the first time. I highly recommend Solomon's test preparation materials. The question bank was far more extensive than the others and I definitely felt better prepared using Solomon.

Kara S, CLS, Carrollton, TX

I took the Series 62 this morning and passed, in large part due to your program.

Gus Spector, Philadelphia, PA

When I first signed up for the SIE I was overwhelmed. The topic range was so broad. I began studying the study guide and listened to the audiobook. I also watched the video lectures. The information began to sink in. What really put me over the top was when I signed up for and attended the live class. Our instructor, JD Page, helped me to remember the most important pieces of information for the test. He not only gave us facts, but the reasons behind the facts. It really helped to cement the material into my mind. When I went in for the SIE Exam, I was able to move through the questions quickly and even had enough time to go through every question again. Thank you Solomon Test Prep!

Jason Vreeke CoreCap Investments LLC High Point, NC

Solomon Exam Prep was great! I passed my Series 22 with their materials. I failed my first time taking the exam using the Securities Institute of America's material. I was completely shocked because I did well in all my practice exams. So, I did extra research and found Solomon Exam Prep. It was exactly like the FINRA outline which was perfect. Highly suggest Solomon Exam Prep for Series 22.

Becky Eriksson, Cabin Securities. Los Angeles, CA

Got 84 on my 79 exam, the practice exam is a must!

Gordon, San Diego, CA

The Series 65 was a tough exam, but thanks to Solomon I passed at the first attempt. The Solomon Exam Prep Course covered every single aspect in detail. The material was not only important to pass the exam, but it is extremely helpful in the job as investment adviser representative.

Isabel Fliss CoreCap Advisors Southfield, MI

Karen- I passed the Series 66! I cannot even begin to say thank you enough times. I continue to be impressed and amazed by your program.

Sarah Boone, Wells Fargo, Atlanta, GA

I am so glad I used the Solomon prep information for my series 26. The simulator is awesome and helped me the most in having success in passing exam. I strongly recommend the materials for anyone taking the 26. Thanks Rosie!

Dan Smoot

The audio book was fantastic, and I passed the Series 65 on my first attempt. Thank you!

Steve O'Dell, Merrill Lynch, Westchester, NY

I recently passed the Series 65 exam, really recommend this study material. I used other vendors before with no success; this is the best in the market. Thanks so much!

Mauricio Reyes. Boca Raton, FL

As easy and painless as it could ever get (Series 24)!

Francis R., Hong Kong, China

No other test prep service has questions so similar to the actual exam! Pairing practice questions in the exam simulator with the explanations in the book was definitely helpful in passing the Series 52! 

Abhishek Gosavi, MassMutual, Springfield, MA

The Solomon Exam Prep helped me pass the Series 7. The material is precise to the questions in the exam. The people at Solomon provided great assistance and communication.

June Cusack, Philadelphia, PA

I did so many practice exams with Solomon and never saw one question twice. The quality of study material is thorough, with a touch of humor, and gives it to you in many formats (visual both on the computer or in book format if you wish), as well as audio that you can listen to in the car, as well as the benefit of videos of actual lectures from professors. I felt as though getting the information in all those formats allowed me to really grasp the information using different senses and facilitated the learning process even further.

Stacey Sperry, Durham, NC

Dead-on Series 79 practice test questions. Thanks!

Jennifer Bush, Apercen Partners, Palo Alto, CA

I was using a different study program and failed my exam. Once I enrolled in Solomon’s program I not only passed, but improved by over 20%. The practice exams were very close to the language on the FINRA exams.

Ryan P., Frederick, MD

I want to thank Solomon Prep for helping me to pass the Series 65.

Nelson Coleman, Saint Louis, MO

I am so happy to say that took my Series 65 Exam and passed on my first attempt! All thanks must go to Solomon Exam Prep and its materials. I read the Study Guide cover to cover 3 times, took notes and took what felt like endless practice quizzes, but I must say that I found the practice questions more difficult than the actual exam! I cannot recommend Solomon Exam Prep enough!

Kevin Blanchard, Meche and Associates. Breaux Bridge, LA

Solomon has a dedicated team of professionals who prepare the written materials, present video summaries and provide practice exams in 4 different formats and are available anytime to answer questions and clarify materials. Thanks to a robust study program I felt fully prepared and confident to write the Series 82 exam and achieved a score of 87%. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep.

Karen Powell, Wren Capital LLC, NY, NY

Just passed the series 7 today! Solomon was a huge help, as I used the practice exams exclusively. When preparing for this exam, make sure to allocate ~70% of your time on compliance, opening accounts etc. Looking forward to passing the series 66. I will continue using Solomon!

Blake Rossman, True Wealth Financial Partners. Fircrest, WA

Thanks. I passed the Series 63 with an 80 with less than a week's worth of your prep. Good stuff.

Dan C

I took the Series 63 and passed on the 1st attempt. I have my degree in Exercise Science and had no previous finance training. I highly recommend the Solomon Exam Prep. Followed the recommended study plan and passed 8 practice tests. The practice exams prepared me for the actual test and I felt like the actual test was easier then the practice tests. Thank you Solomon!

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much Solomon Prep for helping me to be able to successfully pass all three of my exams (SIE, Series 7 and Series 66) in a relatively short period of time. The exam packages were excellent! I will continue to refer people to your amazing program!

Jessica Macci, Goldman Sachs. Albany, NY

After multiple failed attempts at the Series 6, I felt somewhat defeated. I reached out to Solomon for guidance and I was more than impressed with the response I received. The study material was outstanding and the program structure is truly designed to help you pass! Jeremy Solomon was truly my biggest fan and I can't thank him enough for his help! Solomon is by far the best company out there for test preparation; don't waste any more money on the others this is all you will need to pass!

Tory Hamlin, Agency Owner, Jacksonville, FL

My third exam passed with Solomon, first the Series 6 and the Series 63, this time the Series 65 - just passed today! Highly recommend for any exam prep you need! Thank you again guys!

Brad Eiden, Nationwide Advisory, Louisville, KY

Taking the Series 24 class with Karen Solomon this week helped reinforce the data that I learned, and I passed my exam! The material was thorough and the exam simulator was an excellent tool to test your knowledge. Thank you Karen!

Karen Lessard, Concorde Investment Service Frisco, TX

The Series 79 study materials were fantastic. Thank you!

Cecilia Shea, CPA, Palo Alto, CA

After using other exam preps, I settled on Solomon. This material was spot on! If you follow the study guides, read the chapters, watch the videos and listen to the audio, you will pass!! Good Luck! Thank you Solomon!

Celeste Gullo, Allstate Insurance, Glen Head, NY

This is my fourth time using Solomon's exam materials (Series 99, 7, 63, and now the 24)....and I PASSED once again on my first try. Thank you Solomon- your exam question simulator was extremely helpful!

Kim Schmidt, Elmcore Securities, Las Vegas

Passed the 52 and 53 within two months thanks to the clarity of Solomon's materials. Great product!

Jonathan Bowman, Raymond James. Ennice, NC

Passed SIE today! The tools and layout here was instrumental in my success. On to the S7...

Ronald Adams Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee, WI

I am 73 years old and have been retired for 5 years. My fulfilling career of 38 years was mainly as a portfolio manager in a trust setting. A good friend of mine recently started an RIA and asked me to consider coming to work for him. Since I loved my job and retirement is boring in comparison, the decision to jump back in was rather easy. You know the old saying: if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. But yes, I must first pass Series 65. The study materials and whole program you have constructed are excellent. I read the phone-book sized reading materials and took many practice exams on the website. Just this morning I sat for the test and passed. Hooray!! I am convinced that your test preparation process made the exam seem easy. So I will recommend to anyone preparing for a securities exam to definitely consider getting your program. Thanks again for your outstanding program and guidance."

Rick Hinchberger Dover Advisors LLC

I passed the Series 65 with a 92% thanks to the Solomon practice exams. The questions on the practice exams were very similar to what I actually encountered on the actual exam, and the ability to take unlimited practice exams really built my knowledge and confidence. I highly recommend this product to anyone studying for the Series 65.

Neal Thompson, Denver, CO, Series 65

Even though there is no such thing as a guaranteed success in the securities industry, there is a likelihood of strong returns if you are able to make the right risk / reward choices at the right time.

If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24!

Eric Altmann, New York, NY

I smoked my Series 7 ... Thanks for the great products!

A.M., AXA Advisors, New York, NY

I took 2500+ questions in your simulator and I passed the Series 63 on my first attempt. Your practice exams are fantastic!!!!!

Pavel Jezek, Denver, CO

I have taken and passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 using this amazing Solomon study program. Each time, I felt prepared for the exam and confident in my answers. Solomon's study structure and varying mediums of study make it interactive and easy to learn.. It's an amazing deal for the tools received. I would highly recommend this program!

Abbigayle Hanoch, LPL Financial. Ventura, NM

I passed the Series 63 exam yesterday. Thanks for your help and everyone at Solomon. You guys are great!!!

Tom Armstrong, Berliner Cohen, San Jose, CA

I utilized the Solomon SIE and Series 6 Top-Off study guide package. I passed on the first time by following the exact recommendations. While the test is different than the study exam questions it covers the content in a detailed way preparing you to successfully pass the exam. Great product and customer service!

Michael Gehrich, Allstate Insurance, Ft Myers, FL

Big thanks to Jeremy Solomon and Solomon Exam Prep w/o whose practice exams & books the Series 79 and Series 63 would be a suicide mission or death by boredom!

Andrew Romans, Los Altos, CA

I passed the Series 52 with flying colors using the Solomon program! I used the audio, book, and took many exams. I felt very well prepared going to the test and would recommend this program to anyone!

Tanya Farber, Ameriprise Financial, Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent suite of products.  I just passed my Series 7.  My studies were aided only by the Solomon Study Guide and the Exam Simulator and they provided the perfect foundation for success!

John Farley, Centennial, CO

Great preparation for a first-time-go on my SIE exam! Used the audio book for my commutes, and the presentation was good addition to back up the book. I leveraged the exam simulator which was priceless in making me feel like I was prepared for the exam. And, once I got into the test, I was prepared enough that I wondered if the real exam was going to get more difficult at the end...? I felt confident and well-prepared. Will be ordering the top-off shortly! Thanks for a great product and outstanding support!

Jeff Hughes, Cambridge Investment Research. Fairfield, IA

The virtual class and the test questions really helped me pass the Series 26. Thank you.

Todd Brubaker, Western & Southern Life, Akron, OH

Solomon was a priceless asset in my preparation for the Series 82. I couldn't have done it without them. Highly recommended! 

Bill Douglass

New York, NY

What an excellent resource! I passed my SIE Exam on my first try and Solomon Exam Prep did an excellent job preparing me for the test. I would highly recommend purchasing the study guide, video lectures, and the exam simulator. The exam simulator is especially helpful. As long as you are scoring consistently in the mid to high seventies on the timed practice exams, you will have no problem with the actual exam. Thank you again to Solomon!

Carter Spearry, Merrill Lynch. Rocky River, OH

Recently passed my Series 22 using the Solomon material. Failed the exam once previously using The Securities Institute of America material. Solomon gave me the tools in order to succeed and pass my exam. I highly recommend this material!

Cole Seelhammer. New Braunfels, TX

I just passed my Series 26, Principal license. Thank you Solomon, the content was great and the exam simulator was the perfect tool to get this passed!

Greg Fierle, American Fidelity. Springboro, OH

I thought you might appreciate knowing that I passed the test with a 90 today.  Thanks again for all the help and good quality material that your company has.  I am very glad to have used your materials and will certainly refer others to Solomon Exam Prep. (Series 6 & 63)

Matthew Baird, Gloversville, NY

I used ExamFX for my Series 6 prep for my first 2 exam attempts. I scored a 68 & 69. I switched to Solomon and scored a 86 on my 3rd test. Night and day difference on practice test questions and feedback on them. I would HIGHLY recommend your product.

Jay Barnett, Allstate/Barnett Family Insurance, Nokomis, FL, Series 6

"I used Solomon Exam Prep to pass the Series 82 exam, great product! Worth every penny!

Gregory Parker

I took another vendors 24 course but it did not compare to how Solomon Exam Prep for Series 24 prepared me.  The material and practice exams, especially the timed exams,  were broken up by sections, similar to the FINRA Exam.  This really helped in allowing me to understand which section(s) I needed to spend more time on/hit harder.  Thank you Solomon!!!

Jim Ruckman, Mass Mutual

I just passed the S51 with an 86%. I want to express my sincere thanks to Solomon. I love the way you structure your practice exams. I always enjoy receiving speedy responses from Ask the Professor, especially from Karen. Karen, thank you for all your help, you are the best!!!!!!!

Margaret Chen, PFS Investment, Duluth, GA

Thanks so much for your great product. I recently used for the Series 6 and took a month to study and passed. I previously used another provider and didn't pass.

K Francis, Allstate, Sugar Land,TX

Wow! So I passed the Series 7 last week. What an amazing feeling! I truly couldn't have done it without the hard work and dedication Solomon puts into their study materials. It made the learning process so much easier knowing that everything I needed was there on the website, ready for me to utilize. I'm now using them to prepare for the Series 66 exam which I'm sure I'll do well on thanks to the infamous exam simulator! Also, I really appreciated the follow up emails from the Solomon team congratulating me on my accomplishment when passing my exam! It shows me that they really do want the best for the students that use their materials.

David Koenes

Passed 53, Thanks for your help and study materials, study guide and exam simulators were excellent on test preparation for the Series 53. When one applies the time with your materials, a positive outcome can be achieved . Thanks too for answering my question/questions over the weekend.

Tim Milani, Barrington, IL

Well, glad I'm done with that one! Whew! Thanks so much for your help and support in assisting me in my preparation for the Series 7 exam. All of the information I purchased from you (books, online quizzes and tests), and suggestions you've made, were extremely helpful, and right on target. 

Howard Silverberg, Quest Capital Strategies, New Jersey

I just passed the Series 66 exam and found that the Solomon Exam Prep materials are the way to go when preparing for this exam. The advice given from the get-go is spot on; if you think you can cram for this course, forget it. Use the materials as advised and you'll do well. The format of the practice exams closely simulate the way the questions are presented on the test itself. I had 2 prep materials, Solomon's and another and I honestly believe Solomon's was the one that helped the most.

Julio Revuelta, Wealth Management Firm, Miami, FL

I felt well prepared. Exam experience went well. The exam prep content was spot on! I had studied previously under a different exam prep course and felt the content was not doing the trick. I was not prepared and needed to rethink my study approach. Luckily after taking the Solomon course I felt completely different and very prepared! The dashboard, lectures and specific detail to the areas where I needed improvement helped me pass the test! I felt so confident thanks to the preparation process and content Solomon provided. Thank you!! It was a great experience preparing with Solomon!

Brady Johnson, Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc., Fairfield, CT

The Solomon Series 66 prep material was very comprehensive and practice quizzes and exams helped a great deal to gauge my likelihood of passing the exam 

Florence Isaac Chicago, IL

I got an 89% on the FINRA 82 test.  (My friends said I studied too hard!)  All you have to do is take a full 100 question exam with explanations every day for 30 days , interspersed with two or three of the 20 question exams on different days when you don’t have enough time. Do this and you will pass. Thanks!

Bernie Brown, Stamford, CT

I passed. Your Series 99 exam prep class was spot-on. Thanks!

Kathy Stanfield, P.J. Robb Variable Corp., Memphis, TN

Bought the exam simulator for the 63 the day before the test and passed with a 90%. Questions in the simulator were MUCH more difficult than the actual test and I had no problem. Very helpful!

Mike, New York

I passed the Series 65 exam on my first attempt. Your practice exams really helped. Thanks again.

Colin Tucker, Little Rock, AR

Series 6 Passed with a 90% this morning with 63 minutes to spare!! Thanks so much for the tool! Will recommend to my team. On to the 63...

Dustin Kennedy, Springfield, MO

The test was TORTURE!!!! I can honestly say I would not have passed [Series 62] without your class.

Karla P., New York, NY

Questions from the exam simulator were pretty similar to the actual series 52 exam, and I felt prepared with the study guide. I will be purchasing the series 53 study materials from Solomon in the near future.

Del Martin, Packerland Brokerage Services. Green Bay, WI

I used the Solomon Exam Prep study materials for the Series 7 exam and it paid off! I strongly recommend utilizing the exam simulator heavily to test your knowledge and gain confidence heading into your exam.

Greg L, Boston, MA

Passed the SIE!

Chris McHugh, McHugh Ins Group, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

Solomon Exam Prep offers everything you need to succeed in passing the 6 & 63  exams.  The textbooks were easy to follow and study by.  The online practice exams really were instrumental and my success.  Thank you.

Fran Piegari, AllState, Dallas, TX

Just Passed the SIE! I started with the Kaplan study guide -read 3 chapters and fell asleep. I searched online for exam simulators like the ones I used for my IT certifications and came across the Solomon Exam Simulator. I started taking the chapter test over and over, some as much as 15 times. I spent a month of total study time and took the practice 85 question SIE exam 4 times with an average 58% score. I also took the FINRA practice exam 2 times. The results charts gave great insight on well I was master each subject. I used them day. I will tell you that the Solomon practice questions were a lot harder then the real exam. I think that made the difference. I took me just under an hour to complete the test. On the the Series 57- too bad Solomon does not have an exam simulator for that one.

Phil A. Frisco, TX

Your study material laid a great foundation in my understanding of the tested material and was instrumental in my passing the Series 50.

Steven Scharff, Springsted Incorporated, Saint Paul, MN

I recently passed my Series 24 using Solomon Exam Prep! It was the hardest exam I've taken to date. I found all the practice exams with specific feedback to be the most helpful, though the audiobook was very helpful as well. 

Diane Pouliot, RBC, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks! I am thrilled. I took the Series 7 three years ago and have been putting off the Series 63 after I failed the first time. I used your book and iPhone app. I am recommending your materials to everyone in my office that needs to take the 63 in the near future. Of course you can use my email as a testimonial. Everything that people have said on the testimonials is 100% correct. The way the materials are written makes it much less of a chore to read and comprehend. Thanks for the follow up email! 

Julia Smith, RBC Wealth Management

Taking the 63 felt like a breeze, thanks to your exam prep materials. I didn't have to flag any questions for review, and was confident throughout that I'd get to see the screen say "Pass" when it was over.
Now 3-for-3 using Solomon to help me pass a licensing exam on the first attempt. The materials are easy to digest and comprehensive, and having the ability to take high-quality practice tests prepared me well for the real exams. Very grateful to my employer for using this content, and to the team at Solomon for making it so complete and easy to use.

Andrew Nerys, Square Inc. San Francisco, CA

I passed the series 22! Solomon's study materials and exams were the key to my preparation. I tried other companies first, and I knew something was off. After taking the FINRA exam, I know I would have failed if not for Solomon. I cannot overstate this. This test was difficult and foreign. Solomon helped me learn everything I needed to pass the series 22. Many thanks!

Jim Scott, AGES . Ocala, FL

I took a job which required me to pass the SIE, Series 6, Series 63 and Series 26. Understandably this was a pretty tall task, but the Solomon Exam Prep materials made it incredibly easy. I appreciated how well all of the material was laid out for all four tests. I stuck to the study plans that were included in the resources and passed all four tests on the first try. This was a stressful time in my life, but Solomon got me through it! I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone who is looking to become licensed. Part of my new job is managing other licensed individuals and I recently hired two employees who are now required to be licensed. I reached out to Solomon for a demo of their Admin Portal and it is wonderfully comprehensive. It allows me to track my employees progress without having to reach out and be too invasive. Excellent all around!

Stephen Carbaugh, StanCorp Equities, Inc. Portland, OR

I passed after two and a half weeks of studying for the SIE. I am an industry veteran, though have been out of the securities business for over 10 years. It was really the logic of the exam simulator process and repetition that did the trick.
The exercises and exam simulator were brilliant! Forward and onward to Series 82! 

Norman Hall. West Tisbury, MA

I used Solomon to study for the Series 82. The material was spot on! More importantly, the practice tests and timed tests were much harder than the actual Series 82, which was very helpful in passing the test. Thanks!!

Rhett Grimes, Anchortree Capital. Nashville, TN

I was well prepared from using Solomon. Such much so that I finished early enough to review the questions and my answers, and determine my estimated score. Thanks! Great platform. Highly recommend using Solomon. 

Max Thomas. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Studying for the 24 was not easy. I felt Solomon's course materials and online portal prepared me well for passing the exam in the first try. The study material was NOT overwhelmingly thrown together and I found the study program to be manageable and focused. Got me through the study period of about 4-5 weeks. I would recommend Solomon over the other courses.

Ajay A, CT, Series 24

I loved the online testing for the Series 51! I felt like the questions were trickier so it really prepared me for the real exam.

Katrina Jackson, Cambridge Investment Research, Fairfield, IA

I can't thank you guys enough for your help. I bought your study materials for the 7 months ago, always telling myself that I'd get around to studying. Well, when I was reminded 2 weeks ago by my office manager that my test was 10 days away I realized I probably waited a bit too long. Nevertheless I got to studying, and after spending many of those 10 days listening to your audiobook and taking the practice exams I felt ready to take the test (even though I scored a 55 on the timed half practice exam the day before the test). 

Apparently it worked because I passed the test with room to spare and couldn't be happier.

Thanks so much for the help! Whenever someone asks which test prep group to use I recommend you guys hands down.

Next time I take a test I will certainly be using your products. 

Nick Cisler, Philadelphia, PA

Awesome customer service and material. Will definitely be a returning customer

Michael, MM Financial Planning. New York, NY

I've now taken the Series 6, 63 and 7 exams. My study materials for the 6 and 63 were from another service, which didn't prepare me nearly as well as Solomon did for the 7. That's a fairly big deal considering that the 7 is generally a more difficult exam than the 6 and 63.


After failing the Securities Industry Essentials Exam twice I was all but ready to give up. Then I used Solomon Exam Prep material which help me to pass the exam. I had a blast using their learning platform and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Innocent Anavberokhai Jr., Lawrence, KS

I passed the 24 the first time with the help of the Solomon materials. The online course and the exams really helped focus in and clarify what was important. I've recommended them to all of my colleagues!

Corrinne Kaucher

I passed . Got an 84 on my Series 50. Solomon's prep material was pretty good. The practice tests were very helpful too. The numerical examples embedded within the theory really helped with the concepts. Made the material easy to read and understand.

Mudra Patel, San Francisco, CA

Thank you guys for the outstanding prep materials. I took the Series 79 and 63 in the same week and passed both the first time with great scores. I could not have been better prepared. Your exam simulator is especially awesome! Nothing on either exam surprised after.

Richard Walters, Virginia Beach, VA

Solomon has been the gold standard for our team for studying and passing! The information was presented clearly and everyday language. I did take the series 6 twice, due to testing anxiety, but I passed the 6 with 73%. I took my 63 one month later, and passed with 82% !!

Ciarra DiPiazza, CB Financial Services, Tacoma, WA

Thank you so much for the easy reading! I passed the 51 on my first attempt!!

Amber Carrick, Keystone Financial Management, Bath, PA

Love Solomon, I tried other companies and the ones I used didn't prepare me. Solomon teaches you the concepts and the practice tests helped me pass my Series 65, 63, and the 6 on my first try. I've had no less than four of my friends use Solomon and they have all had similar success. Work hard with the correct study material and you will have success.

Gerald Barnes, Client One, Peoria, AZ

I love Solomon Exam Prep. The combination of studying the online test questions, textbook, and online live video course helped me get a 90% on both the Series 6 and 63 the first time! The staff is friendly and my online instructor was phenomenal! I will definitely use Solomon again when I prepare for the 65 and recommend them to everyone!

Hunter Lowe Lappen, Easton, MD

Thanks! I just passed my series 26 exam! Your material really helped!

Kevin Chambers

I prepared for the Series 50 (Municipal Advisor) exam using your materials and was extremely satisfied. Having the materials in multiple written and audio formats provided a lot of flexibility in where and when I could study. The scope of the Series 50 exam is so broad that even very experienced individuals would benefit by this type of preparatory course. I highly recommend this product.

Derek Morse, Morse Associates Consulting, LLC, Reno, NV

I wanted to add my testimonial to the long list of successful test-takers. Passed my Series 65 today on the first try! The materials were well written and made the concepts easier to understand (especially to someone with no background in finance like myself). I was a big fan of the audio format as I have a long drive back and forth to work (other test prep providers did not have this option). The test simulators were also a huge help. Thanks to the folks at Solomon Prep!

Ralph Marshall, High Speed Alliance, Wilmington DE

I Passed my series 82 ,thanks to Solomon Team and it's great material for the success.

Yasha sharma

I love Solomon Exam Prep! The materials are comprehensive and simulate the type of questions on the tests. And the staff is so committed to their students' success. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to pass both the 7 and the 66.

Katelyn Hritcko, Elmcore Securities, Las Vegas, NV

Your Series 79 book was great and your practice questions were spot-on. I passed the first time. Thanks!

Stephen Hsu, Los Angeles, CA

I could not have passed [the Series 66] without your very comprehensive program.  Thanks!

Arthur Almassy, Scottsdale, AZ

You guys were instrumental to my passing the Series 79. The study materials were incredibly helpful and the quizzes and tests gave me great "live" practice. The staff reached out to me a few times to see how I was doing, answer questions and offer helpful tips. I was pleasantly surprised and greatly aided by their personal approach to ensuring my success.

Matt Tarkenton, Atlanta, GA

Completing the Series 7 was a requirement for my current position. After seeing the material and dedication Solomon Exam Prep put into the SIE material, I knew Solomon’s material would be perfect for me again. I had access to STC material and tried to go through it first but it was too content heavy and at certain points, very confusing. I decided to move back over to Solomon for the 7 and was blown away yet again by how great the material is. Solomon has figured out how to properly prepare people for this exam in my opinion. Solomon Exam Prep focuses on teaching the concept rather than bogging you down with so much material. THAT IS SO HELPFUL! Of course the material is important but it’s extensive. After using Solomon Exam Prep for the Series 7, I was able to fully understand the concepts which made it so much easier to select the best questions on the exams. All the other training programs bury you deep with content, which makes it almost impossible to understand the concepts. If you get questions on the exam that you have not seen before, only knowing specific material will not help you. But if you understand the concepts (like Solomon Exam Prep helped me do) you can break down the question and find the best answer based on your understanding of the concept as a whole. That’s a much better method and Solomon Exam Prep has figured this out! I strongly suggest buying the study guide. You won’t regret it!

Jared M. Albany, New York

I thought the Series 79 materials were top notch. The Solomon practice exams were pretty spot on to what I encountered when I took the exam. Your course was key to my passing the exam on the first try. Thank you and money well spent.

Jeffrey Bartlett RSA Capital, Mequon, Wisconsin

I took this Series 28 today and passed on my first try! I think the practice exams helped a ton, though in general, I would say the actual test seemed (at least to me), more difficult than the practice exams. Either way, couldn't have done it without the Solomon Exam Prep.

Gayle Espinosa. Los Angeles, CA

Solomon's study materials and practice exam helped prepare me quickly and made me confident going into the SIE exam. I'm happy to have used their services and highly recommend their products for the SIE exam.

Kevin Ramani. Boston, MA

I spent 4 weeks studying with a competitor's study package. A week ago I read concerning reviews online about students who failed the exam after relying upon this (competitor's) program, and I felt it would be best to mitigate the risk of having a similar experience by studying with another company's materials. I spent a week with Solomon's exam simulator, doing as many practice tests as possible until I was scoring in the 90%th percentile consistently. I have no doubt that I would have failed the exam (Series 79) if I relied 100% on the competition. Thank you Solomon.

Eric Heinz

Used Solomon Exam Prep for both my Series 6 and 63 exams. Passed both first try. The practice tests were invaluable. Thanks!

Alex T.

Excellent study materials for the Series 63 exam. The practice exams were extremely helpful in my preparation and the exam simulator was a lifesaver as usual in solidifying what I learned (tip: read the answer explanations even if you got the question right). Highly recommend Solomon for the Series 63 exam.

Andrew L.

I just took and passed the Series 51 in one attempt. The Solomon materials were excellent. The Solomon simulated tests were very beneficial and were very similar to the actual 51 test. Thanks to Solomon I was well prepared to succeed. When I was taking the actual 51 exam, I did not encounter any surprises that I was not prepared for. Solomon seems to have it very well covered. My method for success? I read the book chapter by chapter, taking the chapter practice tests along the way. I saved the questions I missed for review later. I then went through the book a second time using the same method. After reviewing the questions I had missed on the smaller exams, I started taking the timed simulation for the test. Again, I reviewed the questions I got wrong, making sure I understood the reason for getting it wrong and what the right answer should be. I did this review of missed questions every time I took the simulated exam. I took the simulated exam five or six times, getting scores in the low 80s. This method prepared me to take the real test which I passed on my first attempt. I highly recommend both Solomon and this study method for taking the 51. Good luck all future test takers!!!!

Jason Smith, Primerica, Duluth, GA

I had been using another company to prepare for the Series 6 & was not happy with the results. I made the switch to Solomon & crushed the exam. The material was easy to digest, exams & quizzes were different every time. Thank you. I have already purchased Solomon Series 63 materials.

Gary Feller

I recently passed the series 62 & 63 FINRA exams (first try). The practice exams (with never repeating questions), helped prepare me thoroughly for the challenging questions ahead on the actual tests. Thanks Solomon!

Austin Najib, Key West Investments, San Gabriel, CA

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