New Edition of Solomon Study Guide for Series 24 Exam Now Available

The 5th edition of the Solomon Series 24 Study Guide covers everything you need to know to pass the Series 24 exam and become a General Securities Principal. Continue reading

Do you already have the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam and a representative-level qualification exam such as the Series 7 or Series 79 under your belt? If you’re thinking about pursuing a principal-level role at a broker-dealer, then you’ll likely need to pass the Series 24 exam. Also known as the General Securities Principal Qualification Exam (GP), the Series 24 exam assesses how competent you are to perform the job functions of an entry-level principal dependent on your rep-level registration(s).

What does the Series 24 qualify me to do?

When you are a “principal” at a securities firm, it means you’re licensed to supervise others. Therefore, the Series 24 exam tests your knowledge of rules, regulations, and practices in all areas of a firm’s investment banking and securities business. After passing the Series 24, the permitted supervisory activities include regulatory compliance over:

    • advertising
    • market making
    • trading
    • underwriting

As you can probably guess, the Series 24 is a difficult exam that requires dedicated study time with up-to-date, comprehensive materials. To help securities professionals effectively prepare for the Series 24 exam, Solomon Exam Prep is pleased to announce the release of the 5th edition of “The Solomon Exam Prep Guide: Series 24 FINRA General Securities Principal Qualification Examination.”

What changes with this new edition?

The 5th edition of the Study Guide includes the following updates:

    • Revamped coverage of net capital to focus on the most testable facts
    • Coverage of compliance obligations when a firm outsources business functions
    • Information about a new FINRA rule that may require heightened supervision when a rep is appealing a violation
    • Expanded and updated discussion of Regulation D private placements and the SEC’s new definition of accredited investors
    • Extensive coverage of Regulation Best Interest and the new suitability requirements it imposes on broker-dealers
    • Information about the SEC’s new, higher exempt offering dollar caps
    • Expanded coverage of the taping rule for firms who hire associated persons formerly employed by a disciplined firm
    • Additional information about OTC due diligence
    • Coverage of FINRA rule changes for continuing education, permissive registration, and the Maintaining Qualifications Program
    • Revised coverage of FINRA’s updated fingerprinting rules

How do Solomon Series 24 Study Materials help you prepare?

To help prepare candidates for this challenging exam, the Solomon Series 24 Study Guide is continually kept up to date to reflect current rules and regulations, and it covers all key exam topics. Charts, graphs, and practice questions throughout the text support learners in understanding and practicing key concepts.

“If you have to take the Series 24 Exam, you’re probably already a Limited Securities Representative and have passed the SIE and at least one of the representative-level exams. This means you have an idea of what to expect, and you know that serious study and practice is required to pass an exam. Having a study guide that explains concepts in plain English and supports comprehension with helpful graphics, examples, and practice questions is crucial when it comes to retaining the knowledge you need for this exam. Solomon’s 5th edition of the Series 24 Study Guide provides exactly that and has helped thousands of students pass the Series 24 exam.”
Jeremy Solomon
Solomon Exam Prep President and Co-founder

Content updates for the 5th edition of the Solomon Series 24 Study Guide are also reflected in the Solomon Series 24 Exam Simulator. The Exam Simulator complements the Study Guide with over 3,500 practice questions for the Series 24. Hone, track, and assess your knowledge by taking unlimited chapter quizzes and full practice exams to apply the concepts you’re learning.

Series 24 Study Materials

The 5th edition of the Solomon Series 24 Study Guide is available as a digital subscription with a hardcopy upgrade option. You can purchase the Solomon Series 24 Study Guide individually or in a package with supporting Series 24 study products. Customers also have access to free tools and resources, including a study schedule in digital and pdf formats, which helps you master the exam material with maximum efficiency.

To learn more about Solomon Exam Prep’s Series 24 study materials, including Study Guide, Exam Simulator, Audiobook, and Video Lecture, visit the Solomon Series 24 product page.

“I passed the 24 with the help of the audio, book and test questions... The flow charts and extra resources section were extremely helpful in breaking down sections of this "dry" test. The audio was great to review and the book format was easy to read and concise. I felt almost every question I knew what they were asking and I was able to eliminate one or two questions. Don't waste your money with other sites. Solomon will allow you to pass on the first time. Good luck!”
Matthew D.
Orange County, CA
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