After a lengthy absence from the securities industry, I again needed to get licensed. With the great help of Solomon, I did the SIE, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 82, in just over 5 months. The materials are comprehensive and I would recommend reading it all at least twice. Have realistic goals and meet them. Don't take too many days off as the quicker you learn the material the less likely your are to forget the initial stuff. I found the "Ask the Professor" feature to be particularly helpful (and responsive!). I hope I don't need further exams any time soon but, if I do, I will use Solomon.

Shawn Sullivan Charlestowne Securities Darien, CT

Thank you so much Solomon Exam Prep. I took the SIE exam today and passed it the first try. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you again.

Cathy Villano, Eastchester, NY

I came into my studies with very little experience. With the amazing help and support from the Solomon Team I passed the SIE on my first attempt. I am extremely grateful for the study material that Solomon has provided. I am onto the 7 TO.

Wc Harbert, RBC. Eugene, OR

The vocabulary on the test was slightly different, (they used the word tendered a lot) and so navigating the different financial vocabulary was a minor challenge. That being said, I felt comfortable in my knowledge and was able to break down and understand a large majority of the exam because of Solomon Exam Prep. I passed and felt confident!
I am so happy with Solomon! So far, I've passed the SIE and Series 7 exam because I used their program to study. I am currently using their program to study for the Series 66 now. The practice exams are invaluable and are the best way to learn! I would give 10/5 stars.

Abbigayle Hanoch, LPL Financial. Ventura, CA

Great preparation for a first-time-go on my SIE exam! Used the audio book for my commutes, and the presentation was good addition to back up the book. I leveraged the exam simulator which was priceless in making me feel like I was prepared for the exam. And, once I got into the test, I was prepared enough that I wondered if the real exam was going to get more difficult at the end...? I felt confident and well-prepared. Will be ordering the top-off shortly! Thanks for a great product and outstanding support!

Jeff Hughes, Cambridge Investment Research. Fairfield, IA

Within a few months, I passed the SIE, Series 7, 63, 65, & 79 exams all on the first try using Solomon Exam Prep. This material will prepare you for the actual exam. I will say in many instances the practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. Solomon and the various tracking metrics will more than help you prepare for the rigors of exam day. I highly recommend the practice exams and ability to dive back in to review weak areas. I will continue to use their products and services in the future.

Andrew Ezzat, Bank of America. Tampa, FL.

Passed the SIE!

Chris McHugh, McHugh Ins Group, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

Passed the SIE on the first try. Solomon Exam Prep is definitely the way to go. Just follow your study guide. The practice exams are where Solomon truly shines. I will certainly be using Solomon for the Series 7.

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

I passed my SIE exam the first time. Great tools and exam simulators, if you study the entire guide and take enough practice exams before your exam there's no reason why you wouldn't pass!

Rom Rabin, Los Angeles, CA

I took the SIE with Solomon Exam Prep and I have to say; the layout of the topics, the practice questions and the explanations of each subject matter is wonderful. They make it clear to follow and understand what the concepts are. Going back to re-try my Series 7 with them instead of my other book.

Ufy Sada, Morgan Stanley, Columbus, OH

Using the Solomon SIE exam practice was a huge help at preparing for the types of questions that were asked on the real test. If you are passing the tests on Solomon’s practice exams with a consistent 75% pass rate, you should feel confident going into the test. Good luck, thank you Solomon!

Blake Rossman, True Wealth Financial, Fircrest, WA

Thank you, Solomon! I passed the SIE and am now working on Series 7. Coming from a background outside of Wealth Management and Finance, I found this material very user friendly. I regularly used the iPhone app as well as the online material, followed the study guide and took A LOT of practice tests. I am grateful for the team at Solomon with a special call out to Madi B and Jeremy S who gave me additional support whenever I needed it. I look forward to the Series 7 content as I was very impressed with the SIE content.

Jeremy Johnson, RBC Wealth Management. Green Bay, WI

Thank you Solomon! I was able to pass the SIE, 7, 63 and 24 in a relatively short time period. The practice exams with answers really helped and when I had a question for The Professor, I always received a quick and accurate response. Solomon is definitely the way to go.

Seth Schader, CCO, Mercer Island, WA

Passed SIE today! The tools and layout here was instrumental in my success. On to the S7...

Ronald Adams Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee, WI

I took a job which required me to pass the SIE, Series 6, Series 63 and Series 26. Understandably this was a pretty tall task, but the Solomon Exam Prep materials made it incredibly easy. I appreciated how well all of the material was laid out for all four tests. I stuck to the study plans that were included in the resources and passed all four tests on the first try. This was a stressful time in my life, but Solomon got me through it! I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone who is looking to become licensed. Part of my new job is managing other licensed individuals and I recently hired two employees who are now required to be licensed. I reached out to Solomon for a demo of their Admin Portal and it is wonderfully comprehensive. It allows me to track my employees progress without having to reach out and be too invasive. Excellent all around!

Stephen Carbaugh, StanCorp Equities, Inc. Portland, OR

I have passed the SIE, Series 63, and Series 65 all on the 1st attempt. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep! The practice tests are great and really prepare you for the real exam.

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

A more recent update after taking my Series 7 exam: Within one year of joining the financial industry, Solomon materials have gotten me a 100%, 4 for 4 pass rate with the SIE, S6, 63 and S7 all completed within 10 months. Once again, the materials and practice tests prepared me for the S7 exam better than I could've imagined. I will continue to refer people to Solomon, as the material, customer service, and whole experience has been unmatched.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

Completing the SIE was a requirement for my current position. I looked around at different materials and started with Kaplan. The material was dry and seemed to have many errors in it. I decided to scrap that and move on to Solomon Exam Prep which I learned about from Reddit. The reviews were outstanding so I decided to give it a try. After going through the material once I felt beyond confident to take the exam. The study guide, audio book, exam simulator, and videos were extremely well done. After two weeks of reviewing and acing practice tests, I took my actual SIE exams and flew through it with about 1/3 of the time remaining when I finished. The preparation from Solomon Exam Prep helped me gain the confidence and understanding I needed to pass the exam on the first try! 

Jared M. Albany, New York

I passed the Securities Industry Essential (SIE) exam on my first try. Now, I am studying for the next license exam, the top off exam, Series 7. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep. I am glad I bought the 1) SIE Video Premium Study Package, 2) SIE Flashcards, and, especially, 3) the hard copy. I will probably buy the same for Series 63, 7 and probably no more than two more over the next three years.

Stephen Campbell, Plano, TX

I passed my SIE. I was using Kaplan and it was not working out as well. I did study the book, did the simulated exams about 15 times and quizzes at least 5 times each before taking the exam. The testimonials here helped me follow a strategy and I stayed focused on passing. Solomon exam prep material really prepares you for the exam, I passed on Aug 21 2021 after using other competitive materials to no success. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep.

Omo Vanwie, Morgan Stanley. Columbus, OH

After failing the Securities Industry Essentials Exam twice I was all but ready to give up. Then I used Solomon Exam Prep material which help me to pass the exam. I had a blast using their learning platform and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Innocent Anavberokhai Jr., Lawrence, KS

I passed the SIE on my first attempt thanks to Solomon Exam Prep's structure and chapter guides consolidating a large amount of information into easy to learn material. I did not study finance in College and have been in Compliance for the better part of my career. This has been a validating experience thanks to Solomon Exam Prep.

Marlon Gonzalez-Perez, Tradition. New York, NY

Feels so good to have passed! (Series 7) It was about as challenging as I thought it would be and I'm glad the study material prepared me for understanding the concepts, and not just memorizing terms and formulas. Only changed two of the 15 answers for questions I flagged for review and finished it with more than 90 minutes to spare. The relief I felt upon seeing "Pass" was awesome!
Used Solomon materials for both the SIE and S7. So grateful to these materials for helping me achieve a passing score on my first attempts of both exams. The study guide and videos were thorough, comprehensive and easy to follow. I found the pie charts extremely useful in helping me identify areas where I needed more study, and was grateful for the Pass Probability feature in giving me a bit of extra confidence before sitting for the exam. I would absolutely recommend all of their materials to anyone taking this journey. 

Andrew Nerys, Square Inc. San Francisco, CA

When I took my SIE exam, I only spent 30 minutes taking the exam and I passed. It is amazing how Solomon goes into detail regarding information. You guys provide more information than Kaplan's SIE book. Thank you so much for helping me succeed in my endeavors. Onward and upward to the Series 7. I'm choosing Solomon again!

Zach Sloan, Cambridge Investment Research, Fairfield, IA

Super fast response time to emailed questions, clear explanations in the textbook and in the ungraded practice exams, and unlimited practice tests made Solomon a great resource for preparing for my SIE. Passed on first try!

Claire Pywell, R+R Financial Partners. Anchorage, AK

Solomon Exam Prep prepared me well with a large variety of questions on the practice exams. I was able to pass my SIE on my first attempt, onto the Series 7!

Andrew Johnson, First State Investment Services. Worthington, MN

After failing the SIE with a different study company, I passed after using Solomon! I then passed the S6, S63 and S65 on the first try after studying with Solomon materials! I loved how easy the material was to comprehend and the practice tests were amazing! I felt well prepared for each test! Thank you Solomon!

Sara Hays, State Farm. Atascadero, CA

I got my undergrad degree in musical theater, never having studied or practiced anything regarding securities. I've been working as an actor over the last 10 years, and figured the Covid-19 quarantine presented an opportunity to learn something new. Solomon took me from knowing NOTHING about securities to passing the SIE on the FIRST TRY! I finished in under an hour and felt extremely confident about the entire test. I read every chapter twice, watched all the video tutorials, listened to the audiobook while driving, and took a large amount of practice exams. Do this - and you will be over prepared - I promise. I will absolutely be using Solomon again for any top-off exams!

Corey Cott, Philadelphia, PA

Excellent exam preparation! Passed on my 1st attempt! SIE EXAM DO LOTS OF PRACTICE EXAMS, AND FLASHCARDS.  I found the real exam question easier than the Solomon's ones. Thank you!

Gil Malamut, Prudential. New York, NY

Thank you so much Solomon Prep for helping me to be able to successfully pass all three of my exams (SIE, Series 7 and Series 66) in a relatively short period of time. The exam packages were excellent! I will continue to refer people to your amazing program!

Jessica Macci, Goldman Sachs. Albany, NY

I found encouragement along the way from reading other people's testimonials, so payback is to write one of my own. Solomon is the gold standard for customer service. I passed the 66, SIE first tries -- received a 69% on the 7 (failed), but passed on the 2nd attempt. I'm in awe over the outreach I received from day 1 but especially from Jeremy on how to move forward after falling short on the Series 7 - followed his advice - one of which was to get the accompanying videos and passed. Watching/studying the Chapter 5 video had a big impact. I also printed the questions I got wrong that I particularly struggled with while taking the online exams, printed and/or turned them into flashcards, then taped many of them around the house. It forced me to constantly revisit the information and moved me past a superficial understanding. I'll take a messy-looking home for a short time than having to retake a 3 hour and 45 minute exam.

Brook Langston, Everspire. Salt Lake City, UT

I passed after two and a half weeks of studying for the SIE. I am an industry veteran, though have been out of the securities business for over 10 years. It was really the logic of the exam simulator process and repetition that did the trick.
The exercises and exam simulator were brilliant! Forward and onward to Series 82! 

Norman Hall. West Tisbury, MA

Excellent! The Solomon curriculum prepared me well enough to make me feel comfortable during the actual exam. Practice questions and mock exams were challenging enough to test my knowledge but not too challenging to the point where I was discouraged.

Alex Syku. Easton, CT

I have now used Solomon for the SIE, series 6, and 63. I am ordering my 7 materials now. The structure and resources are right on target. The practice exams are more difficult than the exam which makes taking the exam much easier. I give all of the credit to Solomon for my 100% pass rate so far. I recommend Solomon to all of my coworkers.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

When I first signed up for the SIE I was overwhelmed. The topic range was so broad. I began studying the study guide and listened to the audiobook. I also watched the video lectures. The information began to sink in. What really put me over the top was when I signed up for and attended the live class. Our instructor, JD Page, helped me to remember the most important pieces of information for the test. He not only gave us facts, but the reasons behind the facts. It really helped to cement the material into my mind. When I went in for the SIE Exam, I was able to move through the questions quickly and even had enough time to go through every question again. Thank you Solomon Test Prep!

Jason Vreeke CoreCap Investments LLC High Point, NC

I studied for both the SIE and the Series 99 with Solomon. Both texts more than prepared me for the exam. The practice questions in particular were extremely helpful and were even a bit more challenging than the actual exams. After reading and annotating both textbooks twice and taking each quiz multiple times to the point that I received high scores on each, I was confident taking the exam. Although there were a few questions here and there on the exams that seemed to be outside the scope of the material and had some differently worded questions, the quiz questions were quite in line with the actual exam. I passed both exams my first try. I highly recommend Solomon study material.

Eric Cunningham PNC Pittsburgh, PA

This program and study prep is amazing. I took and passed my SIE on the first attempt. If you follow the study guide you should be fine. I got to tell you I have never passed a test on the first go. Thanks, Jeremy! I appreciate all your tips and help you posted on the feed. It was all very beneficial to my success.

Tyrone Foster, Hall Labs. Provo, UT

I just took my SIE, Series 6 and Series 63 exams — I took them all on the same day (would recommend breaking them into separate days if you can, but I had specific work reasons I had to get them done). In any event, I PASSED all 3 exams. I used the Solomon materials and was extremely satisfied. Great study materials, I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you!

Glenn M., Detroit, MI

Thanks to Solomon I was able to pass the SIE, Series 7, and Series 63, great study material if you put the hours in!

Xavier Mata, Cabrera Capital Markets. Chicago, IL

Soloman's practice exams are a powerful tool! Just passed SIE - will be looking to use their other content for the top-off exams very soon. Thank you!

John S. Clearing Firm Charlotte, NC

Wow!!! Well all I can say is that Solomon Test Prep not only helped me pass the SIE first time but ensured I felt confident about the test beforehand! I will say that the practice tests are definitely harder than the real thing so if your probability passing is over 70% you are good to go! Thanks Solomon!

Lee Schmidt, Thiesen and Dueker Financial Group. Fresno, CA.

Passed the SIE on my first attempt! Read the Kaplan study book and didn’t feel prepared enough to pass the exam. Stumbled upon Solomon exam prep and am so thankful I did. The exam simulator with the detailed answers did so much more to help me prepare. Went into the exam confident and passed. I’ll be back for the Series 7!

John N, Indianapolis IN

I passed first try on the SIE. Thanks to Solomon! The exam simulator is super helpful for prepping for test day.

William Windham, Solebury. Brooklyn, NY

What an excellent resource! I passed my SIE Exam on my first try and Solomon Exam Prep did an excellent job preparing me for the test. I would highly recommend purchasing the study guide, video lectures, and the exam simulator. The exam simulator is especially helpful. As long as you are scoring consistently in the mid to high seventies on the timed practice exams, you will have no problem with the actual exam. Thank you again to Solomon!

Carter Spearry, Merrill Lynch. Rocky River, OH

The (SIE) exam was tough, but I was well prepared after studying with the Solomon Exam Prep guides. Having a set study schedule made this much easier to follow along. I'll definitely be using Solomon for my Series 6 and 63 exams! 

Matthew Bird, Lincoln Investment. Liverpool, NY.

Solomon has been hugely helpful to me. In 2022, they helped me prepare for the SIE, Series 63, and Series 79 exams, and I passed all 3 on the first try. I give huge credit to their focused materials and suggested timelines for keeping me on track!

William Windham, Solebury. Brooklyn, NY.

Solomon Exam Prep materials are head and shoulders above any other company's products. I have purchased several other companies' materials and found that when it came time to take the crucial step of practice exams, every other company's answer explanations simply were too brief to be truly educational, or worse, sometimes contradictory to the text. That is when I turned to Solomon Exam Prep. After purchasing their materials, an actual team member emailed me almost every other day to ask how I was doing with my studying and offered assistance if I had questions. With this kind of support, you aren't trying to climb the mountain of becoming licensed alone! Finally, the owner also contacted me several times to thank me for my purchase and to check on my progress. There is no other company out there doing business in this exemplary way. Please be kind to yourself and START with Solomon Exam Prep materials for the BEST of success!

Rebecca Spadafore - Financial Advisor, LPL Financial. Meadville/Erie Area, PA SIE, Series 7, Series 66

I'm not the best test taker. Solomon changed that. I was struggling on the quizzes and practice test. However, I passed the SIE on the first try. Took me less than one hour to complete. I felt very prepared.

Lamar Barnes, Washington D.C.

I have taken and passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 using this amazing Solomon study program. Each time, I felt prepared for the exam and confident in my answers. Solomon's study structure and varying mediums of study make it interactive and easy to learn.. It's an amazing deal for the tools received. I would highly recommend this program!

Abbigayle Hanoch, LPL Financial. Ventura, NM

THANK YOU SOLOMON! I passed the SIE in December and Series 6 in February. I do not have a background in finance. The study materials prepared me wonderfully for the exams. I used the study schedule - took a ton of practice exams and re-read the material. Also, the testimonials were very encouraging, so I had to share that I had the same amazing experience. Thank you so much!

Candace Chavez, Cetera Investment Services. Wimberley, TX

PASSED SIE ON MY FIRST TRY!! Initially started with a competitor but I was referred to study through Solomon instead. After comparing the two, I stuck to Solomon for 6 weeks straight. The material and practice q’s gave me a better understanding and helped me prepare for the actual exam. Thank you!!

Gelyn Rice, Allstate, Los Angeles CA

I am so happy to announce that I passed the SIE on July 1st! Thank you, Solomon the book, videos, and exam simulator were the best! I went to the test with confidence, and I must say I felt like I was prepared for every question. I had more than enough time to complete all the questions and reviewed my answers. Series 6, here I come! Let's Go, Solomon!

Leanene Carriere, Nameloc Inc. Houston, TX

Solomon exam prep materials are the best! I have passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 in less than 12 months using their materials. Their products are fantastic! The practice exams are excellent, and the probability calculator is spot on. I followed the provided customized study plan and took practice exams (over 20 lol) until my probability calculator was in the green (indicating a higher probability of passing) and the rest is history. There are no shortcuts. You must put in the work and stay disciplined, but the Solomon program WORKS and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone looking for amazing, comprehensive study materials to prepare for industry examinations.

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

I only used the exam simulator and it was the best decision I made! I read a different textbook and used Solomon solely for test prep questions. I promise you the $70 or so this cost is 100% worth it. Every question that I got on my exam (May 2020) was related to all the questions asked in the Solomon exam simulator. If you are willing to put in the work and take all of the chapter quizzes and then take 5 each of the time/not timed exams you will pass. Another good thing is that you can download their app and take exams on your phone - I found this very useful when I didn't want to always be on my laptop all day.

Nick Sciortino, Barrington, NJ

I've used the Solomon exam prep materials for both my SIE and Series 6 exams and passed both on the first try! The audio materials are a lifesaver and a great resource to utilize, especially while driving. Also, your team is fantastic! I reached out through the "Ask the Professor" option while studying for the SIE and the response and additional help was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Solomon! Thanks again!

Kristina Ribali, Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial. Naples, FL

The materials for the SIE were very well organized and presented. The study guide is comprehensive and easy to understand. Beyond that what I found the most valuable were the practice exams particularly the detailed explanations after each set of answers. There are so many hidden gems in there be sure to scroll down so as not to miss that information. We done Solomon Prep!

Matthew Gould, GreyMan Management . Scottsdale, AZ.

Solomon Exam Prep helped me pass the Series SIE, 63, 65 and 7 exams. The study materials are easy to understand and practice exams were very helpful, especially with the passing probability to gauge my exam readiness. The instructor for all web classes were really worth it as I could get directly answers for my questions. I couldn't have pass these exams without Solomon's help. Thank you!


My sincere thanks and appreciation to the team at Solomon. I've used your materials to pass the SIE and Series 6, both on the first try, and today with your help, I have passed the Series 26 exam on the first try as well! Thank you for the excellent materials and assistance!

Kristina Ribali, MWA Financial Services. Ave Maria, FL

I utilized the Solomon SIE and Series 6 Top-Off study guide package. I passed on the first time by following the exact recommendations. While the test is different than the study exam questions it covers the content in a detailed way preparing you to successfully pass the exam. Great product and customer service!

Michael Gehrich, Allstate Insurance, Ft Myers, FL

Solomon's study materials and practice exam helped prepare me quickly and made me confident going into the SIE exam. I'm happy to have used their services and highly recommend their products for the SIE exam.

Kevin Ramani. Boston, MA

Solomon Exam Prep was very thorough and prepared me not only for the SIE, but the practice questions were so in-depth I now feel prepared for the Series-7 top-off as well.

Steven Laesser, Raymond James, Saint Petersburg, FL

All test from FINRA should never be taken lightly. The Solomon course work and exercise materials prepared me well for the SIE exam of which I passed the first time. I am onto prepping for the Series 79 and will once again use Jeremy Solomon’s resources and program. Thank you, Jeremy, for the outstanding support!

Constantino (Tony) Quintong Jr, Securieon Group. Carmel by the Sea, CA

Just Passed the SIE! I started with the Kaplan study guide -read 3 chapters and fell asleep. I searched online for exam simulators like the ones I used for my IT certifications and came across the Solomon Exam Simulator. I started taking the chapter test over and over, some as much as 15 times. I spent a month of total study time and took the practice 85 question SIE exam 4 times with an average 58% score. I also took the FINRA practice exam 2 times. The results charts gave great insight on well I was master each subject. I used them day. I will tell you that the Solomon practice questions were a lot harder then the real exam. I think that made the difference. I took me just under an hour to complete the test. On the the Series 57- too bad Solomon does not have an exam simulator for that one.

Phil A. Frisco, TX

I just want to thank Solomon Exam Prep for a great semester! We taught this curriculum at Widener University for the first time. The Solomon team was great to work with! Always available, very responsive and eager to help. The online offering is very comprehensive and we didn't miss a beat when we switched to remote learning. The QwizBang game was a big hit with the students (although more fun when we were all in the same room.) I can't thank them enough for all that they have done.

Maggie Creed, Widener University, Chester, PA

Passed SIE on the first attempt! The multi-prong study approach Solomon puts together - read, take notes, watch videos, practice tests, review - is very effective. By the time I had worked through the plan and used the reports to bolster my weak areas, I walked into the test center with high confidence. It took a lot of time and was hard work, but the test plan and materials made it possible.

Dave Stakland, Cambridge Investment Research. Fairfield, IA.

Solomon Exam Prep did it again! I passed the Series 63! Now, I'm 3 for 3 - SIE, S6 & S63 - all first try- thanks to the amazing study material! The practice exams are phenomenal!

Candace Chavez, Cetera Investment Services. Wimberley, TX.

I finally passed my SIE this month. Thank you to this AMAZING, pass or money back Solomon's test materials. I did study the book, did the simulated exams about 15 times and quizzes at least 5 times each before taking the exam. The testimonials here helped me follow a strategy and I stayed focused on passing. Solomon exam prep material really prepares you for the exam, I passed on Aug 21 2021 after using other competitive materials to no success. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep.

Omo Vanwie, Morgan Stanley. Columbus, OH

I passed the SIE with the help of the practice exams from this course. The practice exams from this course seemed a bit needlessly difficult compared to the actual exam I took. While it prepared me well, it caused a lot of unnecessary stress. Don’t over do it on the practice exams.

Christian Heer, Merrill lynch . Los angeles, CA

I was able to learn, practice, and pass both my SIE and Series 6 Exams ahead of schedule, while running my agency. The information was complete and the practice questions were plentiful! I highly recommend Solomon and will continue to use them in the future!

Shawn Swank, Swank Agency Allstate Insurance, Trinity, FL

Solomon Exam Prep is the "go-to" study guide for any busy professional in our industry. Extraordinary customer service and responses to your questions via email. Excellent flow of subjects, quizzes, test and audiobooks for on-demand refresh. Don't settle for any other test platform for our industry. The goal is to pass the test and they have the staff and platform to help you achieve your goal. 

Robert Jones, US Capital Global. San Francisco, CA

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