Solomon's SIE Course Curriculum. Created by instructors for instructors.

For the first time in its history, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is offering an introductory-level exam that doesn’t require sponsorship from a member-firm.

The SIE exam is FINRA’s way of introducing a new generation to the securities industry. Passing the SIE proves to potential employers that an individual knows and understands the basics of the world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. It’s also the requirement for anyone who will want to become registered so it’s quickly becoming the industry standard to take the exam before applying for jobs.

Passing the SIE shows potential employers that students:

  • Are serious about a career in the financial services industry
  • Have completed a co-requisite for a relevant Series exams
  • Have mastered the basics of the securities industry

The only requirement to take the SIE is that the candidate is over 18 years old. Results are valid for four years so students can take the exam well before graduation.

Having the SIE on a resume can increase a student’s chance of landing a desirable internship or first job after graduation.

Solomon can tailor its SIE curriculum to fit any course. Most colleges and universities choose to incorporate Solomon in the following ways:

Credit Course
Solomon provides all necessary materials required to offer a course for a quarter, trimester or semester

Non-Credit Course
Complete lesson plans offered as a mini-course between terms and structured for allotted time

As Part of a Current Course
Lesson plans offered as a sub-section of an existing class, such as a Finance or Capital Markets Course

Student Self-Study Program
Includes customized informational materials for a specific program and a dedicated partner page where students sign up to receive a significant discount on SIE materials

There are no expenses beyond the cost of student materials.

For an instructor-led SIE course, complimentary instructor tools are included.


Digital Study Guide (hard copy option available) [Sample]
Includes detailed explanations, visual study aids, example questions, and end-of-chapter review questions.

Online Exam Simulator [Sample]
Contains unlimited quizzes and exams. Built-in interactive review allows students to narrow down weak areas.

Audiobook [Sample]
A verbatim reading of the Study Guide that can be streamed or downloaded.

Video Lecture [Sample]
A narrated PowerPoint slideshow that provides students with an overview of the essential concepts of each chapter.

Over 700 digital definition cards featuring clear, easy-to-understand definitions.
Over 1200 true-false cards that feature important SIE exam facts.

Ask the (Solomon) Professor
A question submission function that enables students and instructors to ask content questions. Responses are provided by real Solomon Exam Prep professors within one business day.


Admin Portal
A simple webpage where instructors and administrators can track courses and monitor student progress. Built-in student assessment tools allows for easy grading and effective student support.

Instructor Slides
PowerPoint slides sourced from the Solomon SIE Video Lecture for in-class use.

Instructor Quizzes and Exams
Special end of chapter quizzes and final exam with questions reserved solely for assessment.

Custom Study Schedule
Study schedule tailored for a specific course, based on length and instructor needs. Schedules include recommendations for how much material should be covered in each class meeting.

A live interactive game platform designed to allow two or more teams to engage in competitive online learning.

Founded by Karen Solomon (Ph.D., University of Chicago) and Jeremy Solomon (MBA, Wharton), Solomon Exam Prep has helped thousands of students pass their series exams.

Developed by professors with real world experience in the classroom, Solomon’s SIE course features individualized student and instructor support, and high pass rates.

Join institutions such as the Adelphi University, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Seton Hall University, Ohio Dominican University, Georgetown University, Widener University, and University of Dallas in partnering with Solomon.

"UNO implemented Solomon Exam Prep's SIE study materials in 2018 with great success. The content fit seamlessly into our Financial Markets course, replacing a stuffy textbook with practical knowledge in a format fit for today's students. Coming out of a course ready to pass the SIE Exam gives our students an incredible leg up in a competitive job market.

Solomon's materials are clear, well-written, and provide students with a wide variety of helpful tools that maximize learning. The user-friendly administrative portal makes back-end faculty work a breeze, with plenty of options to analyze student performance. Altogether, it is a robust system that promotes learning and is a joy to interact with.

Perhaps most importantly, Solomon Exam Prep is always there to help and is remarkably responsive to our needs. We are thrilled to partner with Solomon Exam Prep for our Financial Markets course and look forward to working with them in the future!"

Ray LeBlanc, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Want to learn more or have questions about bringing the SIE to your institution?

Jeremy Solomon
President and Founder

Are your students interested in a career as an investment adviser? Help them get a solid foundation in investment advising knowledge with the Solomon Pre-Investment Adviser Representative (SPIAR) Certificate.

Investment adviser representatives (IARs) use their knowledge to give financial advice and help clients build investment portfolios. They might provide general investment advice or recommend a client to invest in a specific security. IARs can also manage client accounts and supervise other IARs.

Becoming a registered investment adviser requires a big commitment to study for a challenging qualification exam – the Investment Adviser Representative Exam, also known as the Series 65. Not to mention filing a Form U4 or Form U10 – a complicated process.

But understanding the topics that investment advisers need to know can be valuable for anyone planning a career in finance or the securities industry. The SPIAR Certificate program is perfect for people new to the industry.

In the program, students gain a solid base in several crucial investment advising topics:

  • Different securities products like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and limited partnerships
  • Investing strategies and portfolio analysis
  • Investment risks
  • Securities markets
  • Taxation
  • Retirement and educational savings plans
  • Federal securities laws and conduct rules.
  • 90-day online subscription that starts upon student's activation
  • 13 modules containing readings, quick quizzes, and final exams
  • Full access on tablet and phone
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Record of program completion via publicly searchable database

The SPIAR Certificate is a self-paced program of 13 modules that take between 3–5 hours to complete. Each module contains concise, easy-to-understand reading lessons with quick quizzes embedded throughout. This read-and-quiz approach has been shown to help with content mastery. Each module ends with a final exam to ensure mastery of the material. After passing all 13 modules in the program, the student will receive a digital certificate of completion and be able to share the new credential on LinkedIn and other social media.

The modules can be purchased individually, or students can buy the whole certificate for a discount of over 20%. We suggest completing the modules in the following order to maximize learning as they build on one another:

  1. Equity Securities (4.5 hours)
  2. Debt Securities 1 (5 hours)
  3. Debt Securities 2 (4 hours)
  4. Investment Companies (5 hours)
  5. Alternative Investments (3 hours)
  6. Options (5 hours)
  7. Taxation (3 hours)
  8. Retirement Plans and Education Savings Plans (3 hours)
  9. Analyzing Securities (3.5 hours)
  10. Client Accounts, Client Profiles and Portfolio Analysis (3 hours)
  11. Economic Factors (3 hours)
  12. Trading Securities and Performance Measures (5 hours)
  13. State and Federal Securities Acts and the Regulation of Securities and Securities Professionals (4 hours)

Yes! If your students want to...

  • Acquire helpful knowledge of investments for personal financial planning.
  • Find out whether to pursue a career as an investment adviser representative.
  • Enhance their career opportunities by having an impressive credential on their resumes.
  • Gain a solid foundation of the knowledge they’ll need to know if they plan to take the Series 65 in the future.
  • Get featured in a public database where potential employers can find them.

For nearly twenty years, Solomon has helped thousands pass their securities licensing exams, including the Series 65 exam. The Pre-IAR Certificate program was created by the same team of Solomon content experts who develop the Series 65 exam study materials – so you can trust that you’re getting the most up-to-date information about the investment adviser world.

Solomon Exam Prep is led by founders Karen and Jeremy Solomon, who have maintained a lifelong commitment to learning and education. Solomon draws from a pool of seasoned educators, practitioners, and communicators who are experienced in both investment education and the process of adult learning.

Interested in learning more or have questions about sharing the SPIAR Certificate with your students?

Beth Hamilton
Higher Education Development Manager