I took the exam three days after we spoke. I had to drive 75 miles to the test center. I finished the exam in a little under two hours and did not want to second guess myself in changing any of my answers. Upon completion of the exam, and subsequent grading I saw a 65 on the screen and I couldn't believe I did so poorly. However, the 65 I saw stood for the Series 65 not my grade and several lines below was my grade which was an 87. Thus I passed with a minimum amount of study looking over your online exam simulator. The questions were very similar to your review questions and I am sure that a candidate who reviews your questions and understands the application will have no problem passing the exam. Thanks for a great product.

Jeff Dampf

At Phillips & Co., my job was to hire entry level applicants who could successfully pass the Series 65 and Series 7 examinations in three months and do it the FIRST TIME. After trying Kaplan/Dearborn, STC, and even the Series 7 for Dummies, 85% of our applicants were still having a hard time passing.

One day while expressing my frustration to a colleague, he recommended I look up First Books' Exam Prep. I could tell immediately that this was a unique approach worth the investment. Since we implemented Exam Prep with new recruits our pass rate shot up to well over 90%.

If you or your employees want to pass your exam the first time without falling asleep while studying, I highly recommend you give their training program a try!

Kary Youman, Phillips & Co. Portland, Oregon

Special thanks to Solomon for ensuring I pass the 65! Trust in the material and you will pass. I bought multiple resources and by far, Solomon was the best. Thanks again.

Paige Robino, Fisher Investments, Plano, TX

My third exam passed with Solomon, first the Series 6 and the Series 63, this time the Series 65 - just passed today! Highly recommend for any exam prep you need! Thank you again guys!

Brad Eiden, Nationwide Advisory, Louisville, KY

I am so happy to say that took my Series 65 Exam and passed on my first attempt! All thanks must go to Solomon Exam Prep and its materials. I read the Study Guide cover to cover 3 times, took notes and took what felt like endless practice quizzes, but I must say that I found the practice questions more difficult than the actual exam! I cannot recommend Solomon Exam Prep enough!

Kevin Blanchard, Meche and Associates. Breaux Bridge, LA

I had my licenses but I let them lapse after I sold my firm. Now we're starting a new firm and I needed a refresher and studied your book and used the exam simulator. I passed the Series 65 and your materials were a big help. Now I am back for the Series 7 and I want your book, audio book and exam simulator. Thanks for an excellent product.

Jason Luquire Pawleys Island, SC

After failing the SIE with a different study company, I passed after using Solomon! I then passed the S6, S63 and S65 on the first try after studying with Solomon materials! I loved how easy the material was to comprehend and the practice tests were amazing! I felt well prepared for each test! Thank you Solomon!

Sara Hays, State Farm. Atascadero, CA

I passed my Series 65 today with an 80, first effort! Not only was the material well laid out, but if it's possible, the Solomon prep made the material palatable and understandable. Amazing!!! I have used Kaplan in the past as well as STC, which are both very good, but I chose Solomon because it had audio downloads. With an hour commute, I was able to study during that otherwise wasted time. Additionally, the "Ask the Professor" and live chat features were excellent!! Questions were answered virtually immediately by personal email and the author/owner Jeremy Solomon actually called me to help me and cheer me on! I didn't think this kind of customer service and general human kindness existed anymore. He even asked me to let him know personally my results which, thanks to this program, I am on the other side of this very difficult exam. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep!!!!!

Carol K. Gallagher TIAA-CREF Upstate New York

I did so many practice exams with Solomon and never saw one question twice. The quality of study material is thorough, with a touch of humor, and gives it to you in many formats (visual both on the computer or in book format if you wish), as well as audio that you can listen to in the car, as well as the benefit of videos of actual lectures from professors. I felt as though getting the information in all those formats allowed me to really grasp the information using different senses and facilitated the learning process even further.

Stacey Sperry, Durham, NC

I have used other providers in the past for the 62 and decided to try something new this time due to passing that by a thin margin out of luck.  I passed the 65 first try with an 88% all thanks to Solomon Exam Prep and its effective 5-week program.  The book is thorough and easy to follow and the endless question bank with detailed explanations ensures that you will never see a repeat and never have to worry about question memorization (which is CRITICAL when you are assessing how ready you are based off of practice tests).  The quizzes and exams require a deeper level of understanding, unlike other providers that test you with elementary questions only to leave the actual exam to feel unpleasantly difficult.  The practice quizzes provide a very convenient way to focus on your weak areas and the full simulation exams feel very much like the actual test and in my experience, made the real exam seem surprisingly easy.  The practice questions also reinforce important test taking skills and taught me to approach questions in a more disciplined way than before.  Finally, I gave the “ask the professor” function a try and they are VERY responsive and clearly have a passion for seeing their clients succeed.  I couldn’t be happier with this program and even though you might hear about the other test prep companies more often, Solomon IS the most effective.

Bates Parsons, Denver, CO

I passed my series 65 exam on the first attempt! The books and sample questions are always very helpful. I leveraged this course with another program that was offered to me. I did mainly use this one and found the material very helpful. Overall, I would say the test questions that were in the book and online were much more difficult than the exam itself. I do like the crash course piece, but would also love the option of a instructional video which is what the other course offered. I learn not just by readying, but visually as well. The combination of the two were very helpful, but overall I felt the material, especially the sample test questions, were more comprehensive. Thank you for the material.

Ken Kramer

Passed Series 65 (80%) on first attempt. THANK YOU, Solomon Exam Prep and all of your VERY helpful and courteous staff! Will be back for next two exams.

James M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I used Solomon to prep for my Series 65 exam. I was extremely impressed with how prepared I was for the actual exam! After reviewing the chapter material and taking 7-10 quizzes for each chapter, I was scoring around a 75 average on the practice exams, I wasn't sure that would be enough to pass. However, on exam day I felt extremely confident with the material, and I passed the 65 on my first attempt with about 45 minutes to spare. Extremely satisfied with how Solomon teaches the material to truly make it stick, and also with the progress statistics that they show you, so you know what to work on. I would 100% recommend it to anyone trying to pass their Series exams!

Landry Mead, Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management. Dallas, TX

I have to commend everyone at Solomon Exam Prep in getting me ready for and helping me pass my "Series 65" State Securities Law exam. I did not have a securities background nor did I work in the industry, and at 51 years old it was a challenge for me to go back to hitting the books. In addition to studying for the exam I was running my full time business and working 60+ hours a week. But with their help and support I passed on my first attempt.

Philip Schweik, Global View Capital Advisors, Wausau, WI

I recently passed the Series 65 exam, really recommend this study material. I used other vendors before with no success; this is the best in the market. Thanks so much!

Mauricio Reyes. Boca Raton, FL

I passed the series 65 on my first attempt, thanks to the online quizzes & exams! The instant rationale feedback option really helped me think through the concepts. I highly recommend your testing material!


I am delighted to be able to tell you that I passed my Series 65 exam on my first attempt earlier today. Although I am an experienced adviser my work has previously all been in the UK and servicing UK Expats so have had no previous experience in the US or its regulatory framework. My only resource was the Solomon Exam Prep module for Series 65. It had everything I needed including prompt (super quick) responses to queries from real people. Even on a Sunday which I find incredible. A big thank you to you and the whole staff; I have recommended you to a number of people and will continue to do so; worth every penny.

Jonathan Brookes, Hoxton Capital, Austin TX

I finally passed the Series 65! I’m writing today to send you a very sincere Thank you for all the professional support and emotional guidance you have provided. I was emotionally beat up and almost ready to give in on my endeavor of passing the Series 65 and becoming an Investment Advisor Firm. After becoming unemployed and having a tremendous time focusing on the study material, you provided additional months and material access for no additional Fee! You also mentioned I should be able to teach the material and then I’ll be ready for the exam. By the gracious caring and professional sharing of your wisdom, it provided me to find my path to passing the Series 65! The three items that really helped was to Study like I’m going to teach it, memorizing and learn by over studying, and getting plenty of sleep and rest. Thank you to you, your family, and pro team for all you have done. I am very blessed and humbled to have met you all in this challenging time of my life. Happy Holidays, and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Michael Jones. Kansas City, MO

I passed the Series 65 this afternoon! Your online test simulation was terrific. Thanks so much!

David G., San Francisco, CA

I passed the Series 65 today. Thanks so much. The Series 65 Exam Simulator and the iPhone app were my only study instruments. I didn't have any other study materials. Granted, I know that you encouraged me to not use the exam simulator as my sole source, but I found your practice tests to be more difficult than the actual exam. I had taken the series 65 in 1994, but it is a different test now. I received an 89%, finished 55 minutes early. I just took your exam simulator tests over and over. Funny thing, I was getting in the 75% range on your exams. Never broke 80%. Great apps! I really appreciate your generosity in extending my subscription to complete my prep. You are a good man. Thank you. 

Daniel Q. Humphrey, Financial Guard, Pleasant Grove, Utah

I passed the series 65! I used the Solomon exam prep Material to take the series 65. I had previously used the Kaplan material and did not find the materials to be that good. The book, audio tape and exam question bank were amazing. It was hard to go to the center wearing a mask during this Coronavirus time period. I don’t think I would’ve passed this Series 65 without Solomon. Thank you

Gail Abrams, The Investment Center, Inc. Watchung, NJ

I PASSED. A big thank you to Solomon Exam Prep for breaking down the material for the Series 65 exam into understandable information. I started my exam prep journey with another provider and their material was simply too wordy and full of unnecessary information. I switched to Solomon Exam Prep and the material was easy to follow and I PASSED. Thanks so much for being there for me.

Tammy Gladstone, State Farm Insurance, California, MD

Hi Jeremy, I passed! Thanks for all your hard work and support to help me get through the Series 65! I went from scoring a 65 [using a competitor's material] to a 79 percent [with your Exam Prep]. I felt your material covered the exam perfectly. I went out of my way of actually learning instead memorizing. I used the book and the audio book as well as your online test prep. I am glad that is over with! Thanks again, best wishes to you as well.

Bryce Lindley, Sisters, Oregon

Solomon Exam Prep helped me pass the Series SIE, 63, 65 and 7 exams. The study materials are easy to understand and practice exams were very helpful, especially with the passing probability to gauge my exam readiness. The instructor for all web classes were really worth it as I could get directly answers for my questions. I couldn't have pass these exams without Solomon's help. Thank you!


I wanted to thank you for your help several weeks ago. The practice questions were very helpful. I passed the exam (Series 65) on the first try with a solid score.

Alan Heacock, LPL Financial, Bedford, NH

I thought the study material from Solomon Exam Prep was great.  It helped me focus on the sections where I needed to study the most.  I passed with an 81% on my first try for the Series 65 exam.  I would definitely use Solomon Exam Prep again if I need to get any more licenses.

Michael, Portland, OR

I began the process of studying for the Series 65 in October of 2013.  I studied with two other exam prep companies.  The result, a 70% each time. 

Then, I bought Solomon’s Exam Prep 65.  As I did with the other two, I went step by step, and when it said I was ready I sat for the exam!  Boom!  80%, passing all four sections at once!  So if you’re surfing the internet right now wondering who to go with….STOP….Solomon’s is the right choice for today’s professional to get the licensing you need done the first time, not the third!

Shad Johnson, The Mueller Companies, Canon City, CO

Thank you Solomon, 87% on the series 65. I thought I was nervous showing up to the exam, but the material was well above par. thanks again

Matt Callahan

Just wanted you to know, I passed the Series 65 exam on the first attempt. Your book was easy and enjoyable to read, all of the important information was very well explained. But I found your online quizzes and exams extremely helpful in getting the material entrenched in my memory. I was very comfortable with the format and wording of the questions on the actual exam after drilling with your online program. Thank you for enabling me to move to the next level of my career.

Robert Rosenbaum, Sarasota, FL

Within a few months, I passed the SIE, Series 7, 63, 65, & 79 exams all on the first try using Solomon Exam Prep. This material will prepare you for the actual exam. I will say in many instances the practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. Solomon and the various tracking metrics will more than help you prepare for the rigors of exam day. I highly recommend the practice exams and ability to dive back in to review weak areas. I will continue to use their products and services in the future.

Andrew Ezzat, Bank of America. Tampa, FL.

My oldest son purchased your Solomon audio exam guide to pass his Series 7, and I did the same for the  Series 65 exam at his recommendation. Although I am 62 and have been out of college for forty(40) years, I passed my Series 65 exam on my first try. This would NOT have been possible without your excellent study materials. Thank you! for the service you provide to all aspiring test takers where so much is on the line!

Most Sincerely,

David Hartzell

Cornell Capital Management 

David Hartzell, Cornell Capital Management, New York

Very good material and well planned to help you pass the first time (Series 65).  The audio tape structure is easy to  listen to along with the reading material. Clear and to the point. Nothing dry about your material. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Carlos Acosta, GoldBox Wealth, San Antonio, TX

I want to thank Solomon Prep for helping me to pass the Series 65.

Nelson Coleman, Saint Louis, MO

The material and website were very well organized and thorough. I felt I was prepared for the actual, real test when I took it because I had gone through their range of questions with all the practice tests that I could do on their website, covering every topic, approached with different angles.

Stacey Sperry, Durham, NC

I passed the exam (Series 65) on the first try only using your study prep. Worked great for me!

Michael Carmody Brentwood, TN

I used Solomon for the 63 and the 65 and PASSED both on 1st try. U will too.

Pavel Jezek, Denver, CO

I passed my Series 65 today with an 80, first effort!  Not only was the material well laid out, but if it's possible, the Solomon prep made the material palatable and understandable. Amazing!!! I have used Kaplan in the past as well as STC, which are both very good, but I chose Solomon because it had audio downloads. With an hour commute, I was able to study during that otherwise wasted time.

Additionally, the "Ask the Professor" and live chat features were excellent!! Questions were answered virtually immediately by personal email from author/owner Jeremy Solomon and he actually called me to help me and cheer me on! I didn't think this kind of customer service and general human kindness existed anymore. He even asked me to let him know personally my results which, thanks to this program, I am on the other side of this very difficult exam. 

Thank you Solomon Exam Prep!!!!!

Carol Gallagher, TIAA, Syracuse, New York

I learned the material quickly and passed the Series 65 with flying colors.  It was fun to listen while driving, and it was easy to absorb the information—just like being taught by an entertaining young professor! 

Chris McConnell, Adondo Corporation, Wayne, PA

The Exam Prep online exams solidified the material in my mind and allowed me to use the timer to think quickly. Although the Series 65 exam is not a race, time is a key factor. I finished the test in about and hour and 10 minutes and then spent 20 minutes going back to review the questions I marked, a couple of which I had to use logic to guess what the terms meant (always dangerous to use logic when it comes to this stuff). After completing I pressed the button to submit it for grading and the whole while my heart was pounding as I thought for sure I failed due to the length of time it took to grade (I am certain the computer was laughing at my getting so many ridiculous questions on one test). Lo and behold when the screen returned I got an 82 and I don't think that I could have done it with out your book and your online tests to hammer the info in to my head. At 45 years of age having been removed from college for to many years it was quite an arduous task especially with out a class and about 2 months to prepare part time on my own. So in a long winded way thanks I am sure I could not have passed the Series 65 without your help. 

Roger Vertes, Boston, MA

I just passed the Series 65 exam – thanks, Jeremy! Your excellent and enjoyable book and challenging practice exams-and-quizzes were my only resources. This exam kicked my butt, but I was able to accomplish the only essential task – simply "to pass" – because of the thoroughness (and the plain English and occasional humor) of these two essential test prep materials. Here's my warning -- don't underestimate the difficulty of this exam! I highly recommend that fellow Series 65'ers keep taking the practice exams and quizzes until they can comfortably get a score of 80+ before scheduling their exam; you need to go into the exam room with the confidence that this crucial simulated test-taking experience will provide. I'm so grateful for your help! 

Jeff Hartnett, Portland, OR

I passed the Series 65 with a 92% thanks to the Solomon practice exams. The questions on the practice exams were very similar to what I actually encountered on the actual exam, and the ability to take unlimited practice exams really built my knowledge and confidence. I highly recommend this product to anyone studying for the Series 65.

Neal Thompson, Denver, CO, Series 65

Thank you Solomon! I passed the Series 65 today on the 1st attempt. Same result as on the Series 63 I passed last year. The Solomon video lectures and exam simulator was awesome. It not only helped pass the test but helped me really understand all the material. 

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

I used you guys when I sat for the Series 7 two weeks prior and passed that bad boy too. The Solomon books are awesome and allowed me to pass these challenging exams [Series 65 and Series 7] the first time.  Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jonathan Freehill, Houston, TX

I just wanted to let you know I took the Series 65(85), Series 63(90) and Series 7(90) and am pleased as can be with your guides and practice materials. Not only do they contain the facts that are needed to pass the exams, but are actually presented in a format that you are still interested and awake by the time you get there! Really brilliant instructions.

Michael, CPA, Registered Representative

The audio book was fantastic, and I passed the Series 65 on my first attempt. Thank you!

Steve O'Dell, Merrill Lynch, Westchester, NY

Thanks to you I passed the Series 65 exam on my first try. I appreciated your materials and online test bank.


My name is Michael Urbanski, CPA and I was able to pass the Series 65 exam on my first attempt. For me, I like to study from all the credible resources I can find. Using exam simulators and exposing yourself to as many sample exam questions helps to learn how an exam is written. I would recommend using these materials to help YOU pass the exams you chose to sit for.

Michael Urbanski, CPA Toledo, OH

I could not be happier with Solomon Exam Prep and I am so glad I found it. I had taken this test prior and wasn't able to pass. After utilizing the Total Study Package for the Series 65, including the book, audiobook, summary videos and practice tests, I felt very confident clicking the submit button at the end of the test. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep to pass your upcoming test.

Dane Urista, Vincent Asset Management, Eden Prairie, MN

I passed the Series 65 exam on my first attempt. Your practice exams really helped. Thanks again.

Colin Tucker, Little Rock, AR

Solomon Exam Prep material was great. Explained in a way that is easy to learn and follow. Test questions really help the material sink in. I had failed the Series 66 twice using another service. When it came time to find new material for the Series 65 and Series 63 Solomon was it. I passed both the 65 & 63 with flying colors and I have Solomon to thank for that.

Jeff Champigny, Merrill Lynch, Greensboro, NC

Love Solomon, I tried other companies and the ones I used didn't prepare me. Solomon teaches you the concepts and the practice tests helped me pass my Series 65, 63, and the 6 on my first try. I've had no less than four of my friends use Solomon and they have all had similar success. Work hard with the correct study material and you will have success.

Gerald Barnes, Client One, Peoria, AZ

I'm an auditory learner. Ordering the audio files was most helpful and I passed today with no worries.

Michael Freemire, Cambridge Advisors, Englewood, CO

I passed the Series 65 on the first try and I would absolutely give credit to this tool. We all learn in vastly different ways, so having the options available for a study guide, audiobook, video training, flash cards, practice tests - and ALL of the other resources available was critical to my success. I've been out of school for over a decade and remembering HOW to study was hard. I'm so glad I had all of these options.

Ashley Dunning, Inspire Investing. Kansas City, MO

I used Solomon Exam Prep to take my Series 65 exam and passed it on the first try. The schedule generator is a great tool to stay on track and the practice exams and quizzes were my preferred method of studying and worked great as they provided questions that were very close and helpful in preparing for the real exam. Thank you!

Joseph Waitkevich, Coppertree LLC. Worcester, MA

I passed the test [the Series 65] with flying colors. Your study material, particularly the book and the online exams were the difference maker. Other individuals in my firm used exam prep courses from other companies and unfortunately did not pass the exam. I am confident in saying that these materials were the difference maker. Thank you for creating such a great product. Everyone in my firm will use your simulators going forward. 

Chris T. Chambers, Senior Partner, My Harvest Field, Inc., Clearwater, FL

I wanted to add my testimonial to the long list of successful test-takers. Passed my Series 65 today on the first try! The materials were well written and made the concepts easier to understand (especially to someone with no background in finance like myself). I was a big fan of the audio format as I have a long drive back and forth to work (other test prep providers did not have this option). The test simulators were also a huge help. Thanks to the folks at Solomon Prep!

Ralph Marshall, High Speed Alliance, Wilmington DE

Awesome customer service and material. Will definitely be a returning customer

Michael, MM Financial Planning. New York, NY

Passed my Series 65 on the first try! Solomon really has everything you need to pass. I followed the recommended schedule and took a ton of practice tests. This gave me a ton of confidence and it paid off!

Andrea Rivera, ForUsAll. Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks again for all your help. Loved the study materials and the book was very well written and easy to read. [Series 65]

Josh J. Solana Beach, CA

I just passed my Series 65 exam yesterday!! Your study material was awesome! Unfortunately, they only provided pass/fail and no specific grade because I wanted to know how well I did. Thanks so much!

Cheryl Fluker, Members Advisory Group, Williamsville, NY

I truly wish I had tried Solomon Exam Prep earlier! Started studying for the Series 65 exam with a different company and missed passing the test by 4 questions. I was pretty disappointed because my study materials, especially the quiz generator, weren't a great reflection of what the test would actually be like. But Solomon's Exam Simulator was the KEY to passing my second go-around! Questions were very similar to the actual exam and I managed to boost my score by 10% from the first time, only using the Solomon materials for less than a week! HIGHLY recommend this to anyone in need of 65 materials!

Hannah Cash, Denali Wealth Management, Indianapolis, IN

I have passed the SIE, Series 63, and Series 65 all on the 1st attempt. Thank you Solomon Exam Prep! The practice tests are great and really prepare you for the real exam.

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

Great study materials. The program provided the information needed to successfully pass the Series 65. Thanks Solomon!

Bryan Acuto, Trust Advisory Group, Woburn, MA

The Series 65 was a tough exam, but thanks to Solomon I passed at the first attempt. The Solomon Exam Prep Course covered every single aspect in detail. The material was not only important to pass the exam, but it is extremely helpful in the job as investment adviser representative.

Isabel Fliss CoreCap Advisors Southfield, MI

Your material was great. I took the Series 65 in March [2010] and passed with a 90%. 

Mark S., Baker, Vermont

Well, I finally was able to take my Series 65 and passed with an 85%. I think that the combination of your Series 65 text along with our other vendor made all the difference. It was good to have an additional reference for clarity and in some cases more detailed and straight forward discussion. Thank you for the materials.

Alesia Mullis, Churchill Financial, Louisville, KY

Just wanted to let all of you know that I passed the 65 on 4/19/10. I got a 76%! Not the highest score, but good enough!!! Thank you so much for all your help. Your study materials (book, audio, and exam simulator) were instrumental in my passing this test the first time! I'll be sure to let any future test takers in my office know about your products! Thanks again!

Sandy Widmer, BGR Financial Group LLC, Tucson, AZ

Passed the 65 with an 80% and the 6 with an 87%. Passed both of them on the first try. I give the credit to Solomon. I've had a lot of my friends try other vendors but they were glad to take my advice and switch to Solomon. This course helps you understand the concepts so you can think out the uniquely crafted questions the actual tests ask. Thanks so much.

Gerald Barnes, Client One, Peoria, AZ

I successfully passed the test [Series 65] thanks to you guys!!!!

Chad Cook, Old West Investment Management, Los Angeles, CA

As an international student from Bogota, Colombia who recently graduated from Principia College in Business administration and economics, I was looking for the best learning software alternative to study for the Series 65 exam. When I started using Solomon Exam Prep, I realized it was the best option due to its friendly platform, extensive question bank, detailed video lessons and meticulously written study guide for the test. As a native Spanish speaker, I was afraid that I wasn't going to understand, but thanks to Solomon Exam Prep's user friendly guide, I was able to understand every concept from multiple points of view with the help of the video lessons, study guide, note cards and audiobook. I am so grateful that I got to finish the program in 8 weeks start my training as an Investment Adviser Representative for Challenger Wealth Management at 24 years old!

Esteban Rojas Acuna, Challenger Wealth Management. Los Angeles, CA

I took the Series 65 Exam and passed with a good score. Thank you for all the materials. I did have to put a lot of study time into it but with hard work, your materials and prayer I passed! 

Carla Martinez, GoodFuture, Laguna Beach, CA

I am 73 years old and have been retired for 5 years. My fulfilling career of 38 years was mainly as a portfolio manager in a trust setting. A good friend of mine recently started an RIA and asked me to consider coming to work for him. Since I loved my job and retirement is boring in comparison, the decision to jump back in was rather easy. You know the old saying: if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. But yes, I must first pass Series 65. The study materials and whole program you have constructed are excellent. I read the phone-book sized reading materials and took many practice exams on the website. Just this morning I sat for the test and passed. Hooray!! I am convinced that your test preparation process made the exam seem easy. So I will recommend to anyone preparing for a securities exam to definitely consider getting your program. Thanks again for your outstanding program and guidance."

Rick Hinchberger Dover Advisors LLC

I passed the 63 and 65 the practice questions are much more difficult than the actual exam. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to be challenged and wants to pass the first time out.

David Lewis, Northwestern Mutual, New York, NY

I have been extremely happy with your book series. I was able to pass the Series 66 and Series 65 with flying colors on the first try! Thanks again. 

Christian Brown, Financial Decisions Group

I loved using Solomon Exam Prep. I used Solomon for 1 month and passed my Series 65 exam. I had previously used Kaplan and failed the same exam. I feel as if Solomon provided significantly better Exam prep and technology in a more concise manner than any other system I have used. Thank you for such a great service. 

Mackenzie Abbate Knights of Columbus Slidell, Louisiana

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