I passed my exam! The Solomon practice tests were equal or hard than the Series 99 questions which helped me crush it! Solomon was a 10/10 experience and I will definitely recommend it to any friends and work peers. It was lifechanging.

Alyssia Simpson. Denver, CO.

I studied for both the SIE and the Series 99 with Solomon. Both texts more than prepared me for the exam. The practice questions in particular were extremely helpful and were even a bit more challenging than the actual exams. After reading and annotating both textbooks twice and taking each quiz multiple times to the point that I received high scores on each, I was confident taking the exam. Although there were a few questions here and there on the exams that seemed to be outside the scope of the material and had some differently worded questions, the quiz questions were quite in line with the actual exam. I passed both exams my first try. I highly recommend Solomon study material.

Eric Cunningham PNC Pittsburgh, PA

For the Series 99 I bought and studied the STC and the Kaplan study manuals and test banks but I pattern matching questions versus fundamentally understanding the content. I stumbled upon the Solomon test bank during a Google search and I am glad that I did. The Solomon test bank went into a lot more detail in the answers which allowed me to better understand the actual content versus just pattern recognition in the questions. Some have said that the Solomon test bank is harder than the test which I think may be true but learning the content at this level of detail is how I was able to feel confident walking in and walking out with a pass on the first attempt.

Garry Kindred Denver, CO

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