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Spoofing: Not Just for Funny Guys
  Jul 19, 2016
It turns out Saturday Night Live doesn’t have a monopoly on spoofing. Michael Coscia, futures trader, was sentenced on July 13, 2016, to three years in prison for engaging in the manipulative market practice known as “spoofing.” Coscia is the first person to be found guilty of this crime since the anti-spoofing law was put into place by Dodd-Frank in 2010. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday: July 2016 Edition
  Jul 19, 2016
I used the Solomon Exam Prep study materials for the Series 7 exam and it paid off! Read More...

Treasury Reports Record-Low Yield on 10-Year Note
  Jul 11, 2016
On Friday, July 8, the Treasury Department reported that the yield on the 10-year Treasury note was its lowest ever: 1.36%. This is astonishing given that this popular US government debt investment has been traded for 226 years (since 1790). Read More...

Study Question of the Month - July 2016
  Jul 01, 2016
This month's study question from the Solomon Online Exam Simulator question database is now available! ***Submit your answer to info@solomonexamprep.com to be entered to win a $10 Starbucks gift card.*** Read More...

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Even though there is no such thing as a guaranteed success in the securities industry, there is a likelihood of strong returns if you are able to make the right risk / reward choices at the right time.

If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24!

Eric Altmann, New York, NY

Thanks to the Solomon 79 exam class and online simulator I passed the 79! Your materials beat the competitors hands-down.

Shawn Leventhal, New York, NY