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Fiduciary Standard Coming for Broker-Dealers
  May 24, 2016
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced last week that next April it plans to introduce a fiduciary standard for broker-dealers. Since last month when the Department of Labor issued its fiduciary rule for tax-advantaged retirement accounts, the securities industry has been waiting to see if the SEC would join the Department of Labor in a push to raise the legal and ethical standards for broker-dealers and agents. Read More...

Currency Hedging in International Investing: Smart Investing or Just Smart Marketing?
  May 19, 2016
Investing internationally has never been easier, especially if you don't want to invest directly in a foreign market. Today, US investors have an enormous range of mutual fund, ETF and ADR options from which to choose. However, when making a foreign investment it’s important to know that, unless currency hedging is employed, returns depend not only on the performance of the investment but also on the currency exchange rate. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday: May 2016 Edition
  May 17, 2016
"...What I enjoyed and found the most useful were the video presentation and practice exams with immediate feedback. Those exams enabled me to learn with explanation every time..." Read More...

Study Question of the Month - May 2016
  May 06, 2016
This month's study question from the Solomon Online Exam Simulator question database is now available! Relevant to the Series 7, 62 and 82. ***Submit your answer to info@solomonexamprep.com to be entered to win a $10 Starbucks gift card.*** Read More...

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