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SEC Announces Major Revisions to Registration Exemptions Aimed at "Harmonizing" Regulation A Offerings, Regulation D Private Placements, and Crowdfunding
  Nov 05, 2020
On November 2, the SEC announced a collection of rule changes meant to, in the announcement's words, "harmonize, simplify, and improve" its "overly complex exempt offering framework." Read More...

New Solomon Exam Prep feature offers Accommodations for Securities Exam Test Takers
  Nov 04, 2020
Solomon Exam Prep is excited to announce a new feature available to those who require special accommodations from FINRA. Learning disabilities and impairments should never stand in the way of achieving goals Read More...

November Study Question of the Month
  Nov 03, 2020
This month's study question from the Solomon Online Exam Simulator question database is now available. Read More...

Solomon partners with Claflin University & Lincoln Financial Advisors to offer SIE class
  Oct 27, 2020
Solomon Exam Prep is delighted to announce a partnership with Claflin University and Lincoln Financial Advisors. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Oct 27, 2020
"I am delighted to be able to tell you that I passed my Series 65 exam on my first attempt..." Read More...

October Study Question of the Month
  Oct 01, 2020
This month’s study question from the Solomon Online Exam Simulator question database is now available. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Sep 29, 2020
"I took a job which required me to pass the SIE, Series 6, Series 63 and Series 26..." Read More...

If You're a Principal or Operations Professional, Your FINRA Exam Deadline May Be Extended
  Sep 24, 2020
If you're a newly promoted principal at your firm, FINRA may have just delivered you some good news. Read More...

Testing integrity in times of COVID-19
  Sep 18, 2020
Test candidates are bound by guidelines that prohibit cheating or using any unfair means during the exam. Read More...

September Study Question of the Month
  Sep 01, 2020
Answer this month's study question for a chance to win! Read More...

Stabilizing Activities and Syndicate Short Positions

Chapter 12 Practice Question Answers

5.1.5. Closing Customer Accounts

4.1.1 Individual and Joint Accounts Prospectus Delivery Requirements

clean price

initial public offering (IPO)

acid test ratio

sinking fund provision

termination date