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  • You guys produce a great product, and your 82 materials really saved my life.  Thanks.  

    Joshua M. Salisbury, Salisbury Financial, Atlanta, GA

  • I passed the Series 65 exam on my first attempt. Your practice exams really helped. Thanks again.

    Colin Tucker, Little Rock, AR

  • I paid for the best package (Series 63 Total Study Package), and it was well worth the money!! Would use it again!

    Greg Hensley

  • I passed. Your Series 99 exam prep class was spot-on. Thanks!

    Kathy Stanfield, P.J. Robb Variable Corp., Memphis, TN

  • You guys rock!

    Scott MacDonald, Lee Munder Capital Group, Boston, MA

  • Your Series 79 book was great and your practice questions were spot-on. I passed the first time. Thanks!

    Stephen Hsu, Los Angeles, CA

  • I passed the Series 26 today with a score of 82%. Your exam simulator helped tremendously.

    Ray Pecharich, Primerica, Sarasota, Florida

  • I sat for the Series 66 on March 16th. I got an 85. I give all kudos to Solomon. The study materials were excellent.

    William Crull, Metairie, LA

  • I successfully passed the test [Series 65] thanks to you guys!!!!

    Chad Cook, Old West Investment Management, Los Angeles, CA

  • I just took the Series 24 and passed with an 80%.  I couldn't have done it without the Solomon test simulator.

    Joseph Shapiro, Edward Jones Investments, St. Louis, MO

Industry News
Permanent Series 54 Exam to be Launched Today
  Nov 12, 2019
According to MSRB, the permanent Municipal Advisor Principal Qualifications Examination will be available from today, November 12th, 2019 Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Nov 12, 2019
Solomon's Series 79 materials are clear and concise. They were recommended to me over other prep material companies.. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Oct 22, 2019
I passed the Series 65 with a 92% thanks to the Solomon practice exams. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Oct 15, 2019
If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24! Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Oct 08, 2019
Having the audio, video lectures (with the printable power-point!) and exam simulator in addition to the book really engages you in the material. Read More...

October Study Question of the Month
  Oct 08, 2019
Once a year FINRA member firms must provide in writing (which may be electronic) to each customer all of the following items of information except: Read More...

Series 54 Pilot Results to be released soon, Says MSRB
  Oct 03, 2019
At the 2019 National Association of Municipal Advisors annual conference in Chicago, Gail Marshall of the MSRB announced that results of the MSRB Series 54 Municipal Advisor Principal pilot exam will be released the week of October 7, along with a final Series 54 exam outline. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday
  Sep 24, 2019
Solomon’s Angle on this material was closest to the actual test and was the reason I got there. 3rd time is a charm and it took Solomon to do it. None of the other materials were strong enough. Read More...

Testimonial Tuesday - September Edition
  Sep 10, 2019
Thank you so much and special thanks to the product you put out!! I did not know about Solomon a year ago when I too the Series 7 Read More...


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