I found the (Series 82) material from Solomon superior to the other major providers of these types of study guides. The online testing was also quite good and I loved the range of options (half tests, half tests with answers, full tests, etc.). Starting with half test with answers and working my way to full tests without answers built my confidence. Also, their customer service is second to none. If I had a question about the test, my email was answered within the day, as opposed to most companies, which is never. Thanks so much!

Jackson Stith, SyndiGate Capital. Miami, FL

Dear Solomon Exam Prep, Thank you for your great exam prep materials for the Series 82 Top-Off Exam...I recently took it and passed. 

Mordechai Slovin, Palladium Capital Advisors, Israel

I used Solomon to study for the Series 82. The material was spot on! More importantly, the practice tests and timed tests were much harder than the actual Series 82, which was very helpful in passing the test. Thanks!!

Rhett Grimes, Anchortree Capital. Nashville, TN

I just passed the 82 on my first attempt. The study guide and unlimited practice study exams are priceless. I took full practice exams until I was scoring in the 90's and I'm glad I did. The questions on the actual exam were more difficult than any of my practice exams but I was able to think through them and apparently answer enough questions correctly. I truly wouldn't have passed this exam without all of the practice exams Solomon offered.

Adam Drewry, Parsonex Securities. Denver, CO

Passed my Series 82 comfortably with the Solomon Prep. Only studied for three weeks. Craig and team are very responsive. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND over other exam prep.

Bryan Frinhani, Energy Financial Services. Norwalk, CT

I passed the 82 and 63 within a few months coming from no financial background. The exam simulator is fantastic and has a large pool of questions.

Taylor Hawks, Maraboyina Capital. Dallas, TX

Your content was phenomenal. I could not have done it [pass the Series 82] without you. Thank you!

Jonathan Livi, Uber Capital Group, Great Neck, NY

I took the Series 82 just four weeks after passing the SIE. I followed the study plan, took tons of the great practice tests, got great advice from Karen, and everything worked out well. It was literally the perfect test prep experience. The materials themselves were not overly long as with other groups, it was the exactly right amount, and the Exam Simulator is just awesome, best one of its kind I've ever used. 100% rating. Thank you, Solomon!

Jonathan Roth, DAK Capital/DAK Group, Rochelle Park, NJ

Your team did it again. I passed my 63 today, less than two weeks after the 82!!!  Your study system is perfect, and your practice questions do an amazing job preparing for the exam.   If you're not an investment advisor, feel free to use this testimonial on your website!!!!

Jonathan Livi, Uber Capital Group, Great Neck, NY

I successfully passed on the first attempt my Series 82 exam today after using the Solomon Exam Prep course. It is an excellent online study tool. The entire suite of exam prep offerings were very helpful as I could study at my own pace and customize my learning. I used the flashcards, quick and longer exams simulations and found the "Fast Facts" extremely useful as a final prep summary. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep to anyone either just entering the securities industry or adding new licenses during their career.

Michael Ryan, Growth Capital Services. San Francisco, CA

Thank you, Jeremy, and the Solomon Exam Prep team for your tremendous support - just passed Series 82 on my first try. Jeremy - your magnificent support was invaluable - right from the random "cold" query, via your website, in December down to the personalised care and coaching I received during my prep. Couldn't have nailed this without you & the team.

Shilpa Mathai, Applied Capital, Indianapolis IN

I studied for the Series 7, 79, and 82 with Solomon Exam Prep, and I never scored lower than a 90% on the actual exam! The Study Guides are easy to understand, and the Online Exam Simulator really prepares you. I just purchased the Series 24 Essential Package today!

Michael McGregor, Focus Bankers, Charlotte, NC

The online exam simulator was essential to helping me pass the Series 82 on my first attempt!! Have always used Kaplan for previous FINRA exams, so didn't know what to expect at first, but I was definitely prepared for this exam! Great job to everyone at Solomon, especially the exam writers !!

Luke Garcia, Capital Group, West Chester, PA

The Solomon Exam Prep materials for the Series 82 were great. I felt very well prepared for the exam. I only studied for one full week (probably about 40 hours) and completed the exam in 30 minutes and passed! Thrilled with the results.

Jessica Kates, Carnegie Growth Partners LLC. Philadelphia, PA

After a lengthy absence from the securities industry, I again needed to get licensed. With the great help of Solomon, I did the SIE, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 82, in just over 5 months. The materials are comprehensive and I would recommend reading it all at least twice. Have realistic goals and meet them. Don't take too many days off as the quicker you learn the material the less likely your are to forget the initial stuff. I found the "Ask the Professor" feature to be particularly helpful (and responsive!). I hope I don't need further exams any time soon but, if I do, I will use Solomon.

Shawn Sullivan Charlestowne Securities Darien, CT

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