No other test prep service has questions so similar to the actual exam! Pairing practice questions in the exam simulator with the explanations in the book was definitely helpful in passing the Series 52! 

Abhishek Gosavi, MassMutual, Springfield, MA

I failed the Series 52 twice and thought my troubles were with retention, but they were with the practice. I used a competitor's materials and it lacked depth and above all else it lacked a large test bank of questions. With Solomon, I went from feeling unable to fully assess all of the answers on the actual exam, to knowing why an answer was right AS WELL AS knowing why the other 3 answers were wrong. This is an underappreciated aspect of test taking that was only achieved through repetition of different questions. Solomon's large test bank was invaluable and the ability to take practice exams with only the questions you previously got wrong is a fantastic addition.

Justin Ratti, Investment Banking, Charlotte, NC

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