I would like to say that Solomon test prep had the most varied and comprehensive test bank I have seen. The questions ranged in difficulty and the answer feedback was so detailed, that I felt that I was mastering concepts rather than trying to pin down certain facts in a question just to get the 'one,' answer. I saw many iterations of the sample examinations, and with the courage to keep clicking next and learning, I passed with a score I'm more than happy to claim. Also, the staff are very responsive. I'll be coming back.

Neil, San Diego, CA

After trying numerous study materials, Solomon was the key to pass my Series 24. The live class was a perfect complement. Thank you Karen for your assistance!

Marie, Miami, FL

3rd time is a charm and it took Solomon to do it. None of the other materials in my first two attempts were strong enough to enable me to reason my way to the correct answers.  Solomon's angle on this material was closest to the actual test and was the reason I got there. 

As an aside, the ongoing personal help was very surprising and commendable.  Thank you, Solomon!

Jason Bowen, Southington, CT

I watched the videos twice, took notes from them, and took hundreds of practice problems. The test simulator was the best part of the program. I found it helpful that you could go back and look at the questions you missed and use them to help refine what to study. I definitely would recommend the program. Get 85%+ on the practice and you should pass the 24.

Kris Nyden, Seattle, WA

I wanted to let you know I passed the exam [Series 24] this morning! The practice exams were invaluable. Thank you for your extra help and suggestions. I have recommended this to two of my co-workers who will be taking the Series 7 this year. I will say, the 24 was worded so tricky. And so much irrelevant info put into the questions. I had to write down pieces of the question to get the gist of what it was asking. Very purposfully confusing. But it's over and I'm thankful for your product. Thx again

Karmen Richards, Multi Financial Securities, Greensboro, NC

Studying for the 24 was not easy. I felt Solomon's course materials and online portal prepared me well for passing the exam in the first try. The study material was NOT overwhelmingly thrown together and I found the study program to be manageable and focused. Got me through the study period of about 4-5 weeks. I would recommend Solomon over the other courses.

Ajay A, CT, Series 24

I would just like to say that Solomon’s customer service was excellent. The material was clear and easy to understand and I feel that it prepared me extremely well for my exam. I found the study outline to be the most helpful in keeping me on track. I would definitely refer the material to anyone taking the Series 24. Thank you to the Solomon team for helping me pass my 24!

Tamaqua Roland, Philadelphia, PA

Just passed the Series 24 on my first attempt. Not an easy exam so put the time in. I used the Video Lectures and the Exam Simulator from Solomon. Great resources of information!

Shawn McClain, Natixis, Charlotte NC

I just took the Series 24 and passed with an 80%.  I couldn't have done it without the Solomon test simulator.

Joseph Shapiro, Edward Jones Investments, St. Louis, MO

This is my fourth time using Solomon's exam materials (Series 99, 7, 63, and now the 24)....and I PASSED once again on my first try. Thank you Solomon- your exam question simulator was extremely helpful!

Kim Schmidt, Elmcore Securities, Las Vegas

I passed my Series 24 with two weeks of nearly full-time study, using the textbook, the online class, and the exam simulator.  The textbook was very readable and helpful in providing complete explanations, as well as helpful memorization tips.  The online class and pre-recorded sessions were crucial to get through all of the material and put it in relative context.  It was helpful to be able to have questions answered instantly and via email afterward.  The online simulator questions were just like the exam questions, and the immediate feedback function was essential for learning from the practice quizzes and exam.  I needed every minute of my study and practice time to count, and Solomon Exam Prep made it possible.  Thank you!

T. Richmond, Bethesda, MD

I passed the 24 with the help of the audio, book and test questions. I previously took this test and failed walking away with the thought nothing I studied looked familiar. I also didn't really understand how certain areas functioned... but found the information provided with Solomon worked best for me. The flow charts and extra resources section were extremely helpful in breaking down sections of this "Dry" test. The audio was great to review and the book format was easy to read and concise. I felt almost every question I knew what they were asking and I was able to eliminate one or two questions. Don't waste your money with other sites. Solomon will allow you to pass on the first time. Good luck!

Matthew D., Orange County, CA

I was very apprehensive about the Series 24 exam prior to taking it. Everyone I knew who had taken it informed me that it was an incredibly difficult test, with questions that were meant to trick you. After following Solomon's six week study outline and making flashcards for my weakest areas, I was averaging in the high 80s on the Solomon practice exams. That gave me the confidence I needed to walk into the test center feeling prepared, and the knowledge I needed to walk out of the test center having scored an 88. I am now recommending the Solomon Series 24 materials to everyone at the office!

Janie Richards, Austin, Texas

I passed the Series 24 on the first try with an 80%! This was the highest of all of my Series exam scores and I attribute much of my success to Solomon's amazing study materials. The practice exams are spot-on and the video lectures were a great supplement to the readings. I suggest following the study schedule Solomon provides for a successful outcome!

Katelyn H, Las Vegas, NV

Stick to the plan and pass! 4 times in a row, 7, 63, 24 and now 79. You can't beat the Solomon materials.

Eric Altmann

I was very impressed with all elements of Solomon's Series 24 offerings. Solomon provided an incredibly organized system for me to utilize, which kept me "on point" and focused. I felt good confidence going into the test because of the structured system that Solomon developed. I would certainly recommend Solomon to anyone that is taking the Series 24.

William Bundy, Bundy Group. Charlotte, NC

Between September 18 and December 3, I took exams for the Series 62, 63, 6 and 24. I studied for everything with Solomon, and passed them all on the first try. Solomon’s interactive/Ask the Professor teaching method was extremely helpful in grasping the necessary concepts. What a relief to be done. Thanks, Karen!

Karen H, Dalkeith Group, High Falls, NY

Jeremy, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! Your study guides helped me pass the 7, 66, 24, 52, and 53 all within 2 and a half months. Thank you again! 

Christopher Kriak, Compliance Analyst, PNC Investments, Pittsburgh, PA

I recently passed my Series 24 using Solomon Exam Prep! It was the hardest exam I've taken to date. I found all the practice exams with specific feedback to be the most helpful, though the audiobook was very helpful as well. 

Diane Pouliot, RBC, Minneapolis, MN

Taking the Series 24 class with Karen Solomon this week helped reinforce the data that I learned, and I passed my exam! The material was thorough and the exam simulator was an excellent tool to test your knowledge. Thank you Karen!

Karen Lessard, Concorde Investment Service Frisco, TX

Even though there is no such thing as a guaranteed success in the securities industry, there is a likelihood of strong returns if you are able to make the right risk / reward choices at the right time.

If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24!

Eric Altmann, New York, NY

Passed the 24 today ... fun test.. You have a great product. The material was easy to follow and the practice tests were very, very helpful. Thank you.

Danny Klingler, Kestra Financial, Austin, Texas

I was very apprehensive about the Series 24 exam prior to taking it. Everyone I knew who had taken it informed me that it was an incredibly difficult test, with questions that were meant to trick you. After following Solomon's six week study outline and making flashcards for my weakest areas, I was averaging in the high 80s on the Solomon practice exams. That gave me the confidence I needed to walk into the test center feeling prepared, and the knowledge I needed to walk out of the test center having scored an 88. I am now recommending the Solomon Series 24 materials to everyone at the office!

Janie Richards, Austin, TX

Just wanted to say thank you and give you a good review. I actually found that your test questions were harder than the actual exam and the explanations and the ability to create tests of all of my wrong answers helped me focus on my weak areas of the exam. I passed the first time and don't believe I couldn't have done it without your test bank. Thanks again.

Chris Porosky, FL

I passed my Series 24 today with an 80% thanks to Solomon Test Prep! I found the most benefit from using the practice exams as a learning tool, reading each answer explanation as I went along, regardless of a(n) correct/incorrect response. I found that for this exam, understanding the concepts is equally as important as memorization! Good luck!

Audrey M., Austin, TX

I took my Series 24 on July 28 and passed!! I had not passed 2 prior Series 24 exams and was down to my last attempt. A fellow principal on my team who had not passed his Series 24 his first time told me about the Solomon practice tests and how they helped him. It was such a big help for me passing exam as the questions were structured more like the real exam than any other practice tests I’ve taken. I have since gone to other employees at my firm for other tests, such as the Series 7, SIE among others and have told them about the Solomon test materials and some of them are now purchasing Solomon as well.

Thadius Beavers, Prospera Financial. Dallas, TX.

Thank you Solomon! I was able to pass the SIE, 7, 63 and 24 in a relatively short time period. The practice exams with answers really helped and when I had a question for The Professor, I always received a quick and accurate response. Solomon is definitely the way to go.

Seth Schader, CCO, Mercer Island, WA

I took another vendors 24 course but it did not compare to how Solomon Exam Prep for Series 24 prepared me.  The material and practice exams, especially the timed exams,  were broken up by sections, similar to the FINRA Exam.  This really helped in allowing me to understand which section(s) I needed to spend more time on/hit harder.  Thank you Solomon!!!

Jim Ruckman, Mass Mutual

I passed the S24 today with a score of 80. Your study guide is great!!!


Finally! Having used the study material provided by my firm, I couldn't get over the passing level. Came out of pocket for Solomon, and passed [the Series 24] on the first effort - Thank you!

Scott Krogmann, Regions Bank, Knoxville, TN

I just passed the series 24! It is, by far, the hardest test that I have ever taken. I had failed it 4 times using other study materials. I have never felt more defeated! Solomon Exam Prep is the best! I took over 154 practice tests...without seeing the same question twice. I was able to finally grasp the material and passed! My only regret is that I did not use the Solomon Exam Prep on my first attempt!

Bill Harpe, Capital Choice. Greensboro, GA

I passed the 24 the first time with the help of the Solomon materials. The online course and the exams really helped focus in and clarify what was important. I've recommended them to all of my colleagues!

Corrinne Kaucher

I stuck to the outline day by day and it really helped me with sticking to a routine and curriculum. I passed the Series 24 on my 1st try! Would definitely recommend this to anyone in the Securities Industry.

Rima Mehta, PNC Investments, Charlotte, NC

Excited to say I passed the Series 24 the first time I sat for the exam. The course material and exam simulator were paramount in my preparation.

Ben Young, Berthel Fisher. Cedar Rapids, IA

I used Solomon to sit Series 24 and Series 79, passing with 81% and 88% respectively.  Having looked at other material providers, Solomon stands out because of their prompt replies to student questions and the completeness of the answers provided – they are the best out there!

Chris Brice,CFA Bell Potter Cantley, Québec, Canada

I really liked the Solomon study materials. They did a really nice job of explaining the material in plain language. I have a really long commute and the audio books came in really handy!! I would recommend the Solomon study materials!

Jessie Urban, Securities America Inc, LaVista, NE

Recently passed the Series 24 Exam. I owe it to the Solomon Exam Prep series. The format of study and testing preparation was easy to follow and comprehend. I had taken the exam before and used study material through a different provider. It did not give me the sense of readiness in the "connection of the dots" and time-management like the Solomon series did. Such a relief to see the word PASS.

Hope Brackin, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., Auburn, AL

I studied for the Series 24 for two and a half months. I thank God for his grace passed on the first attempt. The exam simulator is superb, it's projection of readiness to sit for an exam is spot on. All the feedback I received on how difficult the test was proved to be very helpful. As a result I over studied and followed the recommended study plan step by step which was key. Thanks again Jeremy and team, Solomon exam prep is the best ;)

Nikita Brown, BMI. Atlanta, GA

As easy and painless as it could ever get (Series 24)!

Francis R., Hong Kong, China

I originally started studying for the series 24 with Test Teachers... After being frustrated with confusing material, out of date information, contradicting questions/answer/study guides, I bought Solomon's practice exams... After one test, two things became clear: I was grossly unprepared for the exam The material, though difficult, didn't have to be taught in such a confusing manner.I passed the 24 on the fist time because of the quality of the practice exams from Solomon. Thank you! Putting it another way...If you are using anyone else to study, you owe it to yourself and your efforts to buy the practice exams from Solomon to get a true judge of your studying efforts.

Will, Bainbridge Island, WA

I tried studying on my own using materials from another vendor, which was super wordy and lengthy. After much frustration, I looked for new study materials and discovered Solomon. It is concise, clear and presented well. The subject area quizzes and practice exams were unlimited and very helpful. Six weeks later I passed the Series 24 with an 85! I would not hesitate to use Solomon again, should the need arise.

Yasmeen M.

I used Solomon to study for the 26 and most recently the 24. The material is layered in way that makes it manageable to digest and the instructor response time and explanations are outstanding. I passed both on the first attempt!

Gus Velleco, Allstate, Charleston, SC

I had tried another learning system before Solomon and walked into the Series 24 unprepared and subsequently failed. After using the Solomon system for three weeks, taking full advantage of the app on my cell phone I walked into my second attempt very prepared for the type of questions I was going to see. Not only did I pass, I did so with confidence. Thanks so much Solomon!

Steven Eisner, Penn Mutual/HTK, Hauppauge, NY

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