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Sean was a fantastic tutor. Calm and knowledgeable and full of good tips on reading through and approaching answering complex questions. His study tips were great too and most helpful reminders a few days before the exam, such as making flashcards.
I’m so glad I worked with him a few days before my exam. I got my practice test score up from 50% to 80% and passed my Series 22 exam.
Raina Kumra
Managing Director at The Fund LA
CEO of Juggernaut
Thank you for everything, Solomon! Your materials helped me pass the SIE and Series 7 top off. I have already ordered my Series 63 materials. Solomon materials, practice quizzes, and practice exams are top notch. Very helpful at preparing for the actual exams. The virtual book and quizzes are continuously updated and provide great explanations for all topics covered. The study guides are a great resource and really help break down the mountain of material into bite size pieces. Customer service is unmatched as well. The Series 7 is a monster of an exam, so I chose to tutor with Solomon - Craig, I can't thank you enough for everything that you did. You are an excellent tutor and truly made a difference in my preparation. Will definitely recommend Solomon! Matt