I passed the 63 and 65 the practice questions are much more difficult than the actual exam. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to be challenged and wants to pass the first time out.

David Lewis, Northwestern Mutual, New York, NY

Your exam prep is the best! Passed both the 6 and 63 using Solomon and I recommend it to everyone.

Karen, Colorado Springs, CO

I took 2500+ questions in your simulator and I passed the Series 63 on my first attempt. Your practice exams are fantastic!!!!!

Pavel Jezek, Denver, CO

I just passed the Series 63 and Series 6. I only have Solomon staff and exam prep material to thank. This has been a very challenging experience. Please do yourself a favor and buy Solomon Exam Prep materials. It's made me a believer and you will not regret it!

Dwight Lee, FFS, Los Angeles, CA, Series 6 and 63

I passed the Series 63 yesterday. It's been over 30 years since I took the Bar Exam, so my knowledge of the Blue Sky laws was quite stale. Your "Pass the 63" training guide and exam simulator were godsends. The writing is remarkably clear and concise and delightfully engaging. They made even the most mind-numbingly complicated securities law topic understandable. Invaluable, thank you. 

Paul T. Sheils, Newtown, PA

I recently passed the series 62 & 63 FINRA exams (first try). The practice exams (with never repeating questions), helped prepare me thoroughly for the challenging questions ahead on the actual tests. Thanks Solomon!

Austin Najib, Key West Investments, San Gabriel, CA

I got an 88% on my 63 exam with the help of using Solomon which helped a lot!

Brianna Davis, Foresters Financial Services, Lombard, IL

I passed the 79 and 63 - both on the first attempt - thanks to Solomon Exam Prep. The quiz/simulator questions were very similar to the actual exam. Additionally, I was impressed by how quickly I received responses when I used the "Ask the Professor" feature.

Alexander W, IL

I passed the 63 on the first try with Solomon Exam prep! The Exam Simulator was amazing and the Audiobook really helped!!!

Brad Eiden, Jefferson National, Louisville, KY

I passed the Series 63 today with a score of 88%. I spent 3 hours every day for a week to study. I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone. Thank you Solomon. I couldn't do it without you.

John Nguyen, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Santa Ana, CA

I thought you might appreciate knowing that I passed the test with a 90 today.  Thanks again for all the help and good quality material that your company has.  I am very glad to have used your materials and will certainly refer others to Solomon Exam Prep. (Series 6 & 63)

Matthew Baird, Gloversville, NY

I passed (Series 63) on the first try, and after only studying for 2 days! Your exam simulator really made me feel comfortable and confident enough to take the exam. Thanks! 

Emilie Welker, San Antonio, TX

I passed the Series 63 on the first try. You now have a loyal customer in me. Using Solomon is probably the closest exam success guarantee you could possibly get. Thanks, your exam prep was worth every penny. I would recommend your exam prep to anyone and if I ever have a take another Series exam. I will only be using Solomon exam prep.

Joseph Boswell, FFA. Riverview, FL

I passed my Series 6 and 63 [on the] first try. Test simulator helped a lot. Thanks Solomon Exam Prep.

Vaishali Lad, PNC Investments, Toledo, OH

This is my fourth time using Solomon's exam materials (Series 99, 7, 63, and now the 24)....and I PASSED once again on my first try. Thank you Solomon- your exam question simulator was extremely helpful!

Kim Schmidt, Elmcore Securities, Las Vegas

I just wanted to let you know I took the Series 65(85), Series 63(90) and Series 7(90) and am pleased as can be with your guides and practice materials. Not only do they contain the facts that are needed to pass the exams, but are actually presented in a format that you are still interested and awake by the time you get there! Really brilliant instructions.

Michael, CPA, Registered Representative

I passed the Series 7 on my first attempt. In fact, five years ago, I also passed both the Series 6 and 63 on my first attempt. In all cases, I used Solomon Exam Prep materials which make sometimes 'dry' topics much more readable. Also, having the option to take an unlimited number of practice tests and receive immediate, thorough feedback was invaluable. I highly recommend them!

Blaine Burnett

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the 6 and the 63 and passed both of them on the first try. For the Series 6 I scored a 92 and for the Series 63 I scored a 75. The book was very insightful and helped quite a bit with passing, so thank you to your company.

Austin Kurey, Denver, CO

Solomon has been the gold standard for our team for studying and passing! The information was presented clearly and everyday language. I did take the series 6 twice, due to testing anxiety, but I passed the 6 with 73%. I took my 63 one month later, and passed with 82% !!

Ciarra DiPiazza, CB Financial Services, Tacoma, WA

I used Solomon Exam prep for my series 63 and passed the first time with flying colors. I did have a couple questions on the real exam that seemed almost verbatim from their practice tests. The audio books were really helpful since I'm on the go a lot. Her voice was a little obnoxious, but helpful. There was a great mix of test questions for all the practice tests so I wasn't just memorizing the questions, but rather I was memorizing material. I'd use them again for any future test.


In preparation for the Series 7, I began with Kaplan. I tested and did not pass. I then switched to STC materials. I tested and did not pass. I then switched to Solomon and passed! I also used Solomon for the 63 and passed the first time. I highly recommend Solomon's test preparation materials. The question bank was far more extensive than the others and I definitely felt better prepared using Solomon.

Kara S, CLS, Carrollton, TX

Solomon was my ticket to a passing grade the first time on both exams [Series 79 and Series 63]!

Laura Bumgarner, Houston, Texas

Taking the 63 felt like a breeze, thanks to your exam prep materials. I didn't have to flag any questions for review, and was confident throughout that I'd get to see the screen say "Pass" when it was over.
Now 3-for-3 using Solomon to help me pass a licensing exam on the first attempt. The materials are easy to digest and comprehensive, and having the ability to take high-quality practice tests prepared me well for the real exams. Very grateful to my employer for using this content, and to the team at Solomon for making it so complete and easy to use.

Andrew Nerys, Square Inc. San Francisco, CA

I took the 6 and 63. I passed the 6 with a 90% and the 63 with an 87%. I used the test simulator for both and it was a tremendous help. I was actually studying using a different book and I wasn't getting enough info. The Test Simulator was key. It threw the questions at me in a different way which was similar to the actual test. I don't think I would have passed without it. THANKS!

Idette Campos, Licensed Personal Banker & Small Business Specialist, JP Morgan Chase, Chula Vista, CA

I failed my first test on the Series 63 because I used different study material from another company. I then bought the Solomon's Series 63 "On-line Practice Exams" and "Pass the 63" book and I just passed my Series 63 exam yesterday and I'm so happy!! Thanks so much Solomon!!!

Sherry Housfeld

Solomon Exam Prep did it again! I passed the Series 63! Now, I'm 3 for 3 - SIE, S6 & S63 - all first try- thanks to the amazing study material! The practice exams are phenomenal!

Candace Chavez, Cetera Investment Services. Wimberley, TX.

I just passed the Series 63 after failed in the first attempt as of January. I had studied with another vendor and after some research, I decided to buy Solomon material. I felt very comfortable with the material since English is my second language. And due to the type of the exam, this was very important. It took me time to make the decision for the 2nd attempt but Karen was important to support and she convinced me. I felt very comfortable till question number 20, after that a bit stressful but be sure that you will know the subjects. Thanks Solomon!!!

Ariel Barroso, MCM. Miami, FL

Between September 18 and December 3, I took exams for the Series 62, 63, 6 and 24. I studied for everything with Solomon, and passed them all on the first try. Solomon’s interactive/Ask the Professor teaching method was extremely helpful in grasping the necessary concepts. What a relief to be done. Thanks, Karen!

Karen H, Dalkeith Group, High Falls, NY

I passed with flying colors. Made an 83. Your material is awesome. I could not have done it without it. The book is a great start and then the online exam simulator seals the deal. Thanks for all your help...and especially for jumping to my aid over the weekend.

David Latham, Butler Snow Advisory Services, Ridgeland, MS

After using other exam preps, I settled on Solomon. This material was spot on! If you follow the study guides, read the chapters, watch the videos and listen to the audio, you will pass!! Good Luck! Thank you Solomon!

Celeste Gullo, Allstate Insurance, Glen Head, NY

I used the Solomon Series 63 prep and passed with confidence. I highly recommend following the 10 day study plan.


I passed the Series 6 and the Series 63, and I feel like I would not have been able to do that without your practice exams for both. Thank you!

Hillary Gardiner, Austin, Texas

Hard to believe but I never learned any English and with the help of Solomon exam prep I was able to pass the 82 and 63.

I’m so thankful to God.

Shulem Kahana, Eastern Union Funding, New York, NY

I used Solomon for the 63 and the 65 and PASSED both on 1st try. U will too.

Pavel Jezek, Denver, CO

I took a job which required me to pass the SIE, Series 6, Series 63 and Series 26. Understandably this was a pretty tall task, but the Solomon Exam Prep materials made it incredibly easy. I appreciated how well all of the material was laid out for all four tests. I stuck to the study plans that were included in the resources and passed all four tests on the first try. This was a stressful time in my life, but Solomon got me through it! I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone who is looking to become licensed. Part of my new job is managing other licensed individuals and I recently hired two employees who are now required to be licensed. I reached out to Solomon for a demo of their Admin Portal and it is wonderfully comprehensive. It allows me to track my employees progress without having to reach out and be too invasive. Excellent all around!

Stephen Carbaugh, StanCorp Equities, Inc. Portland, OR

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the Series 7 and 63. Everyone learns differently, and they have resources for every type of learner. Their practice exams and quizzes push you to be prepared for the most difficult questions, enabling you to be over-prepared (better than the alternative!) for your exam. I received a 93% on the Series 7 and wish the regulators provided a score for the Series 63, but needless to say I passed. If I ever need to take a regulatory exam again, I will look to these guys first.

Suraj P, New York, NY

I passed the Series 63 exam yesterday. Thanks for your help and everyone at Solomon. You guys are great!!!

Tom Armstrong, Berliner Cohen, San Jose, CA

Ok guys, there was ONE problem with the Series 63 study material that I purchased from you. The problem is that I should have purchased it sooner!!

Keith Kozubal, Englewood, CO

All of your products are AMAZING! I passed my 6 & 63 with Solomon by my side every step of the way. Thanks again!

Stephen Snyder

I previously failed my attempt at the series 63. Not by much. Literally one question. But in analyzing why I began to understand that I needed a more comprehensive approach to studying as well as more variety. I looked into a few options and came across Solomon Exam Prep. What I enjoyed and found the most useful were the video presentation and practice exams with immediate feedback. Those exams enabled me to learn with explanation every time I got a question wrong (or right on a guess). The materials are all beneficial and well worth it. I recently passed the series 63 with a score of 85 and much of that success lies upon the use of Solomon Prep. Thanks.

Anslem Gardner

The products and support provided by Solomon Exam Prep was exactly what I needed to pass my Series 63 the first time. The reading materials where actually enjoyable due in part to easy to understand explanations. Unlike most of the competitors offerings which are perfect for insomniacs, these materials are engaging and the test questions are harder than I experienced on the exam. Additionally, the on-line testing simulator is a fabulous addition to the package. Not only do you have an opportunity to take a self paced approach but also as you come to the final days of prep, there is a timed environment that helps you establish a pace that is a real plus on exam day. The real-time support when I had a question or concern was the last extraordinary plus of this packaged solution. I received responses if not in minutes certainly within the day. I recommend these products to all of my associates and to you.

David Vande Casteele, Managing Director, John Davenport & Associates LLC

Passed the 63 with an 85%. The exam simulator was unbelievably helpful, but still make sure you understand the fundamental concepts and the questions are not always phrased the same way or in the same structure. It was significantly easier as there was some overlap with 79 materials, which I had also previously passed using Solomon materials.

Aaron Lau

Thank you for the flexibility and the study material for 63, I ended up with an 87 thanks to your materials! Thank you Solomon!

Allen Ruffles

Thank you guys for the outstanding prep materials. I took the Series 79 and 63 in the same week and passed both the first time with great scores. I could not have been better prepared. Your exam simulator is especially awesome! Nothing on either exam surprised after.

Richard Walters, Virginia Beach, VA

I failed the 63 three times over the course of four years. I passed the first time after taking your course.

Senica Omernik, Farmers Insurance, Stevens Point, WI

Your exam prep is the best! Passed both the 6 and 63 using Solomon and I recommend it to everyone.

Karen, Colorado Springs, CO

I have used Solomon exam prep for the 6/63 and was able to pass on the first try. Now I’m taking the 65 and hope to do the same. I’ve used other recommended exam prep courses and came back to Solomon for the 65 because of ease of use. I would recommend Solomon to anyone that is in need of a securities exam. All the content is laid out in an easy to follow way.

Antonio Mendoza, State Farm. Santa Maria , CA.

Your study guides and exam simulator are great tools. I passed the Series 63 exam with an 80%.

Gregory Parker

Your books and online exam simulators were an excellent study mix: I passed the Series 63 and the Series 79 exams!

Bob Newkirk, Moesman Advisors LLC, Denver, CO

I love Solomon Exam Prep. The combination of studying the online test questions, textbook, and online live video course helped me get a 90% on both the Series 6 and 63 the first time! The staff is friendly and my online instructor was phenomenal! I will definitely use Solomon again when I prepare for the 65 and recommend them to everyone!

Hunter Lowe Lappen, Easton, MD

Your "Pass the 7" guide and practice questions helped my studying immensely, and I passed the exam the first time. I am currently using the "Pass the 63" guide and practice questions - the teaching style makes the learning experience much more interesting! I will definitely recommend your products to my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much!

Patrick Chen, Midtown Partners, New York, NY

I really would like to thank Solomon Exam Prep for helping me pass my Series 63 exam this past Friday! The website is easy to understand and I passed on the first time using their study guide!

Stephanie Oliver, MSRS, Minneapolis, MN

I passed the Series 63 with an 86. Your system rocks!!!

Edward Giaco, TaxCheck USA Investments Broadview Heights, OH

I relied on the Solomon Exam Prep materials to pass the Series 79 and 63. The materials are first-rate, especially the practice exams, video lectures, and recommended study plans. The staff members (including the owner) were always responsive and helpful. Thank you, Solomon.

Bob Dale, Austin Dale Group, Austin, TX

Bought the exam simulator for the 63 the day before the test and passed with a 90%. Questions in the simulator were MUCH more difficult than the actual test and I had no problem. Very helpful!

Mike, New York

I LOVED your exam books; passed 6 and 63 with flying colors.

Arthur Bracco, New York, NY

Love Solomon, I tried other companies and the ones I used didn't prepare me. Solomon teaches you the concepts and the practice tests helped me pass my Series 65, 63, and the 6 on my first try. I've had no less than four of my friends use Solomon and they have all had similar success. Work hard with the correct study material and you will have success.

Gerald Barnes, Client One, Peoria, AZ

Your Series 63 Audiobook was awesome! My company gave me a class and a textbook but it was boring, so I bought your audio book and, honestly, it helped me pass the test the first time. Now I have to take the Series 6 and I am going to get your Series 6 Audiobook and also the Exam Prep Series 6 iPhone app to practice on my iPod Touch. Thank you so much.

Dana Carbuccia, JP Morgan Chase

Thanks to Solomon Test Prep, I passed the Series 79, 7, 63 and 82 exams. Your excellent software made all the difference!

Constantine Valhouli, New York, NY

I used another exam prep for my series 6, failed it. Then came across Solomon Exam Prep. I passed series 6 once and just passed series 63 yesterday. Thanks for a great material.

Toyin Daranijoh, Primerica, Kalamazoo, MI

The material was great and helped me pass the 63. I also used it to study for the 7 and it helped me immensely as well. Thank you! 

Brian Lang, Denver, CO

I passed it (Series 63) yesterday, thanks for all the help, I couldn't have done it without Solomon. 

Brandon Neff, Houston, TX

I ordered the Series 63 material on 10/4 and sat for my exam today 10/15 and I passed....the exams are more challenging then the other vendors I used. This cleary helped me pass the exam. I'm about to order the 65 material

David Lewis, White Plains, NY

I paid for the best package (Series 63 Total Study Package), and it was well worth the money!! Would use it again!

Greg Hensley

Thank you Solomon! I was able to pass the SIE, 7, 63 and 24 in a relatively short time period. The practice exams with answers really helped and when I had a question for The Professor, I always received a quick and accurate response. Solomon is definitely the way to go.

Seth Schader, CCO, Mercer Island, WA

Used Solomon Exam Prep for both my Series 6 and 63 exams. Passed both first try. The practice tests were invaluable. Thanks!

Alex T.

The manuals make the process of wading through all the material much more enjoyable. Ordinarily, this stuff would not be entertaining to study, but even a serious person like me could be heard laughing out loud occasionally. The on-line testing was very convenient, and being able to refer back to the missed questions was very helpful. Best of all, I passed both the 6 and 63 on the first attempt!

Blaine Burnett, Cascade Financial Advocates, Portland, OR

Stick to the plan and pass! 4 times in a row, 7, 63, 24 and now 79. You can't beat the Solomon materials.

Eric Altmann

Solomon Exam Prep material was great. Explained in a way that is easy to learn and follow. Test questions really help the material sink in. I had failed the Series 66 twice using another service. When it came time to find new material for the Series 65 and Series 63 Solomon was it. I passed both the 65 & 63 with flying colors and I have Solomon to thank for that.

Jeff Champigny, Merrill Lynch, Greensboro, NC

I followed the Solomon recipe for success and passed the Series 63 on my first attempt!!

Jaime Avery, John Hancock, Boston, MA

I took and passed my Series 63 this past weekend. I found the Solomon materials instrumental in getting to a pass on the first time. While the manual was good, what really assisted me were the practice exams that were nearly identical to what the actual test questions were. The materials were easy to use and comprehensive. A worthwhile investment.

Jeffrey Bartlett

Based on our results since adopting the Exam Prep Series 6 and Series 63 training program, I decided to try out the Exam Prep's pre-licensing program for the New York State Life, Accident and Health license exam. The material is comprehensive, clear and easy to understand, and I am getting positive feedback from my students. We're looking forward to increasing our first-time insurance exam pass rates with , like we did with securities licensing training.

Jim Sugrue, Development Manager, New York Life

Solomon Exam Prep offers everything you need to succeed in passing the 6 & 63  exams.  The textbooks were easy to follow and study by.  The online practice exams really were instrumental and my success.  Thank you.

Fran Piegari, AllState, Dallas, TX

A more recent update after taking my Series 7 exam: Within one year of joining the financial industry, Solomon materials have gotten me a 100%, 4 for 4 pass rate with the SIE, S6, 63 and S7 all completed within 10 months. Once again, the materials and practice tests prepared me for the S7 exam better than I could've imagined. I will continue to refer people to Solomon, as the material, customer service, and whole experience has been unmatched.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

Excellent study materials for the Series 63 exam. The practice exams were extremely helpful in my preparation and the exam simulator was a lifesaver as usual in solidifying what I learned (tip: read the answer explanations even if you got the question right). Highly recommend Solomon for the Series 63 exam.

Andrew L.

Thanks. I passed the Series 63 with an 80 with less than a week's worth of your prep. Good stuff.

Dan C

Big thanks to Jeremy Solomon and Solomon Exam Prep w/o whose practice exams & books the Series 79 and Series 63 would be a suicide mission or death by boredom!

Andrew Romans, Los Altos, CA

I passed the Series 63 after using the study materials from Solomon. The practice exam and quizzes were the most amount of help. How the questions are asked really makes a difference. It gets your mind ready for how the exam will phrase the questions. Highly recommend this to anyone taking the Series 6 and/or 63. Great material! Will be returning for the Series 7 in the future.

Joseph DeLoach, WoodmenLife, Eatonton, GA

The Solomon Series 63 study materials were excellent. In addition, the staff was extremely helpful in answering my questions and providing advice. Special thanks to Jeremy, Karen and Craig.


I took the Series 63 and passed on the 1st attempt. I have my degree in Exercise Science and had no previous finance training. I highly recommend the Solomon Exam Prep. Followed the recommended study plan and passed 8 practice tests. The practice exams prepared me for the actual test and I felt like the actual test was easier then the practice tests. Thank you Solomon!

Gary Kilanowski. Scottsdale, AZ

I passed my S63 Sunday, March 15th!!

Walter Whitehead, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much!! I have to say your books and online quizzes are the best! They helped me pass my Series 6 (after failing twice with other study materials) and passing my Series 63 the first time! Thanks again!

Bernadette Reyes

The Series 63 course book was great- well-written and light-hearted enough to make the study material easy-reading. I studied for 10 days, took all your practice exams and passed with 87%. Couldn't really ask for anything more. Thank you to you and First Books – a great resource!

Matthew Bristow, Managing Director, ClearRidge Capital, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had taken the 63 and failed and was quite discouraged. I happened to come across your book and iPhone app and I just passed [the Series 63] yesterday with an 83 ... a 15 pt difference than the last time I took it. I can not recommend your materials enough! 

Julia Smith, RBC Wealth Management

Thanks! I am thrilled. I took the Series 7 three years ago and have been putting off the Series 63 after I failed the first time. I used your book and iPhone app. I am recommending your materials to everyone in my office that needs to take the 63 in the near future. Of course you can use my email as a testimonial. Everything that people have said on the testimonials is 100% correct. The way the materials are written makes it much less of a chore to read and comprehend. Thanks for the follow up email! 

Julia Smith, RBC Wealth Management

Thank you so much for your great study materials! I have used you to pass my Series 6, 63 and most recently my Series 7 all on the first try. The practice exams and video lectures were great and extremely helpful. Will definitely be using your study material for any future exams and will recommend you to other people

Louis Orsatti, NY LIFE Securities, Boston, MA

Solomon, You all are the best. I wanted to let you know....Your classes are great! You explain the material so well. I had taken the Series 6 with another company and only passed by one point! I took the course with the same company for the Series 63 and missed it by one point! Needless to say, I was a little upset. I decided to start from scratch and did it with Solomon. I passed the Series 63 with a 82%. Thanks! I am preparing to take the Series 65 and will use Solomon too. You all are great!!!

Jenee S.

Even though there is no such thing as a guaranteed success in the securities industry, there is a likelihood of strong returns if you are able to make the right risk / reward choices at the right time.

If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24!

Eric Altmann, New York, NY

I've been using Solomon Exam Preparation materials for my last four Series tests: the Series 82, Series 63, Series 79 and just recently the Series 7.  My scores on these tests were 88, 90, 88 and 90.  The Solomon texts were comprehensive and easy to read; everything you need to know is in there.  But there is so much material that these exams cover that you have to read the texts several times over and take as many practice quizzes and tests as you can until you score in the mid 80's.  Then go in for the test.  That's what I did.  I went in scoring in the mid 80's on practice exams and "peaked" at higher scores while taking the actual tests.  You can't do any better than Solomon.  I highly recommend them.

Michael McGregor, FOCUS Investment Banking, Charlotte, NC

Jeremy I scored a 90% on the 63. Your answering questions for me - even at near midnight on a Friday night (dude... Seriously? I tell people that I have no life...you may have a similar problem) was invaluable. I took the Series 6 on Thursday afternoon - it took me about an hour and forty five minutes - and this time I walked out of the testing center with a 80%. Thanks again!

Glenn Christ, Houston, Texas

Just passed the S63 exam on the second try. The only reason I failed the first time is that I didn't take enough timed practice exams. My advice is to take practice exams until you are blue in the face. I did that this time around and aced the exam. I've now passed both S7 (first try) and S63 with Solomon. Worth every penny.

D. G. Swanagain, New York Life, New York, NY

I just took my SIE, Series 6 and Series 63 exams — I took them all on the same day (would recommend breaking them into separate days if you can, but I had specific work reasons I had to get them done). In any event, I PASSED all 3 exams. I used the Solomon materials and was extremely satisfied. Great study materials, I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you!

Glenn M., Detroit, MI

My thanks to everyone at Solomon for their commitment to my success in passing Series 63.  Karen Solomon was always quick to respond to me, advise me and clarify material for me.  I had great take away from Bob Pisani's class and I know his presentation influenced my exam score of 83!

Mary Sutter

I passed! Thanks to your materials, they really did help. I scored a 78% which is actually above the simulated exams I took. I think my highest score on the simulated exams was a 75%. I have used a competitor's materials for all previous exams I've taken successfully, however, for the 63 specifically, I found your materials to cover different topics that the competitor missed (or perhaps I missed while reviewing their materials). Thank you so much for the support and the great product. I will definitely pass your site onto friends going through the licensing process. Thanks again! 

Katie Mueller, Chase Client Service Specialist, Chicago, IL

Thanks to Solomon I was able to pass the SIE, Series 7, and Series 63, great study material if you put the hours in!

Xavier Mata, Cabrera Capital Markets. Chicago, IL

I passed my Series 63 today with an 85% and Series 6 two weeks back with an 80%. I was very nervous, but studying was made easy with Solomon Exam Prep; their simple Plain English explanations helped fight that legalese on the Series 63 especially. I totally owe this to the Solomon team, their awesome question bank, and friendly staff. "Ask the Professor" is prompt in answering all your queries. I'm definitely recommending their program to my employer.

Priya R, PA

Passed my Series 63 with an 82% on my first attempt! Practice tests were definitely very valuable and prepared me well!

Michael Bikas, PNC, Cincinnati, OH

Your team did it again. I passed my 63 today, less than two weeks after the 82!!!  Your study system is perfect, and your practice questions do an amazing job preparing for the exam.   If you're not an investment advisor, feel free to use this testimonial on your website!!!!

Jonathan Livi, Uber Capital Group, Great Neck, NY

I used the one iPhone app for the 63 and found it a great help. I used it whilst watching TV, waiting for the car to be serviced, any spare few minutes I would practice a question or two.

Ben Humphries, Starlight Investments, Atlanta, GA

Great job with the Series 63 study material. I read the study guide, took notes against it, made flashcards and did tons of online tests just as the material suggested. Following the outline worked and I passed with plenty of room to spare. In particular, being able to access questions online is worlds better than how I remember studying for other exams in the past.

Tom L., Atlanta, GA

I passed the Series 63 with the help of the Solomon materials. I loved the audio books and the quiz and test questions were extremely helpful. Thank you Solomon!

Diane Kotil, Quasar Distributors, Milwaukee, WI

After studying hard for the series 63 using materials provided by another vendor for our firm scoring mid to high 90s on practice exams I really thought I had it! WRONG! scored 67% on the actual exam...after reading reviews and testimonials decided to purchase series 63 online exam simulator and book....and wow the read is so much easier and in plain level english !! Im definitely not a fan of reading but the Solomon material is easy and enjoyable to read and the exam simulator is the key to success! i passed my Series 63 with confidence today! unfortunately i dont know my score...finra's new annoyance is they dont tell you the %..just pass.....anyways ill be back in the future!

Pete Gill, Yuba City, CA

The Solomon Exam Prep materials (book, audio tapes and exam simulator) prepared us well for both the Series 79 and 63.  It was a very organized way to deal with the test taking tasks.

Jim Murphy, Belden Hill Partners, New York, NY

Nailed my Series 63!! Solomon, y'all rock! Passed this exam after failing twice with another vendor. So folks, use Solomon and PASS!

Sri Murali, Regions Investment Solutions, Baton Rouge, LA

I just took the Series 63 last week, for the first time. I passed with a grade of 87%. The only study guide I used was your audio book which I listened to on the way to work everyday. I have never worked in the securities industry before, and I had no existing knowledge of anything related to securities law. Everything I know about the subject I learned from your audio book. I will always look to your exam preps for my future test prep needs. 

David Laurie, Houston, TX

I have now used Solomon for the SIE, series 6, and 63. I am ordering my 7 materials now. The structure and resources are right on target. The practice exams are more difficult than the exam which makes taking the exam much easier. I give all of the credit to Solomon for my 100% pass rate so far. I recommend Solomon to all of my coworkers.

Alex Coyne, Northwestern Mutual. Pensacola, FL

You guys rock!

Scott MacDonald, Lee Munder Capital Group, Boston, MA

Earlier this month I passed the Series 6 using the book and then for the Series 63, I read the book first (like always) and after that I was practicing all the time in your web page (about ten times by chapter, in order to master it). I studied the 63 in about 2 weeks and let me tell you that your website and the immediate feedback helped me a lot (I got an 85 in my test). Thank you very much!

Maricella Tenorio Bocangel, New York Life, New York, NY

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