I have taken and passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 using this amazing Solomon study program. Each time, I felt prepared for the exam and confident in my answers. Solomon's study structure and varying mediums of study make it interactive and easy to learn.. It's an amazing deal for the tools received. I would highly recommend this program!

Abbigayle Hanoch, LPL Financial. Ventura, NM

Hi Jeremy & Karen, I just passed my 66 today! I'm so thrilled! I had an interruption of my studies a few weeks back due to some distracting issues, but I got back on track, focused hard on the book, the practice quizzes and exams, and I made it! I'm a true believer in the value of your study materials. I'd recommend your firm's materials to anyone that wants to pass the first time they take these really challenging exams. Now I've got my Series 7 and my Series 66, and I did it with the terrific support of this Exam Prep. Thank you for these great study materials. 

Howard Silverberg

Thanks to you guys, I passed my Series 7 the first time around on Tuesday the 21st. The information given was not only accurate but easy to absorb due to the way the material was set up in your course. I will back to study the Series 66 with you. 

Albert Jose, AXA Advisors, Menifee, CA

I used Solomon's Online Exam Simulator as a supplement to company provided materials for the Series 7 & 66, passing with scores of 86% & 88%. The online simulator made it easy to study on the go and provided peace of mind of preparedness walking in on test day. Highly recommended.

John Watlington, Merrill Lynch, Raleigh, NC

I love Solomon Exam Prep! The materials are comprehensive and simulate the type of questions on the tests. And the staff is so committed to their students' success. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to pass both the 7 and the 66.

Katelyn Hritcko, Elmcore Securities, Las Vegas, NV

I could not have passed [the Series 66] without your very comprehensive program.  Thanks!

Arthur Almassy, Scottsdale, AZ

I could not have passed without your study program Two secrets.... ipad2 and 1400 practice questions. Scored a 78. [Series 66]

Scott Harrison The Standard Woodland Hills, CA

I passed the Series 66 exam with an 83 this morning! I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you have given me. Your method of presenting the information needed to pass these exams is outstanding (I only had two weeks to study). In the future I wouldn't even consider using another resource to tackle the preparation for a Series exam. Moving forward in my career I will be sure to pass this information on to friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Michael F. Lee, Jr. Hatteras Funds, Raleigh, NC

I sat for the Series 66 on March 16th. I got an 85. I give all kudos to Solomon. The study materials were excellent.

William Crull, Metairie, LA

I passed the Series 66 today with an 85%. Your book and PDF test questions were great, and turned out to be the only study material I needed to pass the test on the first try. I'll look to you again when I need my Series 7. Thanks!

Joshua Reeves, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much Solomon Prep for helping me to be able to successfully pass all three of my exams (SIE, Series 7 and Series 66) in a relatively short period of time. The exam packages were excellent! I will continue to refer people to your amazing program!

Jessica Macci, Goldman Sachs. Albany, NY

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Having the audio, video lectures (with the printable power-point!) and exam simulator in addition to the book really engages you in the material. It becomes a game! I passed the 66 with an 84%.

Colleen Shelly, PNC Investments, Cleveland, OH

Thank you so much and special thanks to the product you put out!! I did not know about Solomon a year ago when I took the Series 7 and I used another company's material. I did not pass the 7 first time and I was extremely nervous about the 66.  However your product was wonderful and thanks to you guys I passed the 66 on my first try!!! Can't thank you enough!!! 

Maria Raspa, Merrill Lynch, Wellesley Hills, MA

After hearing horror stories about people struggling and in some cases failing the Series 66, after easily passing the series 7, I invested in both the Series 66 audio book and the Series 66 on-line tests. I passed my Series 66 exam with an 87%! 

Mardee Formales, Wells Fargo, San Diego, CA

Jeremy, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! Your study guides helped me pass the 7, 66, 24, 52, and 53 all within 2 and a half months. Thank you again! 

Christopher Kriak, Compliance Analyst, PNC Investments, Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased Solomon Exam Prep to get a leg up on the S66 exam. I had taken it a few times already missing it by 1-2 points. A friend of mine enrolled on the test site and passed it on the first try. We did share notes while she was studying. It was then I realized Solomon has something the other test prep companies did not have, which helped me get over the hump. I will recommend it to anyone who really want to pass it the first time up!

Dany H. First Command Norfolk, VA

I successfully passed the series 66 test yesterday! I could honestly say it was one of the happiest days of my life! I want to personally thank the excellent staff at Solomon exam prep! They are so knowledgeable and when I asked questions, they always went over the top with explanations and even sometimes creating charts for me to break down the concept. I felt really well served by this group. If you are looking for a company to help you succeed, you have found it Within Solomon exam prep team!

Shirley Antonini. Schuylkill Haven, PA

I passed my Series 66, 1st try. Your audiobook was the game changer for me. Thank you!

S Stephens, Merrill Lynch. Orlando, FL

So, on this exam [Series 66] I used both your material and Kaplan. mainly because the bank had already paid for kaplan and I had grown accustom to your laid back writing style along with a great mp3 version of the book. Anyway, I got a fair amount of questions from both the kaplan material and your material before taking the test. I have to say that your material matched more closely to the test than I ever would have expected. I will be coming back to Solomon exam prep for ALL of my exam prep needs. :-) Thanks! 

Marshall Wolfe, Hopkinsville, KY

I passed my 66 today - thank you Solomon for the assistance and materials. It was incredibly difficult! I wish I had watched the videos even more.

Jessica Koefod

Solomon Exam Prep materials are head and shoulders above any other company's products. I have purchased several other companies' materials and found that when it came time to take the crucial step of practice exams, every other company's answer explanations simply were too brief to be truly educational, or worse, sometimes contradictory to the text. That is when I turned to Solomon Exam Prep. After purchasing their materials, an actual team member emailed me almost every other day to ask how I was doing with my studying and offered assistance if I had questions. With this kind of support, you aren't trying to climb the mountain of becoming licensed alone! Finally, the owner also contacted me several times to thank me for my purchase and to check on my progress. There is no other company out there doing business in this exemplary way. Please be kind to yourself and START with Solomon Exam Prep materials for the BEST of success!

Rebecca Spadafore - Financial Advisor, LPL Financial. Meadville/Erie Area, PA SIE, Series 7, Series 66

Very excited to pass the Series 66! The Solomon practice exams were very helpful to understand the concepts and fundamentals of the questions. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep for all FINRA exams. Make sure to have a good grasp on agent registration and suitability when taking the 66. Thank you Solomon!

Blake Rossman, TrueWealth. Bellevue, WA

Karen and Team Solomon, thank you so much for all your support. Your Series 7 program was easy to understand. The "Ask the Professor" was invaluable for the Series 66. You are the program of choice for our office.

Kirk, PA

The Pass the 66 book/audio series, as well as the timely responses I received from the professor, all led to my success in passing the Series 66. This is a test that must be taken seriously, and does just that. 

Jason Abbamonte, Charles Schwab, Naples, FL

I passed the Series 79, 7, and 66 thanks to your study guides. I scored an 85, 81 and 82, respectively. The exam simulator was highly useful and great preparation. I glossed over material I knew and really prepped topics related to laws and ethics, which these study guides effectively described and tested. I highly recommend Solomon!

Sean M, New York, NY

Solomon exam prep materials are the best! I have passed the SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 in less than 12 months using their materials. Their products are fantastic! The practice exams are excellent, and the probability calculator is spot on. I followed the provided customized study plan and took practice exams (over 20 lol) until my probability calculator was in the green (indicating a higher probability of passing) and the rest is history. There are no shortcuts. You must put in the work and stay disciplined, but the Solomon program WORKS and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone looking for amazing, comprehensive study materials to prepare for industry examinations.

Brandon Collins, Benchmark. Memphis, TN

I found encouragement along the way from reading other people's testimonials, so payback is to write one of my own. Solomon is the gold standard for customer service. I passed the 66, SIE first tries -- received a 69% on the 7 (failed), but passed on the 2nd attempt. I'm in awe over the outreach I received from day 1 but especially from Jeremy on how to move forward after falling short on the Series 7 - followed his advice - one of which was to get the accompanying videos and passed. Watching/studying the Chapter 5 video had a big impact. I also printed the questions I got wrong that I particularly struggled with while taking the online exams, printed and/or turned them into flashcards, then taped many of them around the house. It forced me to constantly revisit the information and moved me past a superficial understanding. I'll take a messy-looking home for a short time than having to retake a 3 hour and 45 minute exam.

Brook Langston, Everspire. Salt Lake City, UT

Karen- I passed the Series 66! I cannot even begin to say thank you enough times. I continue to be impressed and amazed by your program.

Sarah Boone, Wells Fargo, Atlanta, GA

The Series 66 Exam Prep offered by Solomon Exam Prep is exceptional. I used both the textbook and the exam simulator as my only study materials for the exam and passed with an 88. The Solomon material is written in a way which is easy to understand and digest. The exam simulator was excellent in preparing me with quizzes and full length practice tests to focus on my points on weakness and prepare me for the real thing! I would highly recommend both of these products to anyone!

Luke Bowes, Seymour, TN

Your Pass the 7 and Pass the 66 training manuals were really well written and the generous dose of sarcasm was excellent. I would recommend your materials to anyone who needs to take these exams.

Jacob Clevenstine, Strategic Wealth Management Group, Madison, WI

Thank you so much for your great study materials! I have used Kaplan in the past and this is so much better! I used your study materials to get an 84% on my Series 7 and an 85% on my Series 66! Keep up the good work!

Ivan Griffin, Roach, MO

I passed my 66 with an 83%. The main method of studying was the mp3 that I downloaded and listened to on my commute to and from work. The audio book was the reason I did well. Thanks! 

Eric Dicken, BB&T Investments, Winterville, NC

Passed the Series 66 today! This program really helped me succeed. The pie charts helped me focus on where I needed to put in more work.

Stephen Rice, Edward jones. Prairie Village, KS

Passed 66 on the first try with flying colors. Solomon materials and advice was spot on. Follow it!

Craig Brand, Capital Financial Services, Nevis, MN

I have been extremely happy with your book series. I was able to pass the Series 66 and Series 65 with flying colors on the first try! Thanks again. 

Christian Brown, Financial Decisions Group

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both the Series 7 and the 66 which I took within a couple of months of each other. I smoked both tests with an 85% and an 88%. Well above the passing score. The books have just enough humor to keep things interesting and the practice tests and quizzes are phenomenal. If you want to get the most out of these programs pound out as many practice test as you can.

K. Nick Thoeni, Gilroy, CA

Passed the Series 66 on my first attempt. I thought the exam simulator was perfect. The material gave me the confidence I needed going into test day. I will only use Solomon for any other exams I take in the future. Thank you! 

Brendan Halick, David White & Associates, Walnut Creek, CA

I passed the Series 66 with an 82 after just a few weeks of serious studying, thanks to the Solomon Exam Simulator and study calendar! I would (and do) recommend Solomon Exam Prep to everyone!

Janie Richards, Kestra Financial, Austin, Texas

Jeremy and team, thank you for your excellent study materials and your availability to provide guidance and feedback as I was able to pass my Series 66 on the first try... The most telling confirmation your training materials are top notch... when I sat for my exam, once the test started and I read the first question, I instantly knew from my studies using the Solomon training, I was going to handle the test. Being able to sense this from the first question was more than comforting. Thank you again!

Pablo Serna, Silicon Valley Bank, Menlo Park, CA

I actually took the test (Series 66) in November and passed! I purchased the book and bought access to the online tests and found both invaluable. The book provided a good basis for knowledge, and taking the tests over and over gave me the logic of what the test writers were seeking. 

Erik Cooper, Dallas, TX

The Solomon Series 66 prep material was very comprehensive and practice quizzes and exams helped a great deal to gauge my likelihood of passing the exam 

Florence Isaac Chicago, IL

I just passed the Series 66 exam and found that the Solomon Exam Prep materials are the way to go when preparing for this exam. The advice given from the get-go is spot on; if you think you can cram for this course, forget it. Use the materials as advised and you'll do well. The format of the practice exams closely simulate the way the questions are presented on the test itself. I had 2 prep materials, Solomon's and another and I honestly believe Solomon's was the one that helped the most.

Julio Revuelta, Wealth Management Firm, Miami, FL

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