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Solomon Exam Prep has designed its study solutions to help your representatives pass their licensing exams the first time. Based on original memory and learning research by our University of Chicago, Ph.D, co-founder, Solomon’s study system is designed for maximum retention and success.

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At Phillips & Co., my job was to hire entry level applicants who could successfully pass the Series 65 and Series 7 examinations in three months and do it the FIRST TIME. After trying Kaplan, STC, and even the Series 7 for Dummies, 85% of our applicants were still having a hard time passing.

One day while expressing my frustration to a colleague, he recommended I look up Solomon Exam Prep. I could tell immediately that this was a unique approach worth the investment. Since we implemented Solomon Exam Prep with new recruits our pass rate shot up to over 90%.

If you or your employees want to pass your exam the first time, I highly recommend you give their training program a try!”
Kary Youman
Phillips & Co.
Portland, Oregon
Independent Investment Bankers Corp. exclusively uses Solomon exam preparation materials for its Series 79 and Series 63 needs.  The Solomon study materials have served our representatives well and when people study using Solomon they pass their exams.” 
Dante Fichera
Chief Executive Officer
Independent Investment Bankers

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