The 79 test was brutal. I went in feeling really confident. I was scoring 80% on portions of your exam simulator tests, and reread all of the materials and your study guide 3 times before I went in. I had also printed all of the questions I had missed in practice, and reviewed those in the parking lot before I went in. However, I had no idea what the answer was on the first 10 questions on the exam, and that really got me stressed! Just as I moved on to a few questions that were more familiar, construction activity began immediately outside the wall I was sitting at, and continued for 2 hours. The headsets I was wearing seemed to amplify whatever harmonics were coming off of the machinery, so when I pulled them off, it actually worked better. Also the monitor was poor resolution and old, which made it more difficult to focus. 2.5 hours in I had a splitting headache, and was certain I would not complete the exam and/or would get less than ½ right. The construction finally let up, and I blazed through the rest of the exam and had 45 minutes to go back through my marked answers. At least half were marked, and I got through about 2/3's of those before time ran out. The 2 minutes it took to compute my score seemed like an eternity. I was figuring I did reasonably well on Collection/Analysis and M&A since I do that for a living and was very comfortable with the subject matter, and completely bombed the underwriting and regs. My score (miraculously) was an 80%. Your exam simulator and study notes for the Series 79 were great. They gave me the spot-on practice I needed to prepare for the exam. Even more impressive was your team's extraordinary support and responsiveness as I prepared for this difficult exam. In the final days ahead of the test, you immediately addressed questions and concerns, and gave me the confidence and focus I needed to pass the exam on the first try.

Bob Forbes, Denver, CO

I used Solomon Exam Prep for both my Series 79 and 63, and was extremely happy with my passing results! Their system is excellent, and the exam simulator is on target. I recommend that once you've taken several full practice exams, you return to the underlying material to read it again - this helps all the details "click." Best of luck, I'd definitely recommend Solomon.

Leah Matsil, JPMorgan Chase, New York, NY

Had a challenge the first time with another provider and switched to Solomon. I found Solomon materials to be more comprehensive and the videos were a big help for the way I learn. Thanks to everyone at Solomon for going the extra mile.

Ray Catone, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Passed the Series 79, was really difficult but the materials prepared me well. Was passing the practice exams with mid 80's to high 90's the last two days. Highly recommend using Solomon.

Natasha Trilli, Ocean Park. Houston, TX

Within a few months, I passed the SIE, Series 7, 63, 65, & 79 exams all on the first try using Solomon Exam Prep. This material will prepare you for the actual exam. I will say in many instances the practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. Solomon and the various tracking metrics will more than help you prepare for the rigors of exam day. I highly recommend the practice exams and ability to dive back in to review weak areas. I will continue to use their products and services in the future.

Andrew Ezzat, Bank of America. Tampa, FL.

Solomon has been hugely helpful to me. In 2022, they helped me prepare for the SIE, Series 63, and Series 79 exams, and I passed all 3 on the first try. I give huge credit to their focused materials and suggested timelines for keeping me on track!

William Windham, Solebury. Brooklyn, NY.

Fantastic prep for my Series 79 -- and I passed again!! Thank you Solomon!

Paul Werp, Connected Vision Advisors. Mountain View, CA

I took the test yesterday and passed! I think I started your program on Monday. I have 15 years of banking experience but needed to retake exams as they lapsed between out of industry jobs. Despite the experience, all of the specifics around the number days you have pre and post certain events for a filing etc. needed to be refreshed.

The unlimited question data bank was exactly what I was looking for and the searchable online guide was a bonus. As I was preparing, the online module allowed me to both understand why a particular answer was incorrect and then quickly cross reference the course material to ensure I understood other nuances as well around the subject matter.

I have made a recommendation to our compliance team to use Solomon and will to others as well.

Neil Kahrim Hernshed Partners New York, NY

Solomon's Series 79 materials are clear and concise. They were recommended to me over other prep material companies. Above all, the full exam simulator was essential in gaining familiarity, comfort and speed on exam day. I felt prepared and passed the exam the first time around.

Carlos Medina, New Century Capital Partners, Inc., Charlotte,NC

I felt well prepared. Exam experience went well. The exam prep content was spot on! I had studied previously under a different exam prep course and felt the content was not doing the trick. I was not prepared and needed to rethink my study approach. Luckily after taking the Solomon course I felt completely different and very prepared! The dashboard, lectures and specific detail to the areas where I needed improvement helped me pass the test! I felt so confident thanks to the preparation process and content Solomon provided. Thank you!! It was a great experience preparing with Solomon!

Brady Johnson, Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc., Fairfield, CT

Just passed my Series 7 using Solomon Exam Prep! Have used Solomon for my Series 79 as well. Both study programs are excellent and felt well prepared sitting for my exams. Would recommend to others in the industry.

Natasha Trilli, Ocean Park. Houston, TX

I was well prepared from using Solomon. Such much so that I finished early enough to review the questions and my answers, and determine my estimated score. Thanks! Great platform. Highly recommend using Solomon. 

Max Thomas. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I just passed the FINRA Series 79 exam!! I only used Solomon Exam Prep. I recognized the material that came up during the exam and felt comfortable all the way through!! That you all for your help!!

Walter Whitehead FNEX Capital. Los Angeles, CA

I studied for the Series 7, 79, and 82 with Solomon Exam Prep, and I never scored lower than a 90% on the actual exam! The Study Guides are easy to understand, and the Online Exam Simulator really prepares you. I just purchased the Series 24 Essential Package today!

Michael McGregor, Focus Bankers, Charlotte, NC

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