Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Simulator

  • Will the Online Exam Simulator work on my iPad/ tablet/ mobile device?

    Yes, as long as you have a WiFi connection or mobile data.

  • How can I access Interactive Review?

    You can access Interactive Review through your Exam Results page. After logging in to your account, click on "My Stuff." Here you will see two columns:  Study Materials and Quizzes/Exams. If you have completed a quiz in your online Exam Simulator you will see the words "Exam Results" listed below Quizzes/Exams. Click on "Exam Results."

    This page shows a list of quizzes and exams you have completed. Choose the quiz or exam you would like to review and click the green "Details" button. This is where you will find the blue Interacted Review button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  • What is Interactive Review?

    Interactive Review allows you to retake your incorrectly answered questions in the form of a quiz. This quiz is un-timed, ungraded, and gives immediate answer feedback. Once a question is answered correctly it is removed from your Interactive Review.

  • Video Overview

    (For Full-Screen, press the little box in the bottom-right of the video.)
  • Can I share the simulator with my co-worker/ sister/ friend?

    No. Each student must have an individual account with his/her own Exam Simulator and sharing is prohibited. 

  • Why don’t I see any repeat questions?

    You won’t see repeat questions until you’ve exhausted all the questions in the database. Typically that is thousands of questions and most students do not reach that threshold. By constantly seeing new questions, Solomon students can learn the content of the exam rather than memorizing questions and their answers.

  • Why are some questions in the Exam Simulator not covered in my study guide?

    Whenever we learn of a new exam topic we add it to the exam simulator. We don't add all such questions to the exam study guide because we want to keep our study guides from bloating into unreadable tomes. If you encounter a question that was not covered in the study guide, make a note of it and be sure to research the rationale as part of your study process. 

  • Can I review my test?

    Yes. From your student dashboard you can review the results of your test at any time. 

  • Can I download the Online Exam Simulator to my computer?

    No, you will use the Online Exam Simulator from your student dashboard on our website. By hosting the Exam Simulator on our website, we are able to keep it up-to-date.

  • Do I have to have an Internet connection?


  • Will there be an explanation for my answer?

    Quizzes have the option for answer feedback, and this option can be turned on before you begin a quiz. 

    You can also choose to take a full exam with answer feedback, rather than taking the timed exam. If you choose to take a timed exam, you will not see explanations as you take the exam to keep your experience as close to the actual testing conditions as possible.

    Explanations are available for viewing upon completion of every quiz and exam.

  • Are the practice exams timed?

    You have the option to take timed exams, as well as un-timed exams. On the timed exams, you receive the same time limit as you would on your actual test.

  • How long do I have access to the online Exam Simulator?

    You have 180 days of access from the date of activation or until you pass your exam whichever comes first.

  • What score should I aim for?

    Solomon Exam Prep recommends achieving a consistent score above 80% on full timed exams before you sit for your exam. After watching the Solomon video lecture and reading the Solomon exam guide, Solomon students who pass six full timed exams in the Exam Simulator are highly likely to pass their exam.

  • How many questions are in the online Exam Simulator?

    The number of questions in online Exam Simulators varies from 1,087 questions in the Series 51 to 4,055 questions in the Series 7.

  • How many quizzes or exams can I take?

    You can take an unlimited number of quizzes or exams. Each online Exam Simulator contains over a thousand questions. A student must cycle through the entire database before seeing repeat questions.

  • What is an online Exam Simulator?

    Solomon Exam Prep online Exam Simulators contain quizzes and exams to test yourself while continuing to learn new material. Quizzes are short, from 10-20 questions, and are based on chapters from the Solomon Exam Prep Study Guides, and on sections and topics from the exam. Solomon Exam Simulators also offer full exams, with the same number of questions as on the actual exam, and (Series 63 excepted) half-exams with half the number of questions. You can take exams timed, with answers and explanations provided at the end of the exam, or un-timed, with answers and explanations after each question is answered.