Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Simulator

  • General Questions

  • What is the Solomon online Exam Simulator?

    Solomon Exam Prep online Exam Simulators contain quizzes and exams to test yourself while you're studying for an exam. Quizzes cover specific chapters from the Solomon Exam Prep Study Guides and are 10 questions long. Full exams have the same number of questions as on the actual exam, and half-exams have half the number of questions. You can take exams timed, with answers and explanations provided at the end of the exam, or un-timed, with answers and explanations given immediately after each question is answered.

  • How does the Solomon Exam Simulator work?

    (For Full-Screen, press the little box in the bottom-right of the video.)
  • How many quizzes or exams can I take?

    You can take an unlimited number of quizzes or exams.

  • How many questions are in the online Exam Simulator?

    The number of questions varies depending on the series. Exam Simulators have anywhere from over 1,000 to almost 5,000 questions. See individual product pages for exact numbers of questions.

  • Is there an explanation for each answer?

    Quizzes have the option for answer feedback, and this option can be turned on before you begin a quiz. 

    You can also choose to take a full exam with answer feedback, rather than taking the timed exam. If you choose to take a timed exam, you will not see explanations as you take the exam to keep your experience as close to the actual testing conditions as possible.

    Explanations are available for viewing upon completion of every quiz and exam.

  • What should I do if I don't understand a question?

    If you’ve read the question rationale and still need clarification, use the Solomon Ask the Professor tool. From your student dashboard, click on the Ask the Professor button to submit your question. You’ll receive a personalized response from a Solomon content professional within one business day.

  • Why don’t I see any repeat questions?

    You won’t see repeat questions until you’ve exhausted all the questions in the database. Typically that is thousands of questions and most students do not reach that threshold. By constantly seeing new questions, Solomon students can learn the content of the exam rather than memorizing questions and their answers.

  • Are the practice exams timed?

    You have the option to take timed exams, as well as untimed exams. On the timed exams, you have the same time limit as you would on the actual test.

  • What score should I aim for?

    Solomon Exam Prep recommends achieving a consistent score above 80% on full timed practice exams before you sit for your exam. After watching the Solomon Video Lecture and reading the Solomon Study Guide, Solomon students who pass six full timed exams in the Exam Simulator are highly likely to pass their exam.

  • Special Features

  • Can I review the results of my quizzes and exams?

    Yes, you can access your Exam Simulator results from your student dashboard. Click on the Exam Results button for the series that you’re studying to view all your quiz and exam results for that series. This Results page provides detailed charts and graphs that show your strong and weak areas.

    For select exams, you will also receive a Solomon Pass Probability score after taking five full practice exams. Learn more about Pass Probability.

    You can also drill down to review details of specific quizzes or exams, such as which questions you got correct and incorrect. 

  • What is Interactive Review and how can I access it?

    Interactive Review is a feature in the Solomon Exam Simulator that allows you to review the questions you’ve gotten wrong on quizzes and exams. Interactive Review quizzes are untimed and ungraded, and you get immediate feedback on your answers.

    You can access Interactive Review on your Exam Results page once you’ve completed a quiz or exam. The Exam Results page will show a list of the quizzes and exams you’ve completed. Find the quiz or exam you want to review and click the Interactive Review button to start.

  • What is Pass Probability™?

    Pass Probability is Solomon’s industry-leading AI technology that measures your readiness to pass your exam. Once you take five full practice exams in the Exam Simulator, the Pass Probability feature calculates the probability that you will pass the real exam.

    Pass Probability is available for select exams. Learn more about Pass Probability.

  • Technical Questions

  • How long do I have access to the online Exam Simulator?

    You have 180 days of access from the date of activation or until you pass your exam, whichever comes first.

  • Do I need an Internet connection to use the Exam Simulator?

    Yes, the Exam Simulator is only accessible when you’re logged in to your online Solomon account.

  • Can I download the Online Exam Simulator to my computer?

    No, you can only use the Online Exam Simulator from your student dashboard on the Solomon website. By hosting the Exam Simulator on our website, we are able to keep it continuously up-to-date.

  • Will the Online Exam Simulator work on my tablet or mobile device?

    Yes, as long as you have a WiFi connection or mobile data.

  • Can I share the simulator with my co-worker/ sister/ friend?

    No, each person must have an individual Solomon account with their own Exam Simulator. Sharing is prohibited. View our full policies and terms.