Frequently Asked Questions

Video Lecture

  • What is the Video Lecture?

    The Video Lecture is a pre-recorded instructor-led class.

    The format of our Video Lecture varies by Series. For the Series 79, and 82, one portion of the screen is dedicated to the professor, while the majority of the screen contains a slide show of information with which to follow along. For the Series 6, 7, 50, 63, 66, and 99, you will be able to study slides while a professor lectures.

  • How long is the Video Lecture?

    This length of the Video Lecture varies depending on the Series. The total duration is listed in each product description.

  • What is covered in the Video Lecture?

    The Video Lecture gives you an overview of the essential concepts from the exam. We recommend the Video Lecture in conjunction with other study materials, such as the Exam Study Guide and Online Exam Simulator, as the videos are meant to supplement other exam preparation materials. 

  • Will the Video Lecture work on my iPad/ tablet/ mobile device?

    All of our Video Lectures can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

  • Can I download the Video Lecture?

    You can download the slides in a zip file. The download button is located near the bottom of the Video Lecture page.