Study Course

What is the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture?

The On-Demand Study Course is a pre-recorded instructor-led class. One portion of the screen is dedicated to the professor, while the majority of the screen contains a slide show of information with which to follow along. Video Lectures are available for certain Series exams in which you will be able to study slides while a professor lectures.

How long is the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture?

For some Series, the On-Demand Study Courses are divided into "days," according to the number of days over which the recorded classes took place. Each day ranges from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. Other Series have topic-based videos of various lengths. 

Total instruction time for the Series 63  is 3 hours, while the Series 7 is 10 hours, with the rest falling around 7 hours.

What is covered in the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture?

The On-Demand Study Course gives you an overview of the essential concepts from the exam. We recommend the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture in conjunction with other study materials, such as the Exam Study Guide and Online Exam Simulator, as the videos are meant to supplement other exam preparation materials. 

Will the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture work on my iPad/ tablet/ mobile device?

The On-Demand Study Course requires Adobe Flash Player, which does not function on the majority of tablets and mobile devices. The On-Demand Study Course will work best on a laptop or desktop computer.

Video Lectures can be accessed from all devices connected to the Internet.

Can I download the On-Demand Study Course/ Video Lecture?

You cannot download the On-Demand Study Course or Video Lecture videos. An Internet connection is required to view these via the website. 

Video Lectures allow you to download the slides in a zip file. 

Firefox only: Why am I seeing an error stating: This plugin has security vulnerabilities

Firefox has elected to block Adobe Flash due to widespread insecurities in the software.  

There are currently two ways to get around it at this time.

  1. You can use a different browser such as Google Chrome
  2. You can click the underlined link "Activate Adobe Flash."

Clicking on "Activate Adobe Flash" will ask you if you wish to "Allow Now" or "Allow and Remember."

Choosing "Allow Now" will let Adobe Flash run while you are on this page while choosing "Allow and Remember" will allow all Adobe Flash windows to run on solomonexamprep.com.

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