Series 65: Exercise

Taken from our Series 65 Online Guide


Answer true or false.

1. True or false. A bond’s coupon rate depends on the creditworthiness of its issuer.

2. True or false. A ratings agency is hired by a potential investor, a transfer agent, or a broker-dealer to assess the creditworthiness of a bond issue.

3. True or false. Bearer bonds are registered to a specific owner—the bearer—making them undesirable to tax cheats.

4. True or false. When book-entry bonds are held in street name, the beneficial owner is the broker-dealer.

5. True or false. If two bonds are comparable, but one has a call feature and the other has a put feature, the bond with the call feature will probably have a higher coupon rate.


1. True. The coupon rate depends on the creditworthiness of the bond

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