Series 65: Chapter 3 Practice Question Answers

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Chapter 3 Practice Question Answers

1. Answer: B. Shares of open-end funds (mutual funds) are purchased and redeemed through the issuer, while closed-end funds can be purchased from the issuer during their IPO and then from investors on the secondary market. Shares of open-end funds are priced at the next calculated NAV (net asset value), whereas the prices of shares of closed-end funds are influenced by supply and demand (supply and demand has no effect on the price of open-end funds). Shares of open-end funds are priced once a day, whereas closed-end funds are priced continually throughout the day.

2. Answer: B. Shares of mutual funds are purchased through the issuer. When purchasing mutual funds, the shares will be priced at the NAV (net asset value). The NAV is calculated once per day at the close of the market. When you place an order to purchase shares of a mutual fund, the price you will pay is the next calculated NAV. So if you place your order before the close of the market, you will pay the NAV that was calculated that day. If you place your order after the close of the market, you will get the next business day’s NAV.

3. Answer: A. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall, causing the NAV of a bond fund to decrease in the short-term and resulting in a short-term decrease in the bond fund’s yield. The rising interest rates will also allow the bond fund manager to reinvest in bonds that pay higher rates as older bonds mature, however. This will result in the bond fund paying higher yields to its investors in the longer term.

4. Answer: B. David is considering a closed-end fund. Closed-end funds are one of the three main types of investment companies in the U.S. and must be registered with the SEC. Closed-end funds are typically actively managed and trade on an exchange. Additionally, unlike their investment trust and mutual fund cousins, they are not redeemable, which means investors in closed-end funds cannot sell their shares back to the

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