Series 24: Review Quiz

Taken from our Series 24 Online Guide

Review Quiz

  1. 1. Which of the following activities applies to an introducing broker-dealer?
  2. I. executes trades
  3. II. clears trades
  4. III. initiates trades
  5. IV. settles trades
  6. A. II and IV
  7. B. I, II, and IV
  8. C. III
  9. D. I and III
  10. 2. Which of the following describes trade report processing where both parties to the trade submit transaction data and the OTC Reporting Facility matches them?
  11. A. trade by trade match
  12. B. trade acceptance
  13. C. aggregate volume match
  14. D. T+N trade processing
  15. 3. For a trade on Nasdaq, the trade reporting modifier ā€œ.Zā€ indicates that:
  16. A. the trade was reported on a different day than when it occurred
  17. B. the trade took place outside of market hours
  18. C. the trade was reported late
  19. D. the trade has next day settlement
  20. 4. When do broker-dealers need to submit OAT

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