Series 51: Chapter 3 Practice Question Answers

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Chapter 3 Practice Question Answers

  1. 1. Answer: D. To conduct municipal securities business, a person must be registered as a Municipal Securities Representative. Municipal securities business includes:
  • » Underwriting, trading, or sales of municipal securities
  • » Financial advisory or consultant services for issuers in connection with the issuance of municipal securities
  • » Research or investment advice with respect to municipal securities
  • » Any other activities that involve communication, directly or indirectly, with public investors in municipal securities

A person who wishes to sell repackaged municipal securities, such as municipal bond funds or unit investment trusts, must have either a Series 6 or Series 7 license. A Series 52 license is not sufficient to sell these products.

  1. 2. Answer: B. Under MSRB Rule G-27, broker-dealers are obligated to ensure that their firms and all employees comply with MSRB and SEC rules and all applicable laws. To achieve this result, firms must establish and maintain written procedures as a guide for employee behavior and establish a supervisory system to oversee their compliance. One or more principals must be assigned to enforce this system of supervisory controls, and the written procedures should identify the principals and their areas of supervisory responsibility. Each firm must conduct an annual review of the municipal securities activities in which it engages to detect violations and achieve compliance with MSRB and SEC rules.
  2. 3. Answer: C. Broker-dealers are required to update their supervisory procedures as necessary to respond to changes in applicable rules or law or changes in their businesses. While changes in personnel could necessitate a change in the written supervisory procedures, to ensure that appropriate principals are designated to enforce supervisory controls, this would not always be the case. In addition, the names of the designated

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