• Video Overview

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  • What is an Audiobook?

    The Audiobook is a verbatim reading of the Exam Study Guide offered for your Series exam. It is separated into tracks that you can listen to or download via your account on We also offer an upgrade to Standard Audio CDs for an additional fee.

  • Does the Audiobook come on CD?

    Currently, the SIE is the only Series that is offered with the option of Standard Audio CDs, which is available to purchase for an additional fee. We will then ship the CDs to your preferred location. Note that if you choose this upgrade, you can still stream or download the Audiobook on

  • Is the Audiobook easy to listen to?

    While the subject matter may not be easy, the listening will be! Click here to listen to a sample: Series 6 Audiobook.

  • How long is the Audiobook?

    Each Audiobook varies in length. Please refer to the individual product pages for the Audiobooks for more details.

  • Can I stream the Audiobook on my computer, tablet, or mobile device?

    Yes! As long as you have an Internet connection, you can stream the Audiobook by hitting the play button on each track. 

    Note for iPhone and iPad users: The Audiobook's track lines are optimized for downloading the MP3 files. Apple does not allow direct downloads to devices, so you must be sure to hit only the play button of the track line or your Audiobook may begin skipping since it's attempting to download the MP3 file. Please see "How do I add the Audiobook to my Apple iDevice?" in these FAQs for more information. 

  • Can I download the Audiobook to my iPad/ tablet/ mobile device?

    Yes! There is a download button located on the right-hand side of each track. Make sure you understand how to download and add MP3 files to your device. Some manufacturers (i.e. Apple) do not allow you to download files directly to your device. In these cases, you would first need to download the tracks to a computer or laptop. Please refer to the last two FAQs in this list for more information about how to do this. 

    We are available to help you with this process should you like to contact us.

  • How do I add the Audiobook to my Apple iDevice?

    Check out our quick video tutorial on YouTube! For iTunes / In Catalina OS

    If you have any questions about the following steps, we recommend contacting Apple support. 

    1. Download the Audiobook tracks as MP3 files by clicking the down arrow at the end of each track. Files must be downloaded to a computer, as Apple products do not allow direct downloading to devices. Please note where the tracks are downloading to (this is usually your Downloads folder). Once you have located the downloaded files, follow the instructions below.

    2. Next, you will need to add the content on your computer to iTunes (

      • Open iTunes
      • From the File menu, choose one of the following choices:
        • Mac
          • Add to Library
        • Windows
          • Add File to Library
          • Add Folder to Library
      • Navigate to and select the file or folder that you want to add

    3. You can then plug in your device and move the Audiobook from your iTunes Music library to the name of your device (

    Note: Some users have experienced issues syncing iDevices with iTunes. If you encounter this problem, please contact Apple Support

  • How do I add the Audiobook to my Android/Kindle/Other device?

    When accessing from your device's browser, click the down arrow at the end of each Audiobook track to download the MP3 files directly to the device. 

    The files should create their own album within your music folder. Just open the music folder/ music app within your device and locate the album and tracks based on either the study guide name or Series number.