Exam SimulatorSeries 99 Exam Simulator

Designed to work with the Solomon Series 99 Study Guide, the Solomon Series 99 Exam Simulator offers thousands of practice questions so you can hone, track and assess your knowledge. Once you’ve read the Study Guide, the Exam Simulator allows you to use and practice what you’ve learned.

The 180-day subscription to the Solomon Series 99 Exam Simulator offers:

• Over 1,100 original Series 99 practice questions with robust rationales which clearly explain why a specific answer is correct

• Questions updated continually to keep up with regulatory and industry changes

• Self-assessment tools that helps you identify areas that require more study.  

• An unlimited number of 20-question quizzes based on Solomon Study Guide chapters  

• An unlimited number of 55-question untimed practice exams with immediate answer feedback

• An unlimited number of 55-question timed practice exams

Exam simulator subscriptions are limited to one individual.

Sample a free demo of our Series 99 Online Exam Simulator here!