PackageSeries 65 Total Study Package

The Series 65 Total Study Package gives you every material so that you have the best chance of passing your exam, the first time: Solomon's bestselling Exam Study Guide, Audiobook, industry-leading Online Exam Simulator, Video Lecture, and digital Flashcards. The Total Study Package is ideal for students who benefit from a multimedia approach to learning.

The Series 65 Total Study Package includes 180-day access to the following:

  • Exam Study Guide 
    • Online digital manual (not downloadable). Requires Internet connection.
    • Upgrade to hard copy available.
  • Online Exam Simulator
    • Over 5,500 questions.
  • Audiobook
    • MP3 download & online streaming.
  • Video Lecture 
    • 10 hours of video instruction.
  • Flashcards
    • Over 900 cards featuring easy-to-understand definitions
    • Over 1,700 cards featuring true/false questions

This package also includes regular updates to the Study Guide and Exam Simulator question bank, "Ask the Professor" e-mail questions, and a customizable study schedule with study tips. Administrative access is also available for managers to monitor their candidates' progress! 

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Series 65 Online Study Guide
Series 65 Exam Simulator
Series 65 Video Lecture
Series 65 Audiobook
Series 65 Flashcards