SIE Network

Solomon Exam Prep is pleased to announce the SIE Network, a brand new database for students and recruiters. Are you taking your SIE and looking for a job in the securities industry? Are you looking for bright young people to hire? Solomon is here to help! This free network allows recruiters and SIE students to connect!

By requesting to join the SIE Network I acknowledge that I have read and understand Solomon Exam Prep’s Privacy Policy. I acknowledge that by selecting Opt-In I agree to have my information displayed for individuals to view and use to contact me. I understand that I can Opt-Out of the SIE Network at any time. I verify that my job involves onboarding or recruiting new employees in some capacity. I agree to use the SIE Network for recruiting/hiring purposes only, and that I will not use or share this information outside of my professional capacity. I agree to not hold Solomon Exam Prep legally responsible for anything that transpires as a result of being a part of this network. I understand that Solomon Exam Prep reserves the right to remove me from the SIE Network at any time.