Series 66 Live Classes

Learn important concepts from a live instructor to help you pass your NASAA Series 66 (Uniform Combined State Law) exam.

Next Series 66 Live Web Class

April 17 – 21
Monday – Friday: 12:00 pm – 3:15 pm ET with a 15 minute break

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Why take a Solomon Live Class?

Solomon Live Web Classes give students the opportunity to supplement their studying with live instruction from Solomon content professionals. Enjoy in-depth, live explanations, ask follow up questions, and hear relevant questions from fellow students.

  • Learn Anywhere: Take classes online via computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Learn Anytime: Class recordings are available for 30 days after the class ends.
Is a Live Class right for me?
Solomon Live Web Classes are best for students that have already done a significant amount of studying for their exam. The class will give the student the opportunity to review material and ask any relevant questions before they sit for their exam.


Topics Covered

  • Business Cycles and Economic Factors
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Types of Risk
  • Equity and Debt Securities
  • Investment Companies
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Derivatives
  • Alternatives and Insurance Products
  • Clients and Client Profiles
  • Capital Market Theory, Portfolio Management, and Taxation
  • Taxation of Debt and Equity Securities
  • Retirement Plans, ERISA, Special Accounts
  • Trading and Performance Measures
  • Regulations of Securities Professionals
  • Regulations of Securities and Issuers
  • Remedies and Administrative Provisions
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Net Worth/Net Capital Requirements
  • Business Practices for IAs and IARs
  • Performance-based fees
  • Wrap fees
  • Custody
  • Communication with Clients and Prospects
  • Compensation and Client Funds
  • Conflicts of Interest

Class Length

Number of Sessions: 5

Session Length: 3 hours + one 15-minute break


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