Series 50 Live Classes

Learn important concepts from a live instructor to help you pass your MSRB Series 50 (Municipal Advisor Representative) exam.

Next Series 50 Live Web Class

November 15 – November 19
Monday – Friday
12:00 pm ET – 3:15 pm ET

Why take a Solomon Live Class?

Solomon Live Web Classes give students the opportunity to supplement their studying with live instruction from Solomon content professionals. Enjoy in-depth, live explanations, ask follow up questions, and hear relevant questions from fellow students.

  • Learn Anywhere: Take classes online via computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Learn Anytime: Class recordings are available for 15 days after the class ends.
Is a Live Class right for me?
Solomon Live Web Classes are best for students that have already done a significant amount of studying for their exam. The class will give the student the opportunity to review material and ask any relevant questions before they sit for their exam.


Topics Covered

Function 1: Understanding SEC and MSRB Rules Regarding Municipal Advisors

  • Securities Acts, Definition of Municipal Security, MSRB
  • Definitions, Registration, Anti-Fraud Regulations
  • Advisor and Dealer Record-keeping

Function 2: Understanding Municipal Finance

  • Municipal Securities
  • Categories of Municipal Advisor Professionals
  • Credit & Yield
  • Payments to Bondholders & Advance Refundings
  • Bond Proceeds Investment Strategies
  • Derivatives
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Function 3: Performing Issuer’s Credit Analysis and Due Diligence

  • Analyzing the Credit and Debt of General Obligation Bonds
  • Analyzing Revenue Bonds
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • Distressed Events

Function 4: Structuring, Pricing and Executing Municipal Debt Products

  • Debt Service Structure
  • Early Redemption of Bonds
  • Taxation of Municipal Bonds
  • Competitive Bid Authorization
  • Negotiated Sale Authorization & Private Placements
  • Oversubscription, EMMA, Prices and Commissions, and Flipping
  • Economic Indicators
  • Factors Affecting Marketability
  • The Value of Credit Enhancements

Function 5: Understanding Requirements Related to the Issuance of Municipal Debt

  • Bank Loans and Tax Issues
  • Issuer Disclosure
  • Arbitrage Bonds

Class Length

Number of Sessions: 5

Session Length: 3 hours + one 15-minute break


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