Solomon Series 82 Live Web Class

The Solomon Series 82 Live Web Class will help you learn important exam topics from a Solomon Professor. Class recording included for replay. Continue reading

Are you preparing to take the FINRA Series 82 exam and looking for additional support? Solomon Exam Prep offers a Series 82 Live Web Class to help you prepare! The Solomon Series 82 Live Web Class is designed to supplement your studying with live, online instruction. In this 4-day intensive class, a Solomon content professional leads you step-by-step through the most important Series 82 exam topics.

The class covers the following Series 82 topic areas:
    • Seeks Business for the Broker-Dealer
    • Safe Harbors from Registration under the 1933 Act
    • Communications with the Public
    • Opens Accounts
    • Customer Accounts
    • Supervision and Communications with the Public
    • Provides Information, Makes Recommendations, Maintains Records
    • Financial Goals and Strategies
    • Taxation of Debt and Equity Securities
    • Types of Risk and Recordkeeping Requirements
    • FINRA Conduct Rules
    • Verifies Purchase Instructions and Completes Transactions
    • Customer Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Click the link below to find out when the next class is scheduled and sign up. Not sure if a Solomon Live Web Class is right for you? Read our frequently-asked-questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solomon Live Web Classes

  • Where can I take a Live Web Class?

    Classes take place online using Zoom, so you can learn anywhere you have an internet connection. Attend classes on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

  • When can I take a Live Web Class?

    Although classes are live and scheduled at specific times, you can also learn asynchronously. Solomon provides class attendees with daily class recordings in case you miss any live class time. Recordings are available in your student account for 30 days after the class ends.

  • Who teaches Solomon Live Web Classes?

    Solomon Live Web Classes are taught by members of Solomon’s content team. As a result, you benefit from authoritative instruction on exam concepts, contextualized by supporting examples.

  • Am I able to interact with the instructor during the class?

    The live, interactive format gives you the chance to listen to an expert explain tricky concepts, plus ask questions when needed using the chat feature in Zoom.

  • Why should I take a Live Web Class?

    There are many reasons you might decide to take a Live Web Class:

    • You want to begin your studies with an overview from an instructor. A Live Web Class will take you through the most important exam concepts, and you’ll come away with a good idea of what you need to study to be well-prepared for the exam.
    • You struggle with self-paced learning. If it’s hard to stick to the Solomon Study Schedule, then taking a Live Web Class can help you get through the most important exam concepts in a short period of time. A class isn’t a substitute for reading the Study Guide and taking practice exams in the Exam Simulator, but it will enable you to learn a lot of information and set you on the right track to completing your study plan.
    • You attempted the exam previously and didn’t pass, so you think a class could help you pass the next time. A Live Web Class will give you a comprehensive overview of the most important exam topics, explained by a Solomon content professional. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on any confusing points.
    • You want to review before taking the exam. Once you’ve completed a Solomon Study Schedule and are nearing your exam date, a Live Web Class is the perfect way to review all the crucial exam concepts and clear up any trouble areas.

  • When is the best time to take a Live Web Class?

    Many students report getting more out of a class after they’ve spent a significant amount of time studying on their own first. A Solomon Live Web Class is a useful addition to your study plan if you’re struggling with certain topics or want a comprehensive review before taking the exam.

    Before taking a Solomon Live Web Class, we encourage you to follow Solomon’s self-paced study course. You can use individual study materials or a package, but at a minimum we recommend the Study Guide and Exam Simulator. Other materials available include Audiobooks, Video Lectures, and digital Flashcards. For the best results, follow a study schedule (Solomon provides free digital and pdf schedules).

  • Can I take a Solomon Live Web Class if I’m studying with another company’s materials?

    Yes, a Solomon Live Web Class is a great way to supplement your self-paced learning, whether using Solomon’s study materials or another company's. Keep in mind, though, that the content of the class aligns closely with the Solomon Study Guide. As a result, studying with Solomon study materials in addition to taking the class will give you the most cohesive experience.

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