Series 6 Solomon Study Guide, 3rd Edition, Now Available

If you need to take the FINRA Series 6 exam, the new 3rd edition of the Solomon Series 6 Study Guide covers everything you need to know to pass the exam. Continue reading

Series 6 exam study guide in digital and book forms.

Are you thinking about a fulfilling career in the securities industry? There are many attractive roles to choose from, like investment adviser, financial adviser, insurance agent, or retirement plan specialist. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll likely need to pass one or more licensing exams to qualify, such as the FINRA Series 6 exam. So how should you prepare for exam day?

Solomon Exam Prep has just released its 3rd edition of The Solomon Exam Prep Guide to the Series 6 Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Examination. To help professionals pass the exam, the Solomon Series 6 Study Guide is comprehensive and covers exam topics in easy-to-understand language. In addition, charts, graphs, and practice questions throughout the text support learners in understanding and applying key concepts.

What is the Series 6 exam?

The Series 6 is also known as the Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Examination. It is a representative-level exam for securities professionals who want to buy and sell certain investment products. Passing the Series 6 (plus the co-requisite Securities Industry Essentials, or SIE, exam) qualifies you to solicit, purchase, and/or sell:

    • Mutual funds (closed-end funds on the initial offering only)
    • Variable annuities
    • Variable life insurance
    • Unit investment trusts (UITs)
    • Municipal fund securities [e.g., 529 savings plans, local government investment pools (LGIPs)]

The Series 6 is only 50 questions long, but don’t let its humble length fool you. You’ll need to learn about many topics relating to the four main job functions of a Series 6 registered representative.

“The Series 6 exam is short, but it covers a lot of ground. Reading the Solomon Study Guide is the most crucial part of an effective study plan and will result in real learning. By mastering the concepts, test takers can handle any question the exam throws at them.”
Jeremy Solomon
Solomon Exam Prep President and Co-founder

What changes with this new edition?

The core content of the Series 6 Study Guide remains the same, but some key changes in the 3rd edition include:

    • Expanded and updated discussion of Regulation D private placements, including the SEC’s new definition of accredited investors

    • Additional, extensive coverage of Regulation Best Interest and the new suitability requirements it imposes on BDs

    • Expanded coverage of several aspects of mutual funds

    • Revised coverage of 529 college savings and prepaid tuition plans

    • Expanded coverage of FINRA’s taping rule with additional examples

Content updates for this new edition are also present in the Solomon Exam Simulator. The online Exam Simulator complements the Study Guide with over 3,000 practice questions for the Series 6. Take unlimited chapter quizzes and full exams to practice what you’ve learned and assess your growing knowledge.

Series 6 Study Materials

The Series 6 Study Guide is available as a digital subscription with a hardcopy upgrade option. It can be purchased individually or in a package with supporting Series 6 study products. Customers also have access to free tools and resources, including detailed study schedules in digital and pdf formats.

Learn more about Solomon Exam Prep’s Series 6 study materials, including Study Guide, Exam Simulator, Audiobook, Video Lecture, and Flashcards, by visiting the Solomon Series 6 product page.

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