Oklahoma Adopts Continuing Education Requirement for Investment Adviser Representatives

Investment Adviser Representatives registered in Oklahoma must complete NASAA-approved continuing education courses beginning in 2023. Continue reading

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Oklahoma is the most recent state to adopt NASAA’s new investment adviser representative continuing education (IAR CE) requirement. The new CE requirement will go into effect for IARs registered in Oklahoma on January 1, 2023. Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin will also begin implementing the requirement in 2023.

The IAR CE requirement is already in effect in Maryland, Mississippi, and Vermont. As a result, IARs registered in any of these states must complete CE by the end of 2022.

Arkansas, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. have begun the process to adopt the IAR CE requirement. If these jurisdictions finalize adoption in 2022, then the requirement will be effective on January 1, 2023.

The NASAA model rule requires IARs registered in jurisdictions that have adopted the rule to complete 12 credits of CE each year. The requirement applies to both state-registered and federal-registered investment advisers. Six of the 12 credits must be in the Products and Practices category. The other six credits must be in the Ethics and Professional Responsibility category (at least three of these must be Ethics).

Beyond these credit requirements, IARs are free to choose courses that fit their interests and business needs. But any courses taken to fulfill the IAR CE requirement must be approved by NASAA. Solomon Exam Prep is a NASAA-approved CE provider, and all courses in Solomon’s IAR CE course library offer credit towards the CE requirement. Explore Solomon’s IAR CE courses.

For more information about IAR CE, visit the Solomon IAR CE FAQs or NASAA’s IAR CE FAQs.

Disclaimer: NASAA does not endorse any particular provider of CE courses. The content of the course and any views expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of NASAA or any of its member jurisdictions.

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