Series 50: Exercise

Taken from our Series 50 Online Guide


Answer the following questions.

1.Pick the correct order in which syndicate orders will be honored if a municipal offering is oversubscribed.

A.Presale, designated, group, member

B.Designated, member, presale, group

C.Group, designated, member, presale

D.Presale, group, designated, member

2.The MSRB operates EMMA, which:

A.Requires issuers to submit new issue information for use by other market participants

B.Requires underwriters to submit municipal security information, including official disclosure documents, for use by the general public

C.Serves as an electronic database to provide information to regulators

D.Serves as a securities depository where securities are deposited and held for ease of transfer between owners


1. D. Presale orders go first. Next come Syndicate orders (also called Group orders) credited to the group. Next are orders Designa

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