Series 7: Exercise

Taken from our Series 7 Top-off Online Guide


Answer the following questions.

  1. 1. The holder of a call option can expect to receive all of the following potential benefits except:
  2. A. The potential for unlimited profits
  3. B. A premium
  4. C. A right to exercise on demand
  5. D. Limited risk
  6. 2. Which of the following prices is the lowest possible price that VMBX Aug 20 call @ 3 would be in the money?
  7. A. $18
  8. B. $20
  9. C. $22
  10. D. $24
  11. 3. ABC stock is currently trading at $23 per share, and your customer has just written an ABC Jun 20 put @ 5. What is the maximum amount your customer could lose on this option?
  12. A. $1,500
  13. B. $2,000
  14. C. $500
  15. D. Unlimited
  16. 4. Which of the following options is out of the money?
  17. A. ABC Mar 20 call; ABC is trading in the market @ $22
  18. B. ABC Jan 40 call, ABC is trading @ $40
  19. C. ABC Apr 10 put, ABC is trading @ $15
  20. D. ABC Jun 50 put, ABC is trading @ $48
  21. 5. Sylvia buys 20 contracts of this option: SMA Nov 45 put @ 3. Two months later, the underlying stock is trading at $38. Could she exercise her contracts profitably? What would be her profit or loss?
  22. A. Yes, $14,000
  23. B. Yes, $8,000
  24. C. No, $20,000
  25. D. No, $14,000


  1. 1. B. The holder of an option has bought an option’s rights. As purchaser, an investor pays the premium. The premium is the most she can lose so her risk is limited. Option holders also have the right to exercise the contract on demand. The holder of a call option has the potential for unlimited profits as the value of the underlying stock increases.
  2. 2. C. When a contract is in the money it means the contract has value if it is sold. It does not necessarily mean the option is making a profit. Call options are in the money if the current trading value of the underlying security is higher than the strike price. At $22, the

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