Series 99: 3.4.5 Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

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3.4.5  Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Member firms must create and maintain a business continuity plan (BCP) identifying procedures that must be followed in an emergency or business disruption, such as a natural disaster. The purpose of the plan is to inform customers about how the firm will handle some type of disaster. This plan does not need to be filed with FINRA, but it must be available upon request and maintained at a secure, off-site facility.

When opening an account, each broker-dealer must inform its customers in writing how its business continuity plan addresses the possibility of a natural disaster or other significant business disruption. This written disclosure must be posted on the member’s website and mailed to customers upon request.

Among the elements to be addressed in a business continuity plan are:

  • Data backup and reco

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